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spotting at JNB/CPT

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  • spotting at JNB/CPT

    hi spotters,
    Does anyone make a trip to South Africa (JN/CPT) and can me give some tipps and infos about JNB/CPT ????

    Best regards........

    Sebastian (Hannover/Germany)

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    I was in South Africa in 1994 but unfortunately didn't have time to do some decent spotting at JNB or CPT.

    However, I do have some pics taken at CPT. All I can remember was that there was a large warning at the airport building that taking pictures was strictly forbidden...
    Did take some pics of our South African 742, a Lufthansa 744 and a South African 744 arriving from Miami, though
    I remember that I had lunch in the landside restaurant at CPT and you had a great view over the airport from there.

    I'll be travelling to South Africa next month, though not to CPT this time

    I will keep you informed about how the Jan Smuts airport at JNB is like for spotting nowadays.

    Best regards!


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      thank you very much!!!!

      Best regards.....

      Sebastiaaaan (Hannover/Germany)