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  • Any Ted Reviews?

    I would like to fly Ted one of these days, and i have been looking at some reviews. Most of them positive. Any of you flown Ted? I'd like to see some more reviews.

    Jake S.

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    I posted my TED report on anet, never got to it here.

    I flew them DEN-LAS-DEN as part of a CMH itinerary. On DEN-LAS I was given the exit row, and the legroom was just outstanding. Service seemed to be pretty standard, nothing exciting or really out of the ordinary. Planes were clean, flights on time, channel 9 was on both legs. Felt like UA mainline, just a larger Econ Plus section and no FC.
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      why don't you jsut find it on and copy and paste?

      do u have the same name there?
      if so, i'll look for it--i'd like to read it


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        Not the greatest, but here:

        I didn't know if it would be in good taste to post something from the other site.
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          Thanx for posting the link.


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            I invite you to view my Ted review from last summer

            Also, I can tell you that this morning I had a flight on Ted, and it was awesome, great service!
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            my brother flew them today DEN-LAS.

            I'll find out how it went for him.


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              They are pretty good, just like UA service but with no coach. It is also good that there are more Economy plus seats so more legroom for the same price as coach. (More legroom then AA as well, a LOT more)


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                I'll be flying them this friday, ORD-LAS.
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                  Actually, I have flown one Ted flight in the past, MCO-DEN, and I was completely unimpressed with the service.

                  First off, the aircraft was super late arriving into MCO, which meant my connection time in DEN was already dwindling down.

                  Then apparently we were right full, capacity wise, and needed some extra fuel... but then 10 minutes after putting in more fuel the captain comes on and tells us there's some further weather situations "out west" and we need even more fuel...??

                  (What.. did they throw in $5 the first time??)

                  Anyways, we arrived in DEN very late and I had all of 10 minutes to switch from terminal A to B and find my gate and board my DEN-YYC flight, this is before the aircraft had even finished arriving at it's gate, and everyone stands up in the way. Never pushed through so many people and ran so fast in my life, but I made my connection with about 2 seconds to spare.

                  The UA flight from DEN-YYC was also nothing to write home about. All in all, both flights have left me with a rather poor taste in my mouth concerning United and I doubt I will fly with them again.
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