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CMH-PIT (Driving) PIT-CLT-SXM and back

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  • CMH-PIT (Driving) PIT-CLT-SXM and back

    Left to drive to Pittsburg on March 1, easy drive even in the snow. Got up the next morning took the early flight to CLT just to get out of the snow. CLT was on time. CLT to SXM easy 3 1/2 hours landed enjoyed many days of warmth. Spent one day at SSBB, boy how that has changed for the worse, way to commerical now, shoot I remember when Neil ran that and there was no extra crap around, just sit your butt down and have a drink.

    Left on March 10th back to CLT customs was easy and got back to PIT @ 1230am on March 11th. Stayed back at the hotel one more night, drove home the next day. Now its cold.

    KCMH has posted a few SXM shots for you all to enjoy. But since I only have a point and shoot I wont be posting anything.

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    that was a fun trip, Pretty much happened like that, nothing new to add.

    One of my favorite shots. [photoid=436356]

    This one was a fan favorite recently [photoid=435461]

    I was only able to spend around 3 hours at SSBB. Way to many other commitments. Besides SSB has gone down hill in the year since I was there. to many people, 3 bucks a beer, and rude wait staff.

    Could be my last year going to SXM for a while. I really need to get to Aussieland also.


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      You two are making me anxious. I have a ticket to SXM on June 18th. I've been looking forward to it all year and it sounds like a blast.
      GO SIOUX


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        Originally posted by PHF2ATL
        You two are making me anxious. I have a ticket to SXM on June 18th. I've been looking forward to it all year and it sounds like a blast.

        hmmmmmmmm good time to go, bring bug spray.

        #1 Dont spend your whole vaction at Maho beach even if you are staying @Maho or the RI. Even though we like planes it does get old just sitting around there.

        #2 Rent a car and explore the island. Many many many things to do there. Don't rent a standard transmission just to save a buck or two. And dont rent a Hyundai Atos just to save a buck or two.

        #3 Food: where do I start. Stop by the resturants on the Airport Road across the the Royal Palm (where we stayed) I recommend Lee's and Halsey's
        Also go to Grand Case for the true French places to eat. Its pricy but worth it. For a good afternoon burger go to the Bucaneer Beach Bar, (turn right off the airport road where the Atrium resort is) its a little place looks like SSBB. Those are just to name a few.

        #4 Beaches. Maho is fine, I would say visit Dawn Beach, Mullet Bay beach, and or course stop by and say hi to all the naked old men and women @ Orient Beach. 37 beaches on the island dont stay at just one for the week.

        #5 Shopping. Have to go to Phillipsburg for this one. Several stores are high class and legit. I recommend DK Gems (Deepti is stunning, also they sell Chase-Durer watchs for cheap). Also Caribbean Gems dealt with them this year they are awesome. No need to buy camera equipment there its just as cheap here in the US. (I.E B&H photos) Marigot is nice to you get a lot of french stores you don't see here in the states.

        #6 Parties. It will be kinda quiet when you go there, most people have left for the hurricane season and most of the large boats (Private Yachts)will be gone to. I would say stop by the Lady C floating bar (Across from the Royal Palm) Normal cute girl hang out.

        #7 People. The people there are great. Its just a few of them you have to watch. I've only seen a handful of problems with overcharging and misc crap. Do not travel the French Lowlands at night in a car, there has been robberies there. Don't walk the beaches at night in secluded area's and dont flash a lot of $$$ around. Carry no more then $100 bucks per day in your pocket. Also get a few travelers checks. Dont forget to save $30 bucks cash for the departure tax.

        #8 Misc. Have fun and party nakkid.



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          Great Report and Pictures.
          - The baby will be back -


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            Yep tough life in the islands

            But if you blinked you missed the grapefruit rolling down the isle of the 767 from CLT to PIT


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              Awesome Pics! I really like your travel tips about the island as well. SXM is someplace I really want to visit in the future.

              Next Flights:

              October 14, 2006 - Airtran MDW-MSP
              October 16, 2006 - Airtran MSP-MDW


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                Thanks for the help and those awesome pictures!
                GO SIOUX