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  • JFK-DEN-JFK on Jetblue

    Note: *All times are local and are in 24-hour time.*

    Date: 23 Aug 2004
    Kennedy International Airport
    I arrived early at Kennedy around 06:15, and took the airtran from long-term parking over to Terminal 6, a long ride. I had to wait a long time to check my bags, nearly 40 minutes. Thankfully, security had no line, and things went very fast. I went over to gate 14, which was the gate for my flight. No problems once I got to the gate, eveything was fine. Anyways, the details of the flights.

    Jetblue Airways Flight 123
    Scheduled Departure: 08:10
    Scheduled Arrival: 10:20
    Off Block: 08:13
    Takeoff 31L: 08:35
    Touchdown 16L: 10:00
    On Block: 10:07

    I liked this flight. I was in seat 3A, so I was one of the last to board. Boarding went by very quickly, and so we had an on time departure. They announced that the flight would be 3.5 hours. They went over the safety procedures, and then we pushed back, right on time. I was forecasting for a 22R departure, because we had southerly winds, but it was closed for a routine inspection. Instead, the controller cleared us for 31L. We made the taxi, right on Alpha, then left Golf, then right Zulu. We were #3 for takeoff, behind two American 757s. The control tower through in one arrival (a Song 757), and then we immediately took off. We climbed through the clouds to an altitude of 33,000 feet (FL330). I had a snack (Terra chips), and some water to drink. I took a nap for part of the flight, and I played on my laptop. We started our descent into Denver International around 09:40, and I was forecasting for a runway 26 arrival. The winds were southwest, and mostly sunny. We stayed to the north, and we took the western complex, runway 16L. We used a ton of reverse thrust, and we vacated very quickly. A very quick taxi to gate A35, about ten minutes. The crew were very friendly, and I would rate this flight a 10 out of 10!

    Date: 30 Aug 2004
    Denver International Airport
    I arrived at Denver two hours early for check in, and I had to make some very long walks. Very painful indeed, but I did not have any problems. I had a short security wait, and I went to grab some lunch, which was some chinese food. After that, I headed over to gate A36, where I boarded for the flight back to JFK. Now, the details of this flight.

    Jetblue Airways Flight 124
    Scheduled Departure: 11:15
    Scheduled Arrival: 16:55
    Off-block: 11:18
    Takeoff 08: 11:35
    Touchdown 13L: 16:40
    On block: 16:50

    Another very good flight. I was in seat 3D this time, and I was the last person to board. Boarding was fast, and they announced that the flight time would be about three hours. It was just slightly longer, but no issues. We pushed back on time again. The winds were northeasterly and raining. Denver was using 34L, 34R, 25, and 8 for takeoffs. I thought we would be using 34R, but we actually went to runway 8. A quick taxi, and #1 for departure! We used up a lot of runway for an A320(about 7000 feet). We then started climbing to an altitude of about 32,000 feet (FL320). I had Terra chips again for a snack, and some water to drink. The crew were very busy most of the flight, and some I was unable to really talk to them. Our descent into Kennedy was one of the most familiar. We stayed north of Scranton, then coming south over Manhattan, and down over to the Atlantic Ocean. We took the Carnarsie approach, also known as the 13L approach. The winds were out of the southeast, and I took the runway that I was predicting for. Again, a ton of reverse thrust, and we vacated at taxiway Echo. We taxiied right on Bravo to gate 17. I loved this flight, and I would honor Jetblue for their great service. I am welcome to take any complements or suggestions.

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    Cool review!

    Glad you enjoyed B6!


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      - The baby will be back -


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        Nice review!

        Happy Flying!


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          A report from any airline else from the best known. Interesting.
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            Nice report!

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              Nice report- good job!



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                Nice report...looking to taking JetBlue some day
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                  nice report

                  did you wacht the live Tv
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