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DL TPA-ATL-PHX on the B767 and very full flight

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  • DL TPA-ATL-PHX on the B767 and very full flight

    Hi there,

    I just make returned home from TPA yesterday and got a good fully flight from TPA-ATL-PHX on Delta flight. I make to total with more SkyMiles on DL.

    My brother & I went to the spotting at TPA by near bowling alley before with my flight back home to PHX. I shooting with some of airplanes. I got on the near TPA and it is great to place good spotting. I saw with Independence Air, Delta, Southwest Airlines, Midwest Express, jetBlue and etc. It is great to took good shot for landing on their runway. Then, we drove to TPA airport for me that I got check in at the Delta ticket counter by kiosks. After DL agent were gave to my brother gate pass to get through into the Airside E. They want to chance to see. Then, we went to the upstairs by level 3 to take on the tram way to checkpoint. After I got get through and without any major problems. I did not requests to take shoes off. I decide to stay on the shoes all of the times.

    I haven't chance to see into the Airside E for while when I am flying out from TPA. It is beautiful concoruse on the airside E. I recent that were went to the Airside E before from last August 2004. The first thing that I got into the gate area and waiting for my plane is arrive from ATL and I got watch with some of ramp agents were there. I got on the ship number is 1811 (N835MH). I spoke other DL agents were wanting to let me upgrade into the first class and I could not do it for me. It is very full flight with the first class. I will get some of other time in the future.

    I did to say goodbye to my brother and he heading out from the airside E. I was alone to check it out with the airlines with UA, AC DL & SY. I notice that I saw with Sun Country were arrive from MSP. It is not part of the airlines were use into the airside E. I saw with Song were there, too. It is wonderful to chance see them.

    I got check it out outside by the smoking area near the gate E62 on the right side. It is nice chance to get air for myself. I saw with TSA screener were there for smoking outside and I talked to him about explaining to why did dropped with the gate search and they doesn't need to use them at all. They need to rules change to use with the boarding pass & ID at the checkpoint. They were getting improved with the security at the airport.

    After the boarding call for me that I am ready go on the board with B767-400ER from TPA-ATL. I got seat# 19D and I notice with the man were seat right next to me. He was going back home to LGW flight on DL. He was here in TPA for 5 days. He gone back home to LGW flight. I told him that he should to take on British Airways flight for nonstop from LHR-TPA on the B777 aircraft. He should need to pay attention what he is doing.


    After ready the aircraft door is close and I watch with the aircraft door is close down and it is pushback at 3:00pm from TPA and will be arrive at 4:25pm and which one is on-time flight to ATL. It is arrive at T4. I got connecting ATL to PHX flight on B767-200. I got on the ship number is 108 (N108DL)


    I was watching with the cargo loading into the aircraft and I recent to saw with my watch to ready get onboard the flight at A21 to PHX. I got sat down with 14C by the aisle. after that I got the flight are good and there is some of bump flight. I was seen something about good experience onboard with the flight.

    I am very good to be on the Delta flight for this month and they were welcome back on DL. Become with due of medallion were change with the half miles from 2 years and now, I am return on DL again to get 100% all medallion with class L, T & U. After the plane were on-time pushback and then going on the taxi for north runway. I am really looking forward to flying back home to PHX. I did not chance to watch any movie on the flight and which one is arrive on-time at 8:00pm at PHX.

    Well, this is all for right now and it is wonderful to welcome back home at PHX. I will try to get next trip to FLL for few days and talk with you soon.

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    Nice report
    The photos btw are:
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      Thanks!! I did not know how to use them with photoid their pictures. I am really appreciate that your help.


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        Originally posted by N802AW
        Thanks!! I did not know how to use them with photoid their pictures. I am really appreciate that your help.
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          Originally posted by KBOSv2
          What the hell are you doing scotty? Your banned
          AOL user, which means hes stuped to a new low.