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Chicago/O'Hare - Seattle/Tacoma on United

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  • Chicago/O'Hare - Seattle/Tacoma on United

    March 21, 2003
    United Flight 1221
    Leave Chicago/O'Hare at 9:15pm
    Arrive Seattle/Tacoma at 11:27pm
    Seat: 18D
    Aircraft: A319
    Gate: B9
    Rating out of ten: Five

    This was my first flight on mainline United. I flew Shuttle by United from San Franscico to Los Angeles in April 1998, but I barely rememeber that. So after arriving from my flight from Providence on American I took the monorail from Terminal 3 to 1. I was surprised to see all of the United ticket counters were empty. I got the extra secuarty check and head to gate B9. I was surprished to see a large dinosour skeleton in the terminal and thought now wonder why the're in the red with all the slurging of money. Any why I found my gate right next to the secuarty check point. One of the gate agents had on one of the new uniforms and I was impressed by seeing a picture of the space needle on the bottom of the tv screen behind the agents. I thought American had a good counter tv, United was very informative and told you a lot about the flight. At 8:45pm we started board, I was one of the first econmy passengers onboard. I found my seat and noticed the plane had not been cleaned after its last flight. In my seat pocket I found a magizine suscribtion form for a porn magazine, part of a united ticket folder, Skymall magizne, tatered Hemispheres, safty card, United headphones, and a ticket sub for a United Philiadelphia-Chicago Flight. Five minutes after seating down my seatmate arived. He was from a milatary school in Wischonsin. To let him into the row I had to get up because of United's crampy legroom. I started reading through a beat up additon of Hemispheres when I read about chanel nine. I turned to channel nine and listed for a while. We had a very comfortable take-off and climb. We had to stay in our seats untill flight leavel 240 because of turblunce that wasn't there.(Was that a United rule after the disasterous flight in 1997 over the pacific when one passenger died) They came by with the drink chart and I had a Pepsi. The movies were Start Wars and The Emproress Club. I watched parts of the Empors Club. The cabin crew were wearing older uniforms and seemed to be nice but tired an depressed. During the flight the teen from the boarding school started looking at a porn magizine. The only food was bags of Savory Mix(bad junk). Before landing we had another drink service and I had another coke. We landed on time in a rain saoked Sea/Tac airport.
    Meridian 777