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PHX-TPA-PHX for 3 days weekend October 29-November 1

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  • PHX-TPA-PHX for 3 days weekend October 29-November 1

    Hi There,


    I just wanting let you know about some of those good trip reports. I got woke up in the morning almost 8:00am and it is on October 29. I just recently bring with the ticket to TPA on America West flight. I got take the shower before went to PHX airport and I already got check in online with the boarding pass and head to the security checkpoint. I got no baggage to need check in at the ticket counter.

    I went through at the security checkpoint with the concourse A. I got into the gate A11 for waiting with my plane their way to TPA with the reg. number is N604AW. It is very fyll flight on their way to TPA flight and got sat down with the number 21F with windows seat and it is good seat for myself. I did lucky for this many times that I did flow on Airbus A320 aircraft. This is best aircraft ever has before. I got ready for pushback from the gate and heading for runway south side at Sky Harbor.

    I got watching with the movie of The Terminal onboard with the aircraft and it is very good movie for myself and they serving with Food for Sale. I just purchase with roast beef sandwiches and it is very good sandwiches for myself. it is very comfortable on the flight to TPA and there is good trip their way to TPA.

    I got landed in TPA almost 7:00pm and got off with the aircraft into the gate area and there is my brother Philip were there and when he was waiting for me outside at the gate area near the Continental counter and it is normally, this is share with the Continental Airlines gate and ticket counter, too. They not codeshare with CO anymore. It is some of 2 years ago were use with old codeshare with CO & HP.

    November 1, 2004

    TPA-PHX FLT#573

    I got heading to TPA airport and decide to looking around at the ticket counter. I got complete to check in with Continental counter with my boarding pass and I told with CO agent that I got problems with the printer at my brother's apartment. I decide to see with the ticket counter. I can't get any seat with the fligth to PHX. I got into the tran to the airside A and saw with the big explovies machine with metal detector. I am never to see it before.

    I got some of spotting with the airplanes with NW & WN, too. I took some of good shot for myself. Then, I went back to the gate A5 waiting for my flight back home to PHX and got on the reg. number is N654AW. The flight is very full with 100% full their way to PHX. I got seat number with 7C. I like to make better seat with aisle for myself.

    The plane was arriving little bit late from PHX and I was waiting for my plane were there at the gate and watching with the baggage loading into the aircraft. I got onboard with the aircraft and those alot of the people were got onboard with the aircraft and it is uncomfortable for me with them.

    I am really good times for 3 days weekend with my brother. This is one of kind those day will be back to TPA again in January 2005 for few days.

    I got ate with cheeseburger onboard with the Food for Sale and it is great to kind different food for myself. It is better for the hot meal onboard with the airplane. I can shooting with the pics for the first class and coach class, too. I didn't not watch with the movie very often. I decide to walk around onboard with the airplane and see with the certified with the aircraft door and it is deliveries to America West in 1999. Well, this is all for right now and hope you guys will able to enjoy with my trip reports and talk with you soon.


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    nice report

    is it possible that w'eve already met eachother on to