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  • HNS-JNU-SIT-KTN w/pics

    Well, I got up at 7 this morning to take a shower before I had to jump my plane. I took my shower went up stairs. It turned out my plane was having "technical difficulties". So I got moved to a 7:30am flight. My mom and I drove to the airport at record speed. There we saw our plane arrive. It had just came from Skagway, and already had three people in it. My mom dropped me off, and I ran out to the plane. Me and another lady jumped in and we were off.

    We took off of runway 8,and we were heavy, so it was a slow climb. We made a slight left turn, and went out over the water. We reached cruising altitude of what seemed like no more than 500 feet. After about 40 minutes we were on the approach to runway 8 at Juneau.
    This is a picture looking out on our approach to JNU.

    This is the interior of the first plane.

    Here is a FedEx plane we followed all the way to Ketchikan.

    After I deplaned, I waited for my bags. After getting my bags, I wandered down to the Alaska airlines check in area. There was no line, so I wandered right up. Five minutes later I had my two bags checked, and I was heading up to the gates. When I got up there, security was not open yet. So I sat down and waited. Ten minutes later it opened. There was a whole stampede of people, but I was still through in ten minutes. Then I went and waited. There were no planes there, I sat around for a few minutes when I finally saw landing lights. Ten minutes later, another AS jet arrived from Seattle. My dad came off that plane, so we talked for a little bit. Then he had to go catch his little plane home. While we were talking, my plane arived from Fairbanks and Anchorage.

    Once everybody was off, the plane was cleaned and boarding began. As usual, the flight was pretty full. After half and hour, we pushed back and engines were started, and we taxied out.

    Here is our roll.

    Our climb past the glacier.

    Another beautiful view from above.

    Then it was time to descend. The Sitka approach can be nerve racking. You dont see land till 100 feet from the touchdown point. Well, we touched down. Much to my surprise, we did a crew change. We did get some better looking FAs though Then we pushed back, started the engines,and taxied out. Then we were off again. We did a powerful takeoff, slight right turn over the ocean.

    During the flight, there was a drink service, of orange juice, or apple juice. I didnt take any. Then I did somework on the laptop. Then before long, it was time to descend. I learned something, when you have a cold, descent can be painful Then we touched down 15 minutes early thanks to tail winds.
    Here is our plane on the ramp.

    As I was deplaning, a FA noticed my AS shirt, and wondered where I got it. Finally, somebody noticed. Then I entered one of the nicest terminals ever. Each checkin desk was an actual little desk. After, I got my bags I wandered down to the ferry to the town. The airport is on an island. There I met my team, and came to the school where I am typing this.
    You've got to try to find what's right before your eyes-Finger Eleven

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    Well, what do you think?
    You've got to try to find what's right before your eyes-Finger Eleven


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      What kind of plane is the first one? Looks almost like a 6x...


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        Originally posted by Crism
        What kind of plane is the first one? Looks almost like a 6x...
        It is a Piper Cherokee Six. The older version of the 6x.
        You've got to try to find what's right before your eyes-Finger Eleven