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return leg LAS-ATL on Airtran

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  • return leg LAS-ATL on Airtran

    After 3 days in Vegas and losing my cell phone on a coaster, it was finally time to come home on Sunday and back to school the next day.

    Airtran Airways Flight 8
    Operated by Ryan International
    Depart LAS 12:15
    Arrive ATL 7:20
    N951LF (told ya it would come into play )

    same plane that took me to LAS from ATL

    ok, we got up quite early after a nice time and went to the airport. It was about 9 AM at that point so we were trying to upgrade to business. We walked up to the check-in counter with nobody in line, and a worker who i swear was gay. I was already booked there because there were no economy tickets left when mine was bought, so it was my friends family trying to upgrade. They did, and it was off to security. we got up the escalator to be met with a 2.5 HOUR LINE...but we were in business class so we went through the first class security, caught a huge break there. We walked out to the concourse to a restaurant (not sure of the name, it was next to a midway with couple US Airways gates off in one direction and Airtran/United in another) We ordered breakfast and watched sunday NFL live (seen as it was already that time on the east coast).There was a 717 at our gate waiting to depart, probably to DFW, I'm just guessing.We walked to our now empty gate, and as we waited for our plane. It got to anhour before we were scheduled to leave, no plane......45 minutes before departure, no plane.....30 minutes, no plane...finally 5 minutes later we see it land and taxi. We boarded not long after that, as I took my seat in seat 3B, my friend right next to me in 3A, and his parents a row in front (his sister flew home on a Delta flight earlier that morning) We were served drings prior to takeoff. I just had water, thats about all I drink anyway. Even with the insanely late arrival, we got out only 5 minutes late, not bad I'd say. We got out there, gazing at planes (especially the Canyon Blue on Sowthwest, that is so awesome in person) We taxi along and find out that We're 16th in line. It didn't feel like a very long time, but I was pretty well entertained out the window. At this point my friends dad is flipping out because he hates to fly. I reminded him that he was more likely do die playing pool in his basement than on this flight (and thats a proven fact!). then he told me that people dont fly pool cues into buildings whatever, on to takeoff. We lined up on Runway 1R and a very smooth rotation, nice job. Climing out we spotted Las Vegas Motor Speedway and a few other things. We flew over the Grand Canyon, I had seen it once on the ground and now twice from the air, still impressive. We got somewhere over about New Mexico with chips and cookies. We reached FL350 and cruised pretty smoothly until Oklahoma, nice and choppy....a fun 10 minutes to say the least. Once the seatbelt sign was off, my friend and I went up and asked for some Biscoffs , they gave us 10 each....that was great. We finished and asked if we could have some more....we got the whole pack of 50, and we were like are you serious...and shes like yeah. she was aweosme. After the biscoffs were all eaten, it got quiet. We were supposed to come down over Memphis, but got rerouted through La Grange (down in south Georgia) We flew right by the airport, and about that time my ears startrd to pop bad. not just the kind you can't hear, but it really hurt. It cleared up after about 10 minutes, but it sucked. I saw Mall of Stonecrest (for the second time from the air), and not until we got to about Athens did we turn back. We started descent for runway 27R, where we made a very gentle landing. We arrived at gate C20, where we quickly disembarked and got to baggage claim. These last 2 times at ATL I'm convinced their luggage handling sucks, because the last 2 times we had this huge fiasco over which carousel to go to. finally we found it, but our bags were among the last ones out. We got in the car, drove back to Snellville, where I was dropped off at my house.