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  • RTW Trip Sept 04

    A lengthy 'spotting' trip report from a recent trip - hope you like it.

    Round The World with Star Alliance.

    Saturday 25 September 2004

    It was a cool, damp morning when I left Eastleigh (Southampton International **cough cough**) airport for the first flight of the trip.

    After checking in the bags there was time to take a quick walk to the hangars where Dornier 383 Jet OE-HAA was noted, along with another which has yet to be identified.

    All too soon it was time to board Flybe flight BE764 (G-JEAY HS146) for the
    1 hour 5 minute flight to Edinburgh.

    At Edinburgh the check in for the next flight opened 2 hours before departure so there was time to have a breakfast before the bags could be checked in.
    After this was done and boarding passes obtained for the next 3 flights we made our way to the top of the car park which offered a view of part of the ramp and freight areas.

    Seen here and from departures were G-BOEI Sh360, G-CELW 737 Channel Express, G-RBSG Falcon 900EX, OO-TAD Bae146 TNT, N674XP HS125, EC-HAL 737 Air Europa, G-IGOG & EZYH 737’s Easyjet, VP-CSN Citation.
    Also noted during the taxi in were a Continental 757, Gulf 4 or 5 and a Boeing 737BBJ and any help in identifying these would be appreciated.

    It was now time to board Lufthansa LH569 a 737-530 D-ABIZ for a 90 minute flight to Frankfurt, arriving just after 3pm local time.

    As we only had a could of hours here before our next flight we found a good spot and noted the following :

    4X-EKI 737 EL AL, PP-VPK & VQK MD11 of Varig, CN-RNV 737-8 of RAM, EC-ICD 737 Air Europa, JY-AGP A310 Royal Jordanian, SU-GBU A320 Egyptair, ET-ALL 767 Ethiopian, 9A-CTI A319 Croatia, EC-INM A320 Spanair, PH-LXJ Fokker 50 KLM, VT-AIE 747-400 Air India, B2470 747 Air China &
    OO-DLT A300 of DHL.

    Note : Lufthansa aircraft omitted for space reasons.

    Rhein Mein is still active with 8 C17’s read off with another couple parked end on.

    Again it was time to board Lufthansa LH976 A300-600 D-AIAT for the 35 minute ‘hop’ to Munich.

    With only 90 minutes here before the final flight of the day, there was just time to walk the terminal and see what was around. By this time the light was fading making things more difficult.

    Non German aircraft seen included : B2497 767 Air China, I-ADLU ATR72 Air Dolomiti and OE-LFK Fokker 70 Austrian Arrows. As you might expect operators such as Lufthansa & Eurowings will dominate the movements.

    Again it was time to board Lufthansa LH3870 D-AISF A321 for the 63 minute flight to Rome which was to be the first overnight stay.

    The only aircraft noted were I-PEKH A320 Volare and I-DATN MD80 of Alitalia (only seen because we parked between them and it was after 9pm)

    Sunday 26 September

    After a welcome night’s sleep following yesterday’s 4 flights it was up early to check in for the longest flight of the trip – Rome to Singapore.

    After a chaotic and lengthy wait to check in and be processed by the usual security checks we were allowed airside and began a walk to see what was on the ground. Rome and the authorities there have a reputation for being unfriendly towards spotters and so care was taken not to arouse any suspicion. The airport itself is a sprawling mass of buildings and it was not possible (or wise) to get to many of them. We did however find a quite corner in a cafe which offered a view of 2 runways.

    Seen here included :

    9G-ANC DC10 Ghana, A7-ABX A300 Qatar, EC-HOV MD80 Spanair,
    F-ORMG A321 MEA, G-OTDA 737 Globespan, HA-LOF 737ng Malev,
    I –LINH A320 Windjet, N671UW A330 US Airways, I PEKS A320 Volare,
    N1604R 767 Delta, OE-LKG Do329 Air Alps, OE-LOR A320 Niki
    B18801 A340 China Airlines.

    Alitalia are obviously the biggest operator in Rome but proved difficult to see in any great numbers. Domestic traffic was departing from another terminal and mainly used another runway but the following international / long haul aircraft were noted :

    EI-DBL & I DISO 777 Alitalia, I DEIC & EI-CRL 767 Alitalia, I BIKG & BIKF A320 and I-BIKX A321. We were also lucky to see EI-DFI a new Emb170 of Alitalia Express.

    Air One are also a large operator here with EI-COJ, EI-DFE, D-AGMR,
    EI-CWW & I JETD all 737’s being seen.

    The time came to get the shuttle train out to the midfield satellite terminal to board 9V-SVD 777 for the 11 hour 25 minute flight to Singapore.(SQ339)

    Monday 27 September

    After a long but good flight we arrived in Singapore in the early morning. (06.27) As this was only a brief stop before catching the next flight there was just time for a walk round.

    Seen here included :

    9V- SBA, SBB, SBC A319’s of Silkair, 9V-SLB, SLC, SLD, SLE SLG A320’s of Silkair, 9V-SGC A340-500 of Singapore Airlines, 9V-SQD, SQF, SQN, SRB, SRD, SRG, SRK, SVG, SVI, SYA, SYC, SYG, SYI all 777 of Singapore Airlines, B2225 A319 of China Zhejiang.

    We made our way to the gate to board SQ106 9V-SRD 777 for the 39 minute flight to Kuala Lumpur arriving at 9.23am local time.

    This was my first visit to the new Kuala Lumpur airport which is close to the Subang Formula 1 track. It is a very impressive airport with plenty of space for future expansion. There is one main terminal building with an airside satellite terminal linked by rail and both offer good facilities.

    After taking the bags to the hotel it was back to the airport for some spotting and photography from the purpose built observation area. This area is above the rail link to the satellite terminal and is easy to find. It offers good views of the ramp and satellite although runway movements are a little distant. There was also a lack of any seating. We were there for several hours and had no problems with authorities.

    Movements during the day were slow with MAS and Air Asia being the biggest operators.

    Air Asia : 9M-AAC, AAD, AAE, AAF, AAH, AAI, AAK, AAO, AAP, AAX, AAY all 737 were seen. (9M-AAY was ex G-IGOA an aircraft I flew on last year with Easyjet and noted recently at Bournemouth where it was painted in Air Asia colours)

    MAS – 9M-MKD, MKF, MKG, MKI, MKJ, MKT, MKU, MKV all A330’s
    9M-MMR, MMV, MMZ, MQG, MQJ, MQK, MQL all 737
    9M-MRB, MRF 777.

    Other aircraft seen included :

    4R-ALD A330 Sri Lankan, 9V-SRJ & SRN 777 Singapore, A7-ADF A300 Qatar, B-HLK A330 Cathay, B2868 757 Xiamen, B18577 A300 & B18577 737ng of China Airlines, PK-GGO, GGR & GGU 737 of Garuda, S7-ASA A320 Vietnam Airlines, TF-ATX 747 MAS Cargo, V8-RBR A319 Royal Brunei VT-AIH A310 Air India, and probably the highlight of the day PK-JGK 727 of Jatayu.

    As the light was starting to fade it was back to the hotel for a meal and a good nights sleep before another early start.

    Tuesday 28 September.

    Another early start for the next 2 flights to Hong Kong via Bangkok.

    Seen from the satellite were : 4R-ALE A330 Sri Lankan, 7O-ADJ A310 Yemenia, 9M-MRM 777 MAS, 9V-SRA 777 Singapore, B18579 A300 China Airlines, S2-ADK A310 Biman, B-HLI A330 Cathay, M28-01 Fokker 28 Royal Malaysian Air Force before boarding HS-TAC A300 of Thai (TG420) for the
    1 hour 47 minute flight to Bangkok.

    In Bangkok there was only time for a very quick walk to see what could be seen : 9M-AAL 737 Air Asia, A7-AFM A330 Qatar, B-HLU A30 Cathay,
    HS-PGO 717 Siem Reap Air, HS-TEK & TEM A330 of Thai, HS-TGB 747 Thai, HS-UTI 747 Orient Thai, N468UP 757 UPS, N888YF 737NG (operating for EVA) S7-AKS MD81 of Myanmar, XU-234 757 of Kampuchea + XU369 AN12.

    Boarded (TG62 HS-TJA 777 for the 2 hour & 25 minute flight to Hong Kong.

    Wednesday 29 September

    No spotting today – played tourist for a day trip to Macau.

    Thursday 30 September

    Had arranged to meet a fellow Hong Kong spotter that we have known for several years at Tung Chung, a small town very close to the airport.
    As we were staying on HK island it took around 40 minutes to get there on the MTR and cost 23HK$ (around £2) The MTR system in Hong Kong is excellent and good value with frequent services.

    Something that visitors may wish to consider doing is to purchase an ‘Octopus’ card which is an electronic payment card for the MTR and bus system and does saving having to keep lots of change. These can be purchased from any MTR station and any money on the card that is not used can be reclaimed.

    We met up with Colin at the Tung Chung shopping area and made our way to the HAECO maintenance area using the S52 bus. Make sure that you get on the one marked ‘HAECO Maintenance’ as there is another S52 which goes the other way. This cost 4HK$ each and took about 10 minutes. This bus runs 3 times / hour (8 minutes past, on the half hour and 8 minutes to the hour) It was a short walk to an area by the water which is approximately between the 2 runways. There are no facilities here so it is wise to stock up on water / food before making the journey and there is a supermarket in the Tung Chung shopping area (lower floor).

    The HACEO end offers good views of aircraft landing on the 07 runways with most of the passenger aircraft using 07 Left. Freight traffic will almost always use 07 right along with the majority of the departures.

    Photography from this point is ok but will never match Kai Tak. A 300mm lens is needed for landing shots on 07left with a smaller lens being ok for 07 right (although the sun could be a problem) The weather for the stay was generally ok but there is considerably more pollution now than in previous visits and
    7 days out of 10 there will be a thick smog like layer which does reduce visibility considerably.

    As to be expected with a major international airport the movements are varied with Cathay Pacific & Dragonair being the most frequent. China Airlines and EVA from Taiwan are also frequent visitors for political reasons – passengers from Taiwan wishing to visit mainland China have to change planes / airlines and Hong Kong is the logical place to do this.

    Several airlines from China visit on a regular basis with China Eastern being the most frequent using a mixture of A319, A320, 737 and MD90.

    I will not list the Cathy or Dragonair movements as these are to be expected and the majority of both fleets would be seen during the stay.

    Seen during the day were :

    B2160 737-600, B2697 737-800, B2922 737-300, B2959 737-300, B2347 A320, B2815 757, all of China Southern.

    B2209 A300, B2683 & B5031 737-700, B2215, B2332, B2398 B2227 A319’s,
    B2209, B2398, B6001, B6005, B6007 A320 and B2263 MD90 of China Eastern.

    B16305 A330 & B16407 747 of EVA, B18251 & B18275 747, B18301 & B18302 A330, B18601 737-800, B18806 A340 of China Airlines, HS-TEC
    A330 of Thai, JA608A 767 & JA704A 777 of ANA, 9V-SQH 777 Singapore, 9V-VLA A320 of Valuair, B-KBJ CRJ200 of CR Airways, B2559 767, B2645 737-800 of Air China, RP-C1542 DC9 of Cebu Pacific, N644NW 747 Northwest, HS-UTB & HS-UTJ 747 Orient Thai, HL7596 777 Asiana, HL7533 777 of Korean, EI-DBW 767 Transaero, C-GKOL A340-500 Air Canada,
    HB-JMB A340 Swiss, A6-EMQ 777 Emirates, ZS-SND A340-600 South African, VN-A345 A321 Vietnam Airlines, ET-ALH 767 of Ethopian.

    Freighters seen during this visit included :

    N250UP, N252UP MD11 & N523UP 747 of UPS (have flown on N250UP when it was PP-SFA with VASP), N492MC & N493MC of Atlas, TC-ORI A300 of OREX, N704CK 747 Kalitta.

    There were even a couple of exec movements – N624N Gulf 5 & N818LS Global Express.
    During the bus rides to and from this location we were also able to see
    B-HRL, HRM & HRM Puma’s & B-HRU, HRV, HRW, HRY Eurocopter EC155 & B-HRS Jetstream 41 all of the Hong Kong Government Flying Service.

    Friday 1st October

    It was back to Tung Chung to meet up with more local spotters / photographers

    Seen today were :

    B2077 777, B2649, B2671, B5027 737-800 of Air China
    B2336, B2362, B6010, B6028 A320 of China Eastern
    B2350 A320 & B2673, B2694, B2822, B2921, B5020 737’s of China Southern
    B5039 737-700 of Xiamen, B16301 & B16303 A330 of EVA, B18573 & B18576 A300’s + B18616 737-800 + B18802 A340 all of China Airlines.
    C-GKOM A340-500 Air Canada, F-GSPM 777 Air France, HB-JMG A340 Swiss, HL7500 777 Asiana, HS-TAT A300 & HS-TEL A330 Thai, JA611A 767 & JA703A 777 ANA, JA708J 777 JAL, N116UA & N195US 747 United, VH-QPF A330 Qantas, ZK-NCN 767 Air New Zealand, ZS-SNG A340-600 South African, RP-C3223 A320 & N754PR 747 of Philippines with the highlight being HL7216 Fokker 100 of Korean Airlines but in Iran Asseman colours as it was on delivery.

    Freight movements seen included :

    G-GSSB 747 Global Supply, LX-UCV 747 Cargolux,N270UP & N274UP MD11 of UPS, N371PC A300 of Air Hong Kong, N409MC N418MC N523MC 747 of Atlas, N505TA A300 Tradewinds, TF-ARJ 747 Air Atlanta.

    Only 2 executive movements, both regular visitors to Hong Kong – VH-CCC Gulf 4 and VP-BEF Falcon 900EX.

    Partway through the afternoon the landing direction changed so the group made its way back to the terminal. There are some seats outside the terminal on the departures level and from here landing aircraft on 25R can be seen.
    Freight movements on 25L can also be seen (with difficulty).

    Saturday 2 October

    On the move again today and this is where the integrated transport system works well. As many of you will know the new Hong Kong airport is a considerable distance away from Hong Kong Island and Kowloon but train links are excellent. The station on Hong Kong Island allows passengers to check-in there and get boarding passes before catching the airport express. This costs 100HK$ (between £7 & £8 depending on exchange rate) and is well worth it. Journey time is 20 minutes and it is very easy to use.
    As we already had our boarding passes we were able to go through the usual immigration and security checks several hours before our flight was due to depart.

    The departures area is large and to walk from the entry point to the far end will take upto 30 minutes – something to bear in mind if your departure gate is a distant one. As time was not a problem a suitable spot was found (near gate 72) where arrivals could be seen.

    These included :

    9V-SQC & SQG 777 Singapore Airlines, 9V-SFG 747 Singapore Cargo,
    B2335, B6006, B6008 A320 China Eastern, B2343 A320 China Southern, B2502 737-700 China Yunnan, B2650 737-800 & B2845 757 of Air China
    Chinese airlines are currently undergoing some major changes and merges – for example - B2845 is listed as belonging to China Southwest but has been transferred to Air China and has been repainted in Air China colours.
    B2853 757 China Xinjiang, N18208 747 & B18605 737-800 of China Airlines,
    HS-TAW A300 & HS-TEG A330 of Thai and RP-C3224 A320 Philippines.

    All too soon it was time to return to the gate and board ANA 767 JA8323 (NH176) for the 3 hour and 8 minute flight to Osaka – Kansai.

    Sunday 3rd October.

    Kansai like most Japanese airports has purpose built facilities for spectators and the two buildings here are no exception. These offer good views of the runway / ramps although the best photographic opportunities arise when landing past the buildings rather than towards them (as was the case this time) Getting to these building is easy with a regular shuttle bus from the terminal (cost 100yen about 60p) The only downside is that it does not open until 10am. However it is possible to walk to either ends of the multi storey car park and this will give a view of some of the stands on the ‘rear’ of the terminal. A new runway (and terminal) is currently under construction and is due to open in 2007. From the observation deck 3 helicopters were seen recording a small dedication ceremony, one of which was JA6738 an AS355. The November issue of Airliner World features Kansai and is well worth a look.

    Movements during the day were on the slow side with 4 or 5 movements in quick succession then a 20 minute gap.

    Seen during the day were :

    9V-SRI & SRJ 777 Singapore, A6-ERQ A340 Emirates, B2070 777 China Southern B2510 737-800 & B2551 & B2556 767 Air China, B2688 737-800 Shanghai Airlines D-AIHD A340-600 Lufthansa, F-GIUC 747F Air France, HL7449 & HL7491 747 + HL7525 & HL7551 A330 Korean, HL7549 A321 & HL7591 737 Asiana HS-TKA & TKC 777 Thai, I- DISB 777 Alitalia, N227US 777 United, N544US 757 + N672US 747 Northwest, OE-LAG A340 Austrian, PK-GPE A330 Garuda, C-GLCA 767 Air Canada, 9N-ACA 757 Royal Nepal
    B-HLA A330 Cathay.

    As to be expected aircraft of JAL & ANA dominated the movements with the following being noted :
    JA105A A321, JA202A & JA8946 A320, JA604A, JA606A, JA607A, JA8259, JA8567, JA8670 all 767’s & JA8195 737 all of ANA

    JA603J, JA604J, JA605J, JA607J, JA609J all 767’s of JAL.
    JA702J, JA703J, JA711J, JA771J all 777’s of JAL.
    JA8902 747 JAL, JA8597, 8938, 8953 737 of JTA (Japan Transocean Air)

    Freight movements also featured and included :

    N313UP 767 UPS, N590FE & N593FE MD11 Fed Ex, with RA82042 An124 of Volga Dnepr being the highlight (the locals photographers certainly thought so)

    There was only 1 executive movement – N83CW Gulf 5.

    Monday 4th October

    Time to move on again, after checking in the bags and going into departure area the following were noted :

    9V-SRL & SRP 777 Singapore Airlines, D-AIHC A340-600 Lufthansa,
    F-GSPO 777 Air France, F-OJSE A330 AirCalin, HL7245 A300 & HL7465 747 Korean, JA107A A321, JA306J 737 & JA601A 767 all of ANA, OE-LAP A330 Austrian, JA8235 767 JAL, RP-C3221 A320 Philippines, B2509 737 Air China.

    Boarded JA8289 767-381D of ANA (NH144) for the 53 minute flight to Tokyo – Haneda – landing at 11:10am on a very wet day.

    We decided to spend a couple of hours here before making the first of several journeys between Haneda and Narita over the next few days.
    Haneda has a viewing area on the top level of the terminal which will allow most of the movements to be seen and photographed.

    I will not list all the JAL or ANA movements as these are to be expected but it is safe to say that a first time visitor will leave with a full logbook having seen several examples of all types operated by both companies. (logged approximately 100 in the 2 hours there)

    Non JAL / ANA movements included JA737A 737 Skynet Asia, JA767C & JA767D 767’s of Skymark and JA8251 767 of Hokkaido Air (Air Do)

    We then made the journey to Narita and the hotel which was to be the base for the next few days.

    The journey between the 2 airports is very frequent (3 / hour) and tickets are bought from the arrivals level. These cost 3000yen (about £16) one way and take about 75 minutes.

    After dropping the bags off at the hotel there was time for a quick visit to the terminals where the following were noted :

    B2325 A300 China Eastern, B2554 767 Air China, B18205 747 China Airlines,
    JA01RJ & JA02RJ CRJ100ER Fair (Jal commuter) N78003 777 Continental,
    JA602J & JA606J 767, JA706J, JA707J & JA709J 777, JA813J, JA8918, JA8937 747’s of JAL, JA708A & JA709A 777 ANA + N320FX Challenger 604.

    After returning to the hotel which did have a distant view of the airport we noticed the fire trucks waiting for something to land. This turned out to be a Northwest A330 that had had an engine problem and had to return. We watched it land safely and taxi off the runway where it stopped by the fire trucks to await assistance.

    Tuesday 5th October

    As today was wet and windy we decided to spend the day at Narita which does offer some views from inside the terminals. As Narita has 2 operational runways there is no one place where all movements can be seen. However as the runway that passes in front of Terminal 1 is significantly longer this means that almost all of the long haul traffic will use this for departures so giving this terminal an edge when it comes to viewing.

    Seen here during the day included :

    9M-MRI 777 MAS, 9V-SQK 777 Singapore Airlines, B-HOV 747 Cathay,
    B2059 & B2063 777 Air China, B2357 A320 & B2383 A340 China Eastern,
    B18209 747 China Airlines, F-GSQC 777 Air France, F-OHZP A330 Philippines, F-OJGF A340 Air Tahiti Niui, G-VEIL A340-600 Virgin, HL7415 747 Asiana, HL7490 747 Korean, HS-TEF A330 Thai, N104UA, N117UA & N127UA 747 United, N218UA, N226UA 777 United, N646NW 747 Northwest,
    N851NW, N852NW, N853NW A330 Northwest, N754PR 747 Philippines,
    N860DA 777 Delta, OE-LAH A340 Austrian, PK-GPF A330 Garuda, TC-JII A340 THY, VN-A763 767 Vietnam Airlines. JAL & ANA movements were frequent with examples of each fleet type being seen.

    Freight movements included : N303UP 767 UPS, N597FE, N598FE, N599FE MD11 & N855FE Cessna 208 all operating for Federal Express.

    Executive movements were few but noted on the ground were :

    9M-ABC Gulf 4, N8BX Falcon 900, N93M Gulf 5, and XA-RBA Gulf 4.

    Wednesday 6th October

    As the weather today was dry and bright (luckily) we made our way to Haneda for the day. As many of you will be aware Haneda deals with the domestic traffic and consequently is very busy – how many other countries use 747-400
    and 777 on domestic routes !

    Seen here during the day were :

    HL7528 767 Asiana, JA01HD & JA98AD 767 Hokkaido Airlines (Air Do)
    JA737B, JA737C, JA737E 737’s of Skynet Asia, JA767A 767 of Skymark,
    JA8972 DHC8 Ryuku Air Commuter.

    JAL movements included JA003D, 004D & 005D MD90 (ex JAS aircraft) + JA8020 & JA8065 MD90 JA008D & 009D 777 (ex JAS aircraft) JA012D, 014D, 016D, JA8527, JA8529 JA8564, JA8569 A300 JA751J, JA8942, JA8943, JA8944, JA8982, JA8983 777’s, JA8170 747, JA8260 MD81.

    ANA movements included JA101A & JA8304 A320, JA352K & JA356K 737, JA701A, JA706A, JA711A, JA753A, JA754A, JA756A, JA757A, JA8198, JA8968 JA8969 777’s, JA8272 & JA8669 767. JA802K DHC8.

    The only executive aircraft read off was JA8571 Falcon 900 of the Japan Maritime Safety Agency although there were a couple more in the distance along with 3 YS11’s (again too distant to read)

    As in previous visits the aircraft do tend to repeat after a few hours and by 2pm this was happening so we took the bus back to Narita for a couple of hours. At least the weather was better so the outside observation areas could be used.

    Seen during this time included :

    9V-SQM 777 Singapore Airlines, HL7700 777 Asiana, JA01NV Fokker 50 Nakanihon Airlines,JA203J CRJ200 J-Air, N196UA & N225UA 747 United,
    N761AJ 777 American, N861DA 777 Delta, N26232 737 Continental Micronesia, N78017 777 Continental, F-GQSD 777 Air France, HL7428 747 Korean.

    Thursday 7th October

    Off to Haneda again this morning to catch a flight to Sapporo but before doing so managed to see the following :

    JA011D & JA8566 A300, JA8070 MD90, JA8904 747 – all of JAL.

    JA8359, JA8274 & JA8342 767, JA755A 777, JA301K & JA302K 737 all of ANA. Also seen was JA737D 737 of Skynet Asia.

    Boarded JA8955 747-481D of ANA (NH61) for the 75 minute flight to Sapporo landing at 11:48 local time.

    After finding a place to store the bags we made our way to the observation area on the top of the terminal. Fortunately the weather was good so the outside area could be used although there are windows on a lower level which will offer views if the weather is poor.

    Seen here during the afternoon were :

    HL7550 A330 Korean, JA03HC Saab 340 Hokkaido Air System (JAL colours), JA204J CRJ 200 of J-Air, JA201A & JA8395 A320 of ANA, JA300K, JA303K, JA355K, JA359K 737 of ANA, JA802K DHC8 ANA, JA8062 & JA8069 MD90 of JAL, JA8236 767 JAL, JA8498, JA8557 & JA8499 MD81 JAL, JA8984 777 JAL JA8994 737 JAL & JA8525 737 Japan TransOcean Air.

    There were also a few military movements from the airbase close-by including a couple of HS125, Kawasaki C-1 and F15’s. Unfortunately these did not come close enough to read off or photograph.

    Friday 8th October

    Last day in Japan and it was back to the airport for the flight to Haneda.
    See here during this brief stay were JA01HC Saab 340 of Hokkaido Air System (JAL colours), N14249 737 Continental & N918CC Gulf 4.

    Boarded JA8099 747-481D of ANA (NH54) for the 80 minute flight back to Haneda and caught the bus (for the fifth and final time) to Narita to connect with the onward flight.

    Seen at Narita included :

    B2059, B2063 & B2064 777 Air China, B6052 A340 China Eastern, B16302 A330 EVA, F-OHZT A330 Philippines, N862DA 777 Delta, N545US 757 Northwest, JA206J CRJ 200 J-Air, JA612A 767 ANA, TC-JDN A340 THY, AP-BDZ A310 PIA, 9M-MRE 777 MAS, HL7413 777 Asiania, N349BA 737BBJ & N888MX Gulf 4.

    Boarded C-GFAF A330 of Air Canada (AC004) for the 7 hour 51 minute flight to Vancouver arriving 09:19am local time on the 8th October (again) as a result of crossing the international date line.

    Seen from the terminal during the rest of the day were :

    B18207 747 China Airlines, C-FCWJ, C-FIWJ, C-FLWJ, C-FWAI, C-FWAQ, C-FWBW, C-GEWJ, C-GMWJ, C-GQWJ, C-GVWJ, C-GWJK all 737 of Westjet. C-GBIA, C-GJWF, C-GKOB A319, C-GHLT 767, C-GIUB, C-GUIF, C-GJVX & C-GJWD A321 – all of Air Canada. C-GHTA & C-GTAG DHC8 of Air Canada Jazz, C-GITS A330 Air Transat, C-GMYC and C-GMYD 757 of Harmony Airways, C-GTDS A319 Skyservice, DQ-FJG 737-800 Air Pacific, N237SW Emb120 Utd Express, N356NB A319 Northwest, N354PH, N355PH,
    N360PH, N361PH, N366PH, N413QX DHC8 of Horizon, N62TY A319 Mexicana, N423SW & N448SW CRJ200 of Skywest (Delta Connection), N436UP 767 UPS, N629AS 737 Alaska, N665AW A320 America West, N748AL 737-800 Aloha, N825UA A319 United, N922FJ CRJ900 of America West Express, C-FROW MU2 Nav Air Charter, C-GGQM Pa31 of Prince Edward Air, C-GRXX Pa31 Regency Air Charter.

    C-FTEN Citation 750, C-GWXP Lear 31 & N805QS HS125 were also noted.

    Saturday 9th October

    Vancouver can be split into 3 main areas of interest – a) the main terminal area, b) South Terminal (GA/Exec areas) and c) floatplane areas.

    Unfortunately the weather was poor today with frequent showers resulting in a limited exploration of the south terminal and floatplane areas.
    Pacific Coastal Airways run a shuttle service from the main terminal to the south side but getting a taxi back is the easiest option.

    Seen from the south side were :

    12128 Grumman S2 Tracker of (ex) RCAF, C-FASP Pilatus PC12, C-FCJE DHC8 of Hawkair, C-FPCV B1900, C-FPCX Emb110, C-GPCN Sh360 of Pacific Coastal, C-FDHC , C-GTMC DHC2 Beaver & C-GSAS Cessna 208 of Seair Seaplanes, C-FFHQ , C-FJFQ, C-FOCN, C-FAXI DHC2 & C-FODH DHC3 Otter of Harbour Air. Other DHC2’s included C-FFRL,C-FHRT,
    C-GSIO Pa31 of Nav Air, C-GWXX SA227 Metro of Westex, C-GWXD Fokker 27, C-GKFU Convair 580 & C-GQKF 727 of Purolater Courier, C-FKFZ Convair 580 of Kelowna Flightcraft, C-FZUT BN2 Islander of Regency Air Charter, C-FYDY HS748 of Air North, C-GJVN HS738 of First Air, N329J Jetstar. There is also an ex Air Canada Viscount looking a little worse for wear.

    After getting a taxi back to the main terminal the following were noted during the rest of the day :

    9V-SVO 777 Singapore Airlines, B2495 767 Air China, B6053 A340 China Eastern, C-FAWJ, C-FTWJ, C-GRWS 737 of Westjet, C-FTWF, C-GARG, A319 Air Canada, C-GITU & C-GIUE A321 Air Canada, C-GBZB 727 Morningstar Air Express, CGJVT A320 Air Canada, HL7714 777 Korean,
    C-GKLN MD83 Jetsgo, C-GMTA & GTAQ DHC8 Air Canada Jazz, C-GTDT A319 Skyservice, N353PH, N362PH, N367PH & N417QS DHC8 of Horizon,
    N446SW CRJ200 Skywest (Delta Connection), N590UA 757, N801UA & N853UA A319 of United, N919FJ CRJ900 America West Express, N659AW A320 & N816AW A319 of America West, N743AL 737-700 of Aloha & N617AS 737 Alaska Airlines.

    Sunday 10th October

    On the move again today to Calgary for the last night of the trip.

    Seen before departure were :

    N741AL 737-700 Aloha, N581UA 757 & N853UA A319 of United, N799AS 737 Alaska, C-GWCM 737 Westjet, C-GKLI MD80 Jetsgo N449AS CRJ Skywest (Delta Connector), C-GFSV B1900 Central Mountain.
    Boarded C-FDSN A320 of Air Canada for the 1 hour flight to Calgary, landing 12.08 local time. (AC20

    Seen from the terminal included N371NW A320 Northwest, C-GTDX A319 Skyservice, C-FCMR B1900 Central Mountain & C-GGOM DHC8 Air Canada Jazz.

    We then made our way to the hotel which is situated on the far side of the airport, close to the GA areas and Museum.

    The museum is the Calgary Aero Space Museum ( and is well worth a visit.

    Exhibits inside included CF-RLK Vampire, N6302 Sopwith Triplane, CF-AZM Waco EQC-6, CF-CJO DH82, C-FRUJ Harvard, 23175 F86 Sabre, 7410 Avro Anson, CF-BQM Beech 18, CF-AOI Waco 10, CF-JRI Bell 47, C-GRNI Quickie 2 & C-GVUS Mitchell U2 flying wing.

    Outside exhibits include : FM136 Avro Lancaster, CF-BZI DC3, 18-126 Avro CF100 ‘Canuck’, C-FJTI S55, C-GXQC Cessna 188 Ag Wagon, 101021 F101 Voodoo and C-FPAT DHC6 (c/n 002)

    After leaving the museum we walked to the nearby hangars to see what was visible. Kenn Borek have a facility here and outside were C-FBBV, C-FSJB & C-GKBG DHC6 and C-GHOC, C-GKKC & C-GKBZ King Air 100’s.
    Westjet also have a facility here with C-FIWS, C-FWSV & C=GGWJ 737 being noted. Also seen were 4 ex Air Littoral CRJ200’s (F-GPTB, F-GPTC & F-GPYR with the 4th remaining unidentified) There were also a number of aircraft in storage and these included N898US, N855US & N854US Fokker 100’s of US Airways with G-MABH Fokker 100 also present. DHC8’s were also seen including EI-CHP, N986HA, N922HP, N915HA & N966HA again all ex US Airways (Henson) N4AX Canadair CL-66B was also present.

    Monday 11th October

    Up early for the start of the homeward journey – seen from departures before boarding were : C-GAQL, C-GITP, C-GITR A319 of Air Canada, C-GGBY B1900 Central Mountain Air, C-GKLC MD83 Jetsgo, C-GUWJ 737 Westjet,
    C-GVTA DHC8 Air Canada Jazz, N454SW CRJ200 Skywest (Delta Connection) N852US A319 United and N58606 737 Continental.

    Boarded C-FTJR A320 of Air Canada for the 3hour 14 minute flight to Toronto landing at 2.24pm local time. (AC1132)

    Toronto has been undergoing some major building works over the past few years and the old circular Terminal 1 and car park is in the process of being demolished. However the new Terminal 1 is very pleasant and does offer good views of the majority of the movements. There is also another smaller terminal which is reached via a bus ride and it was from this that our flight was to depart from.

    Seen here included : C-FDAT, C-GSAT, C-GVAT A310’s of Air Transat,
    C-GKLK, C-GKLQ MD83 of Jetsgo + C-GKZA/ZB/ZC/ZK/ZL/ZP Fokker 100’s also of Jetsgo, C-FWBX, C-GLWS,C-FWAD, C-FWBL 737 Westjet, C-FJCJ & C-FMCJ 737 CanJet Airlines, C-GKEM & C-GKEW CRJ Air Canada Jazz,
    C-GJUQ A320 & C-GMYH 757 of Skyservice, C-GZUM 767 Zoom, C-GKOD A320, C-GJVS A319 & C-CJWI A321 of Air Canada, EI-CRF 767 Alitalia,
    N249PS, N652ML, N715SF CRJ200 & N849MJ, N828MJ Emb145 of US Airways Express, N658AE Emb145 & N710TB, N726AE Emb135 & N841AE Emb140 of American Eagle, N735CA CRJ Comair, N658AW A320 America West, N8828D & N8965E CRJ Northwest Airlink, N12136, N34111 & N14168 Emb 145 Continental Express, N17640 737 Continental, D-AIHI A340 Lufthansa and finally G-WWBD A330 of BMI which was to be our aircraft for the 6 hour flight to Manchester. (BD714)

    Tuesday 12 October

    After a ‘lumpy flight across from Toronto it was nice to be on the ground again and back in the UK and before catching the penultimate flight managed to note : EI-DFZ Fokker 100 EUJet, OY-SVW Jetstream 41 Sun Air, O-VIA Bulgarian Airways and North Vancouver Air (Canada)">VL fokker 50 VLM, LX-LGX Emb 145 Luxair, G-BYRA Jetstream 31 Eastern, N25GV Gulf 5 & N299K Challenger 601 before boarding G-RJXA Emb145 for the 35 minute flight to Edinburgh. (BD383)

    Unfortunately we were unable to check in the bags until 2 hours before departure so there was a lot of waiting around and there are little in the way of viewing opportunities until the departure area.

    Seen during the stay included N12116 757 Continental, OY-USD 757 UPS, OO-TAE HS146 TNT, G-OZBH A321 Monarch, G-LGNA Saab 340 Loganair, TF-ELN 737 Globespan, G-FJEA 757, N560TH Citation.

    Boarded G-JEAK HS146 of FlyBe (BE785) for the 68 minute flight back to Southampton landing at 17.21 local time and it was good to be back.

    We covered 23410 miles on 7 different airlines with total of 48 hours (approx) in the air

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    Great trip report, certainly something id love to do sometime in the very near future.
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      Great Report!
      - The baby will be back -


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        Nice report
        Good chose in your aircraft, except for two NH 763s, and two FlyBe 146s, because you could not do anything else, not a single overlapping, nice well done job. I definitely recognize myself.
        Too bad, you were pretty short of time to do some visits at each location.
        Question about the Lanc and the Canuck by YYC museum, at what stage of restoration are they ?

        Thanks for visiting
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          nice report




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            both the lanc and the canuck are outside awaiting some work to be done. There are photos of both on here (somewhere)

            glad you liked the report



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              WOW. Man, I'd kill for such a trip. Awesome stuff!! Gr8 review also. Btw, if you don't mind my asking, how much did all this cost?

              Happy Flying!