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  • Saudi Arabian:MED->JED:M90


    ORG: Madinah-Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz Int'l(MED/OEMA)
    VIA: --
    DEST: Jeddah-King Abdulaziz Int'l(JED/OEJN)
    FLIGHT NO: SV1545
    AIRCRAFT : MD-90-30
    REG: HZ-AP5
    SCHED DEP: 2355
    ACTUAL DEP:0005
    SCHED ARR: 0050
    ACTUAL ARR:0100

    Hi again....
    SV1545 is the SV flight which I have travelled most..This time,I was going to see off my Sister to Islamabad.
    She had a confirmed seat from Madinah-Islamabad first,but due to cancellation of that flight (low load);saudia gave one ticket for Madinah-Jeddah-Islamabad...Naturally,I had to tag along.

    Anyway,we got to the airport at around 2145;I insist on arriving early.
    There were a lot of people in the small departure lounge since there were 2 flights to Riyadh,one to Jeddah and one to Mumbai.
    For the first and last time in my Life,I stood in line for security at Madinah.We had obtained boarding passes earlier that day,so we just checked the luggage and hurried to the boarding lounge(I had to see planes).
    The immigration officer took one look at our passports and resident permits and we were in the boarding lounge..Filled with ridiculously over priced books and other stuff.The new monitors display the flight status.At 2340 we were called to board
    We proceeded to the gate and the very happy for some reason gate agent pointed to our M90.
    Well we walked across the tarmac(yeah..) to the plane.As we boarded,the FA looked suspiciously at my camera bag while I peeked in at the cockpit,the door was open.Unfortunately the pilots didnt see me neither was I invited in.
    Anyway I got to my seat which was on the second row of the economy cabin.After a couple of minutes,I saw a 777 landing and a M90 being pushed back...Looked great.Soon that M90 was gone and the 777 parked beside AP5.
    Preety soon the ground crew left the airplane,and doors were closed.As we started puchback,the Purser made a beautiful announcement in Arabic and English.I say beautiful because most guys talk with their mouths a little too close to the mic.Newspapers in English,Arabic were brought.As we stopped short of the runway,an Airbus 300 landed infront of us.The captain came on with a very Heavy Saudi Accent 'Cabin Crew be seated for take off'.
    The throttles were increased to 100% even before we were on the runway.
    We took off in around 35 seconds(yeah i got a stopwatch).

    The climb angle was quite steep and we reached our cruise altitude of 19000 feet in under 10 minutes.
    Then the Lebanese flight attendant came with Juices and Soft Drinks.I had some Mango Juice.As soon as it was finished,we started descent.A little turbulence every now and then.My Sister was looking at me with a 'Are we Crashing' kinda look.
    Soon the lights of the beautiful Jeddah came into view with the glorious Fountain on full power.Quite a sight!
    Anyway,we kept descending,and saw the airport.Gear was lowered,and flaps too.Then came a huge right turn and we landed very smoothly on runway something.

    As we taxied off the runway,I saw a 747 in maintenance,and several other 777 being serviced.They looked kinda beautiful illuminated by the yellow lights of the service vehicles.Then we taxied past some 747's and on to the ramp where M90 and 732's are parked.
    A 732 was parked at the very end,and we parked alongside other sleeping M90's.

    As we went to the door(this time everyone got in line!!!),the Lebanese FA came back looking for some First Class guy who had left his bag in the overhead bin.Everyone infront of me tried to get out first and the she was stuck in the door.Finally I stopped for her and she started talking to me in Arabic about Irate passengers..then she went and came back a sec later as she had the wrong bag..I held up everyone again and finally we deplaned via the planes own stairs from L1.
    We boarded the bus and headed to the terminal passing many M90's.Once there,I went straight to the Airport Hotel desk,I had reserved a room there-The Indian Attendant there was very helpful.The hotel is located just with the airport builidng.Its very quite though.Anyway we checked in and at the desk I met a 777 captain..He was very polite and I even took a picture of him.A treat at 0115 AM.anyway we proceeded to our room...and my sister slept while I watched cable till 0300 AM and finally slept.What happened later.....I'll tell you...later
    thanks for reading
    Administrator Virtual PIA
    Administrator Saudia Virtual

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    Now if you only have gotten the rare Saudi Arabian MD90 glass cockpit, that would be awesome.
    - The baby will be back -


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      Entertaining and interesting to read, thanks again for sharing.
      Thanks for visiting
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