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AA Flight 1864 STL-MCO

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  • AA Flight 1864 STL-MCO

    September 23rd-2004

    Before: After getting the news my grandfather in orlando had died, I started to look for airfares from St. Louis to Orlando. Luckily, alot of the airlines were having sales to orlando. I checked every airline to make sure I wasn't missing the good fares. CO, DL, USA, UAL and NWA were all the same price, all with connections. My family doesnt like to connect so I knew we had to fly Southwest or American as both fly non-stop. Checked Southwest because I love the service I get with them whenever I fly them. Very Cheap i thought! However, the timings were horrible as the flight we had at the 99 one way was arriving at 12:10am. Not going to happen. So I checked AA, and found it a little bit more then Southwest, but ti was non-stop both ways and my family was willing to pay more for it so I went ahead and booked it. 757 both ways. 1,300 dollars for 5 people. Not bad at all,averages to about 260 dollars r/t. So, AA it was!

    Day of Flight-
    Airline: American
    Scheduled Departure: 3:30PM
    Scheduled Arrival: 6:42pm
    Actual Departure: 3:35pm
    Actual Arrival: 6:35pm
    Reg Number :N198AA
    After getting our stuffed all packed up and loaded in the car, it was time to head for the STL Airport. 2 hr trip so we left at 11:00am to ensure we would be ok if we had delays due to traffic and such. We got to the airport about 10 minutes after 1:00pm and parked. We met the shuttle bus and everyone on our bus was flying American so it was a direct stop to the AA doors at the Main Terminal. We walked inside, and went to the self service check-in. We checked ourselves and checked the bags, and then went to the bathroom. I am always having to go the bathroom lol. Weak bladder I guess. Then it was straight to security. We all went through without a hitch and walked to gate C-16. I talked to my friend Michael from home by txt message and Ryan from Both were doing ok. The my brother and I went down to the interantional gates, and got pizza on the way. We talked about the old days of TWA and i saw on the ground scratched out markings of 767 and L1011 and 747, oh man i almost wanted to cry right then and there. Then at 2:30pm I saw our 757 landing so i headed back to the gate and watched it pull up to the gate. I noticed the reg number N198AA, and sat down and waited for boarding. We started boarding at 3:00pm. I was group 4. I sat down at 25F, but then my brother wanted the window seat. Im like damn it I WANT the window seat!!! Man we argued, but he won, I had to sit in the middle Boy I wasn't happy. well i sat in my middle seat, while my bro is happily staring out the window!! then he said woah!! I see a 747!!! I jumped and went whaaat 747?? here? in STL? yeaa right....i looked out...and a CRJ taxied by. I coulda smacked my brother..... He said i thought a 747 was small? I swear THAT KID HAS NO AVIATION KNOWLEDGE! Anyway.....I noticed the rest of the 757 was very low about 100 people give or take on board. Not a good load at all. we taxied to R12L and then took off after waiting for 3 biz jets to take off. I was happy with the leg room, but it doesnt compare to the ex TWA 757, they are so much more comfy then the AA 757's. We take off and head southeast for Orlando. Safety video was shwon on the screen by the way. We went through alot of clouds before settling at 37,000 feet. Then 10 minutes after 4 hey announced beverage service. The F/A aske dm what I would like I said id like a coke please. She said no problem, and give me a FULL CAN OF COKE!!! I didn't even ask for it!! she said let me know if u want some more. I am guessing it was because the loads were low they gave us cans. We will see coming home as our flight was booked solid. I got the can of coke and drank it all with the bag of pretzels. Isn't it sad when we get excited over a full can of coke? HAHA Then the movie was shwon, "Along came polly". I am Deaf and need Caption to read and understand I didnt watch it. I listened to music and looked out the window of what I could see. So far we had a very smooth flight. Little bounces here and there but oh well. It was pretty much the same way for the entire flight. It got near landing, and they started showing Raymond for CBS EYE ON AMERICAN. I looked out the window and we could see the blue roofs and such from Hurricane Charley. We landed on the runway closest to the AA gates. I want to say 18 am i right? We taxied to gate 16 after a WN 737 with winglets took off behind us. We parked at the gate and then we got off. Went to the bathroom again and then walked to the baggage claim to get our bags. All bags arrived safely. Now it was on to the payless bus to get out rental van!

    Hope you enjoyed the flight! I loved AA enjoyed the flight and wouldn't hesitate to fly them again!

    Stop Searching. Start Traveling.

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    Great Report
    - The baby will be back -


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      Nice report

      I wish I could get to try other airlines , although AS is excellent
      You've got to try to find what's right before your eyes-Finger Eleven


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        Nice Trip Report Alex! As were said in AIM- I was waiting for this Glad you are finally home after being stuck in MCO by Jeanne. Now go get that homework done!

        Good Report


        Next Flights:

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          Hey Alex,

          great flight review!



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            How can you be deaf and listen to music and talk to your brother?


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              Originally posted by expoITHscohen
              How can you be deaf and listen to music and talk to your brother?

              im not totally deaf. i hear 20% just barely enuff to hear loud noise like thunder, music and that stuff. i talk to my brother by reading his lips. i hear what he says, read the word he said on his lips, match the sound with the form of the words, put two and two together and i can formulate the word and undertsnad what he is saying. thats how..complicated i bet lol :P

              Stop Searching. Start Traveling.


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                Wow!!! That is more than I can do in my life time!