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  • NZ500, CHC-AKL

    Air New Zealand,

    My First trip report so bear with me.

    This was the first journey of the Christchurch-Kurashiki Sister City Exchange 2004. We were meant to be arriving at the airport at 5am to check in as a group as AirNZ like getting the groups checked in first. One person arrived 30 minutes late. After that there were no problems. Checked in and got both boarding passes needed. It was time to farewell our parents as the trip was 2 weeks long. After all the yada yada and mums saying im gonna miss you we went through security, up the stairs to gate 16.

    We boarded no problem, my seat was 09A, on the left with a view over the wing. We sat there for a bit and then the flight crew gave the demonstration as we were pushed back. We pushed back fine, waited then taxiied off to runway 02. There was a nice sunrise but I didnt have my camera out and it would have been dark anyway. We took off at 0608 with an expected tmie of arrival of 0720.

    We climbed up to 35,000 feet but even though the clouds were lit the wing was rather dark. they served drinks and biscuts, but not much. I ate the biscut but declined the drink. It had light up a tiny bit more so I grabbed my camera and took a few photos including.

    A bit after that the group started swapping seats so i ended up in an isle seat which i didnt mind to much. I started talking to the two people beside me. We talked about regular stuff and what we thought we had forgotten which we would need on the trip.

    We came into AKL and touched down at 0710. It was then i was annoyed i was not on a window seat. We passed lots of airlines we dont get in CHC, plus a few other planes as well. We taxiied along and parked in our gate. We got off the plane and walked off to the international terminal.

    NZ97 review when i decide what pics to upload.
    Sam Rudge
    A 5D3, some Canon lenses, the Sigma L and a flash

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    Nice report! Escpecially for a first report
    You've got to try to find what's right before your eyes-Finger Eleven


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      Good Report
      - The baby will be back -


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        Waiting with interest to resume the travel.
        Thanks for visiting
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          Nice report.
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            Good review!

            Happy Flying!


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              Nice report!

              Pete Ganabathi
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