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BOS-ATL-TPA Delta 764 and 762 with photos!

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  • BOS-ATL-TPA Delta 764 and 762 with photos!

    Seat: 31A
    BOS (gate C31) -ATL (gate A1
    Flight number: 321
    Aircraft: 767-400 delta airlines
    Seats taken: full plane
    time: 9:17am - 12:05 arrival (we arrived 15 minutes early)
    Food: None
    date: Thanksgiving day 2004
    We arrived at the airport 2 hours before boarding (just for fun!). I had checked in on the internet the night before and the security line took five mins. I had been expecting to go through an extra security check because I had book 2 one-way tickets instead of a roundtrip but for some reason they didn't. The 767-400 I would be flying from BOS-ATL that day usually sits over night at the remote parking stand and is towed to the gate about an hour before departure, so when I got to the gate (gate C31) their was another plane there. Surprisingly it was a delta 767-200 fresh out the plaint shop (it had the new widget logo and shinny clean wheels) headed to SLC, this surprised me because delta normally flys 737s and 757s on the route.

    Shortly after the 767 going BOS-SLC left our 767-400 going to ATL pulled into the gate (gate C31). It was towed in by a tug and they did a rather poor job parking the plane and it was not at all straight on the line.

    As we got close to boarding time I happened to notice what a diverse crowed I was seeing getting ready to board our flight. Many Asian people and people and pimps dressed in their finest pimp gear (seemed kinda silly at the airport, but no joke)

    The flight was nice and so was the weather in atlanta. I also loved my seat because I had a great view of all the flaps and things on the wings. I just had a coke to drink, nothing else was served. We landed 15mins early and made a 10min taxi to gate A18. Another surprise! The 767-400 I had just gotten off was going to head to Honolulu (HNL) as its next flight.

    (This flight had been my first time on a 764)

    Seat: 17G
    ATL (gate T1) -TPA (gate E64)
    Flight number: 1775
    Aircraft: 767-200 delta airlines
    Seats taken: full plane
    time: 1:10pm departure - 2:36 arrival
    Food: None
    date: Thanksgiving day 2004

    So now I was on my way from gate A18 to gate T1. This was pretty cool because I had never been on a 767-200 or in ATL terminal T. On my way to gate T1 for my flight to tampa I stopped at pizza hut and got a small pepperoni pizza. So I arrived at the gate with my pizza and took some photos.

    Too bad for me, while I was taking those photos some little kid stole half my pizza and ran away . However the mother was kind enough to by me a new pizza and all was well. Boarding was a very quick for me because I was seated up front. This flight was full as well but no pimps aboard . The ATL-TPA was very quick, and TPA has one of the best airports, I love it there. Landing there is so much fun, the planes make all kinds of turns and you get a great view of Tampa bay and the rest of the city. The taxi to gate E64 was very quick. just was we pulled in to the gate a 757 to ATL left the gate. We parked next to a 767-300 at gate E62 and a md80 at gate E65.

    Here is our plane at gate E64


    After some exploring we left the airport to the wonderful beaches in the keys of Sarasota. It was a kickass thanksgiving. The next day we returned to the TPA airport and stayed in the TPA Marriott. We got a room with an awesome view and I took over 200 pics. If you guys are interested I might write a spotting trip report, I must have taken a photo of every plane that was at the airport from 2:00pm to 11:30pm.

    Sorry for the crappy pics, I have a $40 camera and I take it all over the place.
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    Great report and pics!
    - The baby will be back -


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      Well KBOS you did it again.

      Your the original KBOS, right?


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        Yup, im the real KBOS. Thanks for the comments guys!
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        Save hip-hop, bring talent and intelligence back into it


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          Nice report & pics!



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            Thanks, look out for the return trip report some time soon.
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            Save hip-hop, bring talent and intelligence back into it


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              Great report Great pics for a $40 camera.
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                Gr8 photos and review.



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                  good review!


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                    awesome report and pics

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                      BOS-ATL-TPA Delta 764 and 762 with photos!

                      Good to see you finally got your flight on a DL 764 . Looking forward to the next trip report.



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                        It is good trip reports and glad you were flown on the first time with B767-400 aircraft. When I was flown on Delta with B767-400 many times and I am really love it. Next time when I make it to come down there to Florida.


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                          Good report and nice pics!
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                            Great report and photos! I'll surely watch my food whenever taking photos inside a terminal next.
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                              great report