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PHX-SLC-TPA on DL with the trip to Tampa, FL

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  • PHX-SLC-TPA on DL with the trip to Tampa, FL

    Hi all,

    February 17, 2005

    I recent want let you know that I got on the trip reports today and I was flown on Delta flight again and they were very happy to seen that I am return on Delta. First I got check in online before with my flight to TPA for connecting to SLC. This is my first time at SLC. I got woke up in the morning at 4:30am and taking a shower for getting ready for pick up with SuperShuttle van came at my house. It is on their way to PHX airport and first stop by for 1 more passenger to pick it up. Now, I got heading to PHX airport in the morning and went to the upstairs to the north concourse checkpoint were crowded to get through more than 10 mins. It is really very busy morning time and they are alot of those people were going on the flight by NW, F9, & DL.

    I did not any noticed to take shoes off through at the checkpoint. I decide to keep on with me. I got cleared at the checkpoint and went into the concourses to see with my flight are leaving to SLC on the same plane by the ship number is N3738B


    I spoke with DL agent and I recent to ask him about it is same plane from direct PHX-SLC-TPA and he told me that is same plane to TPA. I went to Wendys for breakfast. I got ready on the board the flight to SLC now at 6:50am and the boarding were quickly to get inside with the aircraft and I scanned with my boarding pass.

    I got seat number is 21F by the windows and it is good seat for myself. The aircraft door is close and getting ready for pushback and after watch with the safety demoenation for all passengers and there is not too many passengers on the flight for SLC. I seen with the flight tracker by the airshow moving map. I am really love it myself.

    Flight Number: Delta #1525
    From: PHX
    Scheduled Depart: 7:26am
    Estimated (actual): 7:17am before 9 mins early for takeoff
    Scheduled Arrive: 9:04am
    Estimated (Actual): 8:41am with 20 mins early for landed at SLC

    Become I got get off the plane and with due of the flight crew is change at SLC and I am return back inside with the same aircraft to TPA flight.

    I got saw with the mountains over near SLC and it is very beautiful mountain and this is part of my flight to SLC. It is my first time landed at SLC. I recent to took a pictures at the concourse D gate and it is great to chance see with the people at the terminal.

    After I went to the gate D7 for my seat change from 25E to 14F with the window seat. I decide that is wanting to get seat change for myself and become the flight are very full to TPA. Any doesn't have a reason why are flying to TPA? I got onboard to the same plane for heading to TPA. I saw with 2 DL B767-400ER aircraft. This is one for landing from HNL. It is great to chance see with DL B767-400ER.

    We were got pushback from the gate and it is on the taxi for waiting some of reason delayed with sue of the aircraft takeoff and I noticed that I saw with white plane with B737-400 or 800? Is that one of transport for prisoner on the plane and I saw with 1 prison bus on the ramp. Can you tell me where whole white plane are going? I took some of cabin pics at the aircraft.

    We were got ready for takoff at 11:00am for heading to TPA and landed with 30 mins behind the schedule at TPA. I ate with Food for Sale on the plane and I had with ham & chedders sandwiches and it is very good sandwiches for myself. It is whole one of good flight attendant onboard with me. I did say goodbye to my f/a before I am left from the aircraft. It is pleasd to fly with Delta again and I will be back home on Sunday from TPA-ATL-PHX. Talk ya later!


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    Nice report. If you put the photoid in []s, you will see the pic.

    YBBN - James


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      Originally posted by YBBN
      Nice report. If you put the photoid in []s, you will see the pic.

      Thanks!!! I am really appreciate that about some of help with the pictures.