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    Well I flew this flight in the Summer but Just got around to post it for some reason Well to start out I booked this flight through UA since I got R/T at $208.62 with taxes. If you can find a better price please go ahead and post it. I was going to a wedding in Long Beach. I was going to take B6 but they were sold out fo the flights I wanted and a huge $300 more!!! Well I drove up from Ithaca NY to ROC. It took about 2 hours but I made it. I went in to check in and there was no one there. I waited for like 15 minutes and finally some one came. Check in was easy and fast. Since my dad gave me his US miles card I got lucky that day. Turns out since he came back from Paris he became Gold preferd on US. The Check in laddy put me on stand-bye. I than went looking around ROC airport since it was my first time there. It was cool I got to see a Indy Air CRJ and a Air Tran 717. I said good-bye to my dad and he left. I went through security and it was a breeze. Went to the gate and waited around there. Boarding was like 15 minutes late but they got us on the plane fast.

    AC: CRJ N710BR
    Flt # 5345
    SDT: 12:28
    ADT: 12:57
    Seat 13A

    I got on board and went to my seat. 2nd to last row. The FA did the saftey thing and we pulled away from the Gate. We Taxid to runway I believe 28. We waited there for like 10 minutes and the FO came over the PA and said we would have to wait for another few minutes. I was getting worried since I only had 50mins to Connect in ORD and I had to go from F to C terminal. Flight finally took off and as soon as we were airborn we hit terbulance We droped like 100-250ft which seemed like forever it was great. Just looking at every ones face After that it was a good flight. Turned on my I-pod and listen to what else besides U2!!! FA came around past out drinks and snak mixs (Pretty good) I got the whole can as well. Pretty short flight, got some nice views of DTW and Detroit city aswell. After about an hour we started our approach and went around the City like 20 times A-round A-round we went. Pretty cool though since it was my first time in ORD in a while. We arrived like 5 minutes late and taxied to the gate pretty fast.

    I got out and took a few pictures of a CRJ in New colors. To bad the pictures are on my old computer. I ran to catch the shuttle to the C terminal. My flight was already boarding. I went to the desk and ask if I got upgraded and they told me it was full. That was okay but when they gave me a new ticket (Wierd reason ) It said seat 28F!!! Not even Prem Economy!!! I got on and said atleast it was a new Color 757. Took my seat and we were ready to go.

    AC: 757-200 N508UA
    SDT: 2pm
    ADT: 1:57 Early!!!

    I took my seat at 28F. Saw the crew load the plane and we were off. I was hapy I was going to finally see the UA Saftey Video WOW!!! That is old US has a way better saftey video. We taxied to the Runway. I saw a LH 747-400 and 340-300, BA 747-400, KO 747-400, 4 UA 747-400 and I think 9 767-300 and some 777. I had a perfect view of the international terminal. I also saw a ATA 737. I wondered what it was doing there found out later it was a charter. We took off with power. I just love the 757 Once the Seatbelt sign went off the FA came out with drinks and snack boxes. This time instead of listing to my I-Pod it was going to be Chanel 9 all the WAY!!! I got a Sprite (Full can, what else ) The snack box had oreos, Bread sticks, some cheese, weat thins, and a package of OJ. Better than nothing I thought. After about an hour in the air they started the movie. It was 50 first dates. To bad I had already seen it. I just listend to music most of the flight. UA has one of the best Music selections I have ever seen. Better than SW atleast We started our decent into LAX it was great to see Califonia again. I arrived at 4:05pm and got off the plane at 4:10pm. That was pretty much it.

    My Grades
    Service 17/20
    Upkeep of planes 15/20 757 showed age
    Food 20/20 Love the full can and Snack box
    IFE 20/20 Loved Chanel 9!!!!
    On-time 20/20 Even though first flight was delayed Still made it on time.

    Overall 92/100 A- Not bad, Not bad at all.

    Good job UA

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      Are the CRJ-200 windows low? (I heard it was), Not looking foward to a 2.5 hour journey on one of those birds.
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        I was unlucky to even see out my window, damn engines. The windows on the UA CRJs aren't that low cause the seats are pretty low but for me the center of the window was chest high.


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          Gr8 report! I was at ORD last August ('03) and can't wait till the next opp arrives to go there. It's a great airport. Which runway did ur plane t/o from at ORD? 27L?

          Happy Flying!


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            Originally posted by expoITHscohen
            Not a single response
            No pictures means no response from me


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              My parents didn't bless me with a camer until 2 weeks ago for my birthday. I am flying back to ORD on Nov 19 with my brand new canera> I will for sure take lots and lots of picture. My goal is about 20 for each segment.


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                Originally posted by expoITHscohen
                My goal is about 20 for each segment.
                Quality over quantity


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                  Originally posted by FlyCharlestonSC
                  Originally posted by expoITHscohen
                  My goal is about 20 for each segment.
                  Quality over quantity
                  I'll keep that in mind


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                    Nice Report

                    how does the UA safety briefing compare vs. the DL safety briefing
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                      Nice report!

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