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Cak to Bean Town and back

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  • Cak to Bean Town and back

    Well here's my trip report from my recent trip up to Logan from the great Cak on AirTran.

    CAK-BOS AirTran Boeing 717 N965AT

    I left my house at the great hour of 1AM for the 3 hour drive to Canton-Akron Regional Airport (CAK) and drove through a nice snow shower...Anywho showed up at CAK wicked early so i caught an hour's nap on a chair outfront of the ticket counter. Being the second person of the day to check in at AirTran, the CSA's were most nice and we're happy to see me. (You dont see many people in cowboy hats in Ohio...or Boston for that matter). After asking if i wanted a Window seat, i replied that Id like to upgrade to buisness class. So with 35 dollars taken off of my Visa card, I was given a nice piece of paper which said "3A" on the ticker....sweet. Anywho I was selected (duh duh duuuuuuuh) for special screening going through big deal.
    I boarded the flight with all the other biz-class and other special needs people and proceeded to collapse in my comfy seat. Moments after plugging into the XM Satellite Radio and tuning into "The Fish", I fell into a deep slumber, being awoken on landing in much for that flight!

    BOS-ATL N894AT AirTran Boeing 717

    Comin back home on sunday, I showed up at Logan about an hour and a half before my flight, only to be totally confused as to where AirTran's check in desk was....Later to find it on the ground floor amidst the Baggage Claim....wierd...Again I was greeted by a great CSA crew and quickly was on my way to the gate, no special screening this time. (Again, I bought the upgrade for a wallet breaking..........35 bucks). This time I actually enjoyed the use of the seat. Prior to boarding, and being wide awake, I enjoyed the views at logan. I watched the Arrival of my first ever A340-600 from Virgin Atlantic, and watched a very fast departure of a Lufthansa 747-400. Other aircraft at note around were Northwest, Swiss, and Aer Lingus A330's along with a British Airways 777 and Air France A340. Being from PIT, im not used to such a variety of wide bodies so I thoroughly enjoyed watching out the window at my brother ramp rats loading the large beasts Anywho I boarded, yet again with the BizClass passengers and took my place at seat 1F. The takeoff was rather hair razing, me being an ATC student and all, watching the controllers at work as we were sped off in between very close arrival aircraft. Good Job Logan ATCT. The Flight crew was most enjoyable during the flight and gave superb service. The Flight Attendant made sure i was comfortable, and after noticing my flight jacket, my AOPA hat (no cowboy hat for this leg), and my recent acquired book "Flyboys" then proceeded to ask about me being a pilot. We were flying through a decent bit of light chop (not anywhere near moderate turb, but enough to make the non-flying public ancy) so she was asking if everyone was alright. After a quick "yep" she replied with a "Ohh.....then you like this stuff?" and with a large smile I said "Nothign better than light chop at sunset." She just laughed and went on her way. The rest of the flight was great as I enjoyed my vintage 2004 Coca Cola Classic and pretzels (and not stale pretzles!). We had a smooth landing at CAK (Godo Job to the flight crew on that one). After the pax. had deplaned I had a nice long chat with the captain about the 717 and his flying career and his advice for mine, the typical student learning from the experianced. I got my classic picture taken in the cockpit and went out to my car for the great 3 hour drive home. I was thoroughly inpressed with AirTran. Out of my over 1000's flights I have flown, the return leg from Bean town to Cak definitely makes one of my top 5 flights of all time. Good job to all the crews at AirTran for a great flight and great service. I will definitely fly AirTran more often.

    Anchorage, AK

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    Very nice!

    You can just walk up to the flightdeck and talk to the pilots? Wow