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  • Midwest Airlines MCI-LGA-MCI

    Friday Nov 12, 2004
    YX 80
    Dep MCI 0710
    ARR LGA 1045
    Everyone deserves a little break during the nasty month of November......tests, nasty weather, bitchy teachers, nothing to celebrate, so I was more than happy to find out that the International Hotel/Motel and Restaurant Show in NYC would be on the agenda for the Hotel Management Association at my University for the semester. We booked our tickets about 3 weeks out, made reservations at the Marriott East Side (DEFINITELY Reccommend it), and were on our way. My friend Alli and I woke up at 4:45 and were MCI-bound by 5:30. We arrived at MCI at around 6:10 and made our way to the somewhat busy Midwest/Frontier ticket counters. Checked in without problems and were in the gatehouse by 6:30. Boarding began at about 6:45. We made our way on to the beautiful 717 and settled in to Seat 19D. Pushback was soon followed, and our taxi to 1L was short. I was surprised to see 3 UA 757s at MCI, it's nice to have those beautiful birds back here. Other notables were 2 F9 319s to LAX and DEN, as well as 3 US E170s, and the assortment of UA 733s, 319s, and CRJs. We followed an ORD bound 757 and a DEN bount UA 733 out to the runway and made a very quick takeoff roll. Loving the sound of the 717 engines, by the way!! We departed to the northeast and were soon at FL320. Our 2 f/a's made their way through the cabin w/ complimentary granola bars and drinks, as well as the inflight cafe options. A second drink service followed, and the crew were very gracious. After 2 hours, we made our way into a very cloudy NYC sky. Our approach was CRAZY, dipping and turning all over the place, making me pretty damn nauscious...but Alli and I just decided to laugh like crazy people b/c we are turbulence fans. We made our way in LOW over Queens, i've never landed at LGA, so the whole experience was a little freaky, skimming over houses until the very last minute. Of course, we slammed on the brakes, and made a lengthly taxi to our gate, B1, where we were towed in. Deplaned and made our way to the baggage claim, and later to the enormous line for taxi service. On a side note, it was nice to see NK's new 321 in blue/white parked at LGA!
    Monday Nov 15, 2004
    Midwest 85
    Depart LGA 1829
    Arrive MCI 2050
    We made our way from the LGA, which surprisingly only took about 20 minutes, at 5pm, so i guess we lucked out. We checked in without waiting, and headed towards B1 to wait for our flight to board. The flight to MKE pushed, and 5 minutes later, flight 84 arrived from MCI, and was ready for boarding at 1800. We boarded at the final call, and made our way to 17A/B. Pushback was right on time, and we made our way to 31 where we were #6 for T/O. It was really cool to see how they stack things up at LGA from an ATC standpoint, pretty damn efficient. Soon enough, it was our turn, and we rocketed into the evening sky. We were treated to a breathtaking view of Manhattan, and we said goodbye to our fun drunken memories and fair share of subway "experiences". We settled in after a pretty erratic climb at FL310. F/A's came through w/ Drinks and pretzels, with the Inflight Cafe business again, but later came through with the COOKIES.....mmmm.....cookies, along with a second drink service. As my seatmate was sleeping, i was hard at work creating an outline for my 10 page paper due on Weds, umm...eww!! 2 great Euro-house CD's later, and with 6 pages of outline behind me, we were descending over Kirksville, MO. Our approach was pretty steady, fairly bumpy, but before we knew it we were on final for 19R at MCI. The weather was really rainy, so all we could see was rain flying by the landing lights, as well as the few lights that lie to the north of MCI. Soon enough, the expanse of lights of the Kansas City Metro were in sight, and we came down lopsided on the runway. We slammed on the brakes again, and made a quick taxi to Gate 28 in Terminal A. Deplaned quickly and grabbed our luggage in no time...good job MCI rampers, miss you guys n gals!!!

    Overall, Midwest really does a great job. You get extra service to a certain extent, the planes are great, and the F/A's tend to be very professional and caring. As far as NYC goes, you didnt win my heart the first time in 99, but this time was great, people were generally very nice, funny, and the city is so great to get around in. The Marriott was in a fabulous location, the rooms were small but beautiful, and the staff was amazing in every way. So, here i am, in Warrensburg, MO, where i got stuck on a dirt road...i can say i was strutting down fifth avenue this morning and stuck on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere tonight in the same sentence, its kinda scary.
    Thanx for reading guys!
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    good report.
    - The baby will be back -


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      Great Report
      You've got to try to find what's right before your eyes-Finger Eleven


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        Thanks for posting! Its nice to hear about an airline that we don't get many reports of!

        This Is Fly_Southwest...something said I could not log I am now EC-HLA...the first plane I was ever on.


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          Great report!!

          MIDWEST ROCKS!!!!

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