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Meeting up with Alex T! ORD-STL-ORD on AA with pics and vid!

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  • Meeting up with Alex T! ORD-STL-ORD on AA with pics and vid!

    I was going to Saint Louis, MO with my Dad to meet up with Alex Trude ([email protected]) and his friend Andrew. I was booked on Southwest with him, but then my dad decided to come and we booked on American Airlines.

    March 5, 2005

    I woke up at 4:30am and got in the shower and got dressed etc. Me and my dad left our house in Batavia at about 5:30am and we were at Parking Lot C at O'Hare by 6:30am. We had checked in online the night before so we already had our boarding passes. We entered American's Terminal Three and there was a giant line for Spirit Airlines. There was no line for security so we cleared it quickly and we walked around O'Hare for a while, and went to our gate, H13, about 15 minutes before boarding at 7:30am.

    American Airlines flight AAL 417
    Chicago O'Hare (ORD) to Saint Louis Lambert (STL)
    STD: 8:15am
    ATD: 8:22am
    STA: 9:32am
    ATA: 9:07am
    MD-82, N263AA, Seat 26J
    Load Factor: 30% Full
    Flying Time: 35 minutes

    We boarded right on time at 7:45am. There were only 22 passengers onboard, so I sat in the back with my own row of three seats in 26F. We pushed back and in 10 minutes we took off.

    About 15 minutes later, we were at our crusing altitude of 25,000 feet when the really friendly flight attendant came around with coffee, juice and water. She was really friendly and smiling. I asked her for a safety card, and she came back and gave me three! (I gave one to Andrew) and she told me that I had a great hobby.

    The flight attendants came around and let us know that it was time to land and made sure our seat backs and tray tables were up and our seatbelts were fastened. I have a video of landing, if you want it contact me via AIM or MSN.

    As soon as we landed, I took out my cell phone and sent Alex a text message and he called and said that he and Andrew were going to meet us at Gate C8. They came and they took us to the deserted part of Lambert and we chatted and took some pictures.

    I'm wearing the red hoodie, Alex has the black leather jacket, and Andrew is on the opposite side of the desk.

    Me and My Dad were going to go into the city, so Alex and Andrew took us to the East Terminal which was over a mile walk, so it was very long and almost all of the D Concourse was empty, so it was just us.

    Alex and Andrew actually left security and walked outside with us and we said goodbye. My Dad and I walked across the street to the MetroLink Station to take it to Downtown Saint Louis.

    We bought an All-Day Pass and hopped on the MetroLink train and took it to the Union Station stop in Saint Louis and we stopped at some Cingular Wireless place and I got a case for my cell phone and then we got some lunch. I sent Alex a text message thanking him for showing us around. My Dad and I got back on the MetroLink and took it to the Arch. We did not go up though, we did not have enough time.

    Back on the MetroLink for a 25 minute ride to Lambert Main Terminal station. We checked in about one hour before departure at a self-service machine and I took seat 19A.

    American Airlines flight AAL 1242
    Saint Louis Lambert (STL) to Chicago O'Hare (ORD)
    STD: 3:15pm
    ATD: 3:11pm
    STA: 4:32pm
    ATA: 4:10pm
    MD-82, Seat 19A

    It was time to go home, so I boarded with Group 4 and sat in 19A. Nobody was in seat B. We pushed back early and took off 3 minutes later.

    Took us 10 minutes to get to our crusing altitude, 23,000 ft. Flight attendants came around with drinks and pretzels. I got black coffee.

    And 35 minutes later, we began our early decent into Chicago's O'Hare Airport.

    We touched down at O'Hare Early (I have a video of that too, AIM or MSN) and parked at Gate H14

    Our Plane STL-ORD

    And we left the plane, and entered American's fortress. (AKA Terminal 3)

    It was great fun. Alex and Andrew are awesome people, and thanks so much guys for showing us around the airport and to the MetroLink! I had so much fun.

    Going Home!

    Next Flights:

    October 14, 2006 - Airtran MDW-MSP
    October 16, 2006 - Airtran MSP-MDW

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    Great report I cant wait to fly an MD-80 in 11 days Looks and sounds like you had fun. I want to visit the city of St. Louis some time
    You've got to try to find what's right before your eyes-Finger Eleven


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      You're gonna love the MD-80. It's one great aircraft.

      Next Flights:

      October 14, 2006 - Airtran MDW-MSP
      October 16, 2006 - Airtran MSP-MDW


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        Good work!

        I've always appreciated the complexity and excitement of ORD, and still appreciate the simplicity and ease of flying through STL. It's been probably 5 years or so since i was last at STL flying on AC. I flew to STL, and bused it in the rather surprisingly mild winter in STL through IL to Champaign for a students' missionary convention. STL is nice. But ORD is always better and more exciting. I've flown through ORD 9 times over the past 6 years. Yet, never seen the city much.

        Take care all!
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          hey patrick, NICE REPORT!!!!! it brought back sooooooo many memories of my flight from LGA-ORD on AA! It was a pleasure reading it!
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            Nice trip Report Pat!!!


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              Sweet tr. Day trips are the best. Glad you liked the Madd Dogg!
              GO SIOUX


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                The end of C was deserted?

                That's weird.....I guess it was Saturday though, only 30 some mainline flights operate on Saturday, and 145 total.

                Nice pics however...


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                  Nice Report. I've always wanted to fly on the MadDog.
                  - The baby will be back -


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                    When will Kevin get his ride on a MD-80?


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                      Nice to read you enjoyed your experiences on board the MadDog, a last distinctive airliner among a world of 32x's and 737s ! Excellent picturial support. Thanks for sharing.
                      Thanks for visiting
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                        Great report, with lots of pics. I love the MD-80 as well!


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                          Originally posted by ACman
                          When will Kevin get his ride on a MD-80?
                          Kevin just flew on an AA MD-80 on Sunday, March 6 from IAH to ORD.