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    I know it's lame, but im getting quite excited about getting on this plane. Anyway im leaving Midway at 2:25 (Hopefully) and landing in Denver at about 4 PM Mountain Time.(Again,Hopefully). I'll try and get a wi-fi signal in both airports to update things like what plane i am on...and if i can find anything cool at any of the gates. Then post how the flight was.. in Denver. On the way back on Tuesday i plan on getting there early and getting some good photos of some United jets in their concourse.

    11:25 mountain time...

    After a short and very enjoyable delay of an hour because of the computer system upgrades (in which i got some very nice pics from a food court between concourse A and B in MDW of Southwest, a Ryan Air, and my Frontier jet) we boarded and almost immeadiatly took off. We were provided free Direct TV for the delay which might i add made this flight go by 10 times faster. Also the flight attendants didnt just pour us a cup, They handed EVERYONE a cup with ice and a full can of the Pepsi co. brand (mountain dew,pepsi, diet pepsi etc etc). A normal sized bag of Doritos or Sun Chips. Their PTVs also have a flight map which is very enjoyable. We got into Denver exactly an hour late as we left exactly an hour late (makes sense) Comfortable aircraft and over all a very good flight with very few problems besides an actually ENJOYABLE delay..
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