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Flying Stand by..March 14th AA OKC-DFW-STL-MWA

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  • Flying Stand by..March 14th AA OKC-DFW-STL-MWA

    I was originally booked to fly OKC-STL-MWA on the RJ leaving at 5:00pm. But my cousin had to go to work early and I called the airline and they said I could fly stand by and fly anywhere as long as I return to my final destination by 11:59pm that same day. Once it hit 12:00am, if im still stuck anywhere, i had to buy a whole nother ticket. So with that in mind, I thought of ways I could fly around and make it into STL for my 7:30pm departure to MWA. I looked up flights to LAX, MCO, New York..but nothing would get me into STL in time for the 7:30pm departure. I really wanted to fly the 757 again. So I looked and finally I decided on OKC-DFW-ORD-STL-MWA. The timings were perfect, and the aircraft DFW-ORD would be a 757. the 757 left at 12:30pm which gave me 4 flights I could stand by on for the OKC-DFW to make it in time. and once I landed in ORD, I had two flights to stand by for ORD-STL that could make it in time for STL-MWA. So I decided to go for it! Quite a risky thing to do but I wanted more miles and another 757 ride. If that did not work out, and I was "stuck" in DFW, I could fly the 3:50pm departure (also a 757) to STL from DFW and still make it in time for my MWA Flight. So with that in mind, I left my cousin's house in Edmond, OK at 4:00am to get to the airport with every intention of trying for the 4 flights into DFW.

    Airline: American Airline
    Aircraft: MD80
    Reg: Unknown
    Scheduled Departure: 7:10am
    Actual Departure: 7:10am
    Scheduled Arrival: 8:05am
    Actual Arrival:7:55am

    I arrived at the OKC Airport about 5:15am. I saw there was no way I was going to make it on the 6:00am flight to DFW. Oh well, I walked to the counter and they called me up when they were ready for me. I walked up and I explained that I would like to stand by for one of the 4 OKC-DFW Flights.

    Agent: "Well, I cannot put you on stand by for the 6:00am departure, but we can try for the 7:30am departure to STL, that is non-stop, and we can also put you on stand by for the 7:10am departure, the 8:24am departure and the 9:39am for DFW."
    Me: Well I would rather fly through Dllas so please put me on stand by for the Dallas Flights
    Agent: ok then, I will print you a stand by ticket for the 7:10am flight and a 7:30am flight to STL in case you change your mind
    Me: ok, thank you very much (I of course had no intention of flying to STL just yet....)

    Once I got my stand by passes and tickets (had about 6 of them for each flight haha) i headed the long way up to the security area. That place gets more confusing each time I fly through OKC!!! I went into the security line and gave them all my stand by passes and my ID. Got a weird look from the TSA agent haha. He let me through and directed me to a line. i waited in it for 3 minutes then my turn to go through security. I went through fine, no beeps!! I gathered my stuff and walked down to the AA gates. I went up and handed the agent my stand by pass.

    agent: where are ya headed to sweety?
    me: im trying to fly stand by for the 7:10am flight to Dallas please
    agent: ok, your number 4 on the list, and it looks quite packed, but we will let you know if you are on the flight ok then?
    me: thank you very much, and also i am hearing-impaired and cannot understand the PA system well so if you wouldnt mind, if I am confirmed for the 7:10am flight please come to me to let me know and ill come up.
    agent: sure thing of course we will thank you
    me: thanks

    so i went to go sit down, and watched them board the 6:00am flight to DFW. I saw it was an AA plane, and not an ex TWA one. It was still extremely dark, no sunrise yet. That plane left, and I walked around, got a coke to wake me up because I was still tired from waking up early. Then at 6:30 the sun started rising and I could see things now haha. The AA plane came in from DFW it was empty. one got off. at 6:45am they started boarding the paxs. at 7:00am, the agent came to me and said I was cleared to get on board. YEE HAAW!!!!! She printed out the boarding pass and directed me to the gate (like I did not know where it was, OKC is not THAT big!!). I walked to the gate and handed her my boarding pass. the agent wished me a great day and a safe flight. I walked down the jetway, and looked at my boarding pass in horror. I was in 28E, THE MIDDLE SEAT!! AHHHHHHHHHH. Oh well at least im on the kinda wincing....i walked and found the middle seat sandwiched by two huge football player like bodies. ohh geez this is going to be a loooong flight. I squeezed through and put my bag up. Sat down and noticed it was the TWA MD80. Awesome, I love flying on the ex TWA ones. A few more stand by people got on board. then they closed the door and we taxied to the runway. I was soooo tired and went to sleep. I wanted to experience a take off with my eyes closed. it was exhilerating! I loved it. We took off and turned left for DFW. Service was quick, serving orange juice, coffe or apple juice. i declined as I was so tired and wanted to sleep, I knew this was going to be a long day for me. the flight was really uneventfull. we did an approach into DFW, and I saw the city of Dallas on the right side of the plane. I do not know which runway we landed on. We taxied to gate C-32. I let the other guy get off as he said he had a tight connection, and I of course was not going anywhere for the longest time. I heard a F/A say "pittsburgh" somewhere, so I did not know if she was going to PIT or if the plane I looked and the gate said ATL. so she must have been going, who knows. I walked to gate C-28 and asked the agent where the DFW-ORD 757 Flight was leaving from, she said gate C-29. That was next door obviously lol. Not a long walk at all. I just stayed near gate C-29 no agent showed up for the longest time. 2 hours had passed so its now 10:30am and no agent has yet to walk up to the gate. ugh...I talked to people on the phone and listened to music and read my book. I was walking around a bit when an agent came up to me and asked if I need anything. i asked if she was busy, she said "no im on my lunch break, but i can help you." i insisted she finish her lunch break and i can come back later. she said "oh no im done eating how can I help you? what do you need?"

    me: uhm, i just wanted some information on a dallas to chicago flight, flight 66 I believe leaving at 1:30pm?
    agent: oh ok yes I see it and what did you want to know?
    me: i would like to fly stand by on it.
    agent: what is your final desination honey? (what is with them calling me honey? lol)
    me: Marion, Illinois, but I am confirmed on that flight, and I would like to fly flight 66 to ORD, then stand by for one of the two flights from ORD-STL to get more miles. you know a mileage run type of thing.
    agent: wow, uhm ok then..well flight 66 has 61 open seats as of now, but you know that could change. the first flight to STL from ORD has 23 seats open, and the second ORD-STL flight has 21 seats, so you could very well do it. I would be careful though because im seeing some delays which could have a ripple effect and affect your STL flight. see im from chicago myself and i try hard not to fly into o'hare or through it because it is such a major hassle.
    me: yea ok, thanks, uhm well see my goal was to try to fly on a 757 again, and i know that flight 66 is a 757, and its been awhile since I have been to ORD, and I love to experience it again.
    agent:well sweety..its up to you, im not the one to suggest anything, but do know you only have two coupons left, enough to get you to chicago and st. louis if you stand by for another you will be charged some money for another flight coupon, so it is a very risky thing to do.
    me: hmmh ok..well how is the load for the DFW-STL (also another 757 flight) that leaves at 3:50pm?
    agent: ok babe, that has 16 seats open, so you have a chance on that would you like me to put you on stand by for that flight?
    me: yea im on spring break and I have all the time to get home but i think im better off just getting home as soon as I can
    agent: i think thats a wise idea honey, we don't want you to get stuck in chicago and you calling your parents explaining where you are
    me: i laughed and said "no we do not, so yes i would like to be on stand by for the 757 flight to STL leaving at 3:50pm."
    agent: ok honey not a problem, this flight is a boeing 757, and departs at 3:50pm, boarding will be at 3:25pm, and the flight will depart from gate C-4 for now (prints out a flight coupon), you get your little butt home in time for your mommas delicious home cooked meal ok hun?
    me: I sure will, thank you soo much for going out of your way to help me, I am so sorry for taking up our lunch break, thank you for all the help i appreciate it!
    agent: you are so very welcome sweeheart you have a GREAT spring break week and have a safe flight!!
    me: you too, (then thought why did I say that, she doesnt have spring break?)
    agent: thanks I wish i did too!!

    and i chuckled and walked to gate C-4. I found a mcdonalds and ate there for awhile. I walked around all over the concourse and snapped some pictures of what I could. those windows were soo dirty it was amazing anyone could see through them!!!

    an AA engine (although ex TWA) being worked on at the gate. This flight then later took off, so im guessing it was not a huge deal.

    Walked some more and found a whole array of AA planes...between the A terminal and the C Terminal(well it IS DFW

    Then I wandered into the A terminal and ran across a 777 heading to Tokyo-Narita. Those 777's just AMAZE ME!! The engines weren't as big as I thought they would be but maybe you have to be up close. someone said the engine were the size of a 737 cabin? I could not imagine this was true by looking at the engine but who knows. Sorry for the crappy picture, the window was horribly dirty but I still wanted a 777 picture for my collection.

    Soon, I came back to the gate, C-4 and saw a Boeing 737-800 at the gate. For a split second I thought it was heading to STL and im thinking I want on that flight!!! I have never flown a 738 and wanted to. Then I looked and saw it was heading to DTW. I did not know they flew 738's to DTW. Interesting. I watched that leave. It is now 12:30pm. I walked up to the gate, and handed her my stand by pass. I confirmed the 757 was still leaving from this gate.

    agent: it sure is, we will call you up if we can get you on board
    me: actually since I am hearing-impaired...(i explained the thing again as I said to the OKC agent about me not understanding the PA system)
    agent: ohh you know what....let me see your stand by coupon.

    I handed it to her and she ripped it up!
    then she hands me a a pass back. I said thanks not knowing what it was, i said will you let me know if I am confirmed?

    agent: oh your confirmed. i put you on confirmed instead of stand by so you wont have to worry about missing the flight, you are in seat 33A.
    me: oh wow thaanks, why did you do that though?
    agent: because i wanted to, dont worry about it honey, your on the flight and thats all you need to worry about
    me: ok thank you so very much! i appreciate it!
    agent: ohh you know what, i got a better idea

    she takes my boarding pass and walks over to gate C-5, and talks to the agent there. they both look at me and the other pointed at me. i was wondering what on earth was going on. she waved for me to come over. so i went over and asked what was up?

    agent: this flight is leaving in 15 minutes to STL, we can get you on this flight, and you will be home in time to go on the 3:50pm flight to MWA, and be confirmed on that flight as well, and be home by 5:00, instead of 8 as you are orginally booked. I will even put you in seat 7A because so you can see the F/A better and understand her.
    me: oh wow thanks (im thinking damn i really want to fly the 757, but on this flight I am confirmed and i should get home as soon as I can, and I still get the same amount of miles, so what can it hurt?), i really appreciate it, so i am also confirmed for my STL-MWA flight as well?
    agent: yes, (hands me my boarding pass) you are in seat 7A, the bulkhead, and im sure you will enjoy it, have a safe flight and give them this flight coupon to the agent in STL to get a boarding pass for STL-MWA. good luck, glad to have you on board!
    me: thank you guys sooo much, i really really appreciate all you have done for me!
    agent: no problem, do you need to call someone to pick you up in marion before you get on board?
    me: no thanks iv got my car at the airport
    agent: ok then get on board!!

    so i walked onto the plane, so surprised at what happened. i wondered if because I was deaf they did not want to have me worry about missing my flight due to not hearing it, or if I was just being nice? but whatever, something worked and i got on board! so i walked to the seat 7A, and even got a window seat too!! I was really dissapointed I did not get the 757, as it was the whole reason I flew through Dallas, but at this point, I was tired, mentally and physically and was ready to go home. So i was glad also at the same time to have the opportunity to fly home earlier. much much earlier.

    Airline: American
    Aircraft: MD-80
    Reg: Unknown (ex TWA though)
    Scheduled Departure: 1:00pm
    Actual Departure: 1:02pm
    Scheduled Arrival: 2:55pm
    Actual Arrival: 2:15pm

    Once I sat on board, i just about collapsed. yee haaw im finally on an airplane (again....)so i leaned back a bit, and just closed my eyes. I was soooo tired. But I woke up, to put the chair back for take off. we taxied to a runway. waited for an MD80 to take off. we did a rolling take off, I love those! We shot down the runway. I forgot how quiet it is up front. god it was amazing, it was like hold on, are you sure we have the engines on? But of course they were on. Then finally we lifted off and just flew straight for a long time. then we did some turns to the left, and flew in a northwest direction. I fell asleep and missed the beverage service (again lol). I slept for quite awhile, then i woke up and it was 1:30. ugh..i just want to go home!!! so i read for awhile, and then i slowly fell asleep again. Then I was awoken by the male F/A that I need to put my tray table back in as we were were almost on the ground. I said wow i must have slept for a long time!! i looked at my watch and it read 2:05pm. HUH?!?! NO WAY?!?! I looked out the window and saw STL Airport slipping by!!

    well well, now THAT was quite a fast flight!!!! We started a fast downwind into STL and we flew over the city of STL, and we met the glideslope for R30R. Soon in no time we touched down (another quiet touch down) and slowed down as a RJ was taking off on 30L. We taxied across R 30L and headed to gate C-16. we arrived at the gate about 2:15pm. wow I was amazed! we landed 45 minutes early!!! There was a problem though. no one was there to lower the gate. as a 757 was there before us and requires the gate to be higher, but no one had lowered it. oh gee, this is wonderful. the pilot explained this on board and 15 min later (so its now 2:30pm) i see the gate now being lowered and meets itself to the door. finally we were able to get off. I grabbed my bags and got off. I turned and looked to see where it was heading, BWI. I got off soo glad to be back in my home airport and headed to the B concourse. I took my sweet time as we landed earlier then I expected and did not need to rush so much. I arrived into the B concourse and headed to gate B-14. I handed the male agent my flight coupon. finally a male agent no calling me honey or sweety. i felt like such a kid....he printed out the boarding pass and said "here ya go kid" i was what looked like a 19 or 20 yr old calling me an 18 yr old kid...oh well, i dont care lol. I sat down and struck up a conversation with a woman who was flying to Quincy, Illinois. She also flew stand by too, she missed her flight the day before and was on stand by for the next flight which was the next day. she was flying on America West however and switched airlines to American Connection, and of course at STL this means rechecking bags and going through security. she loved it hehe..not really. soon finally at 3:30pm, we started boarding for STL-MWA. yeee haaw 2 flights down ONE.....FINAL.....TIME!!!!

    Airline: American Connection/RegionsAir
    Aircraft: BAe J-32
    Scheduled Departure: 3:50pm
    Actual Departure: 4:00pm
    Scheduled Arrival:4:45pm
    Actual Arrival: 4:30pm

    I walked out with some other passengers (8 total) to the plane. We got on board and went to our seats. The pilots got on board and welcomed us to regionsair. they did the procedures and such..blah blah. it gets boring now after the 6th flight haha. then a bit later the pilot turns on the props and we taxi down to R 30L. an ERJ is behind us, as we taxi N449WN with winglets take off, loud as hell too!!! We get on the runway and we take off! We circle the airport, and then fly over the city. then we head southeast to marion. no in flight service as no F/A. it was really uneventful, my seatmate and I struck up a conversation about my high school and where she went for vacation. she was a nice woman and very funny. soon in no time we started the approach for MWA. We skimmed the Marion Mall and then in no time we touched down! THANK GOD I AM FINALLY HOME!!!! we taxi to the doors and then we wait for the agents to open the door. we get our bags and walk off and i about kissed the ground. literally, i had whacked my head on the door and dropped my bags and about fell down the steps. but i caught myself!! i think I was just a bit to excited to get off the plane . the agent joked "oh by the your head " i said " yea thanks for the late warning!!" i went through the doors and headed to my car, and I sped out the airport on my way to home!!!

    and this ends the report! like it? loved it?comments please!!!
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    Very entertaining report!
    I have yet to meet someone as nice as your gate agent at DFW!


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      Yes the 777 engine is as big as a 737 fuselage.
      - The baby will be back -


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        I have always wanted to fly all over the country stand by, but have always been too afraid to be stuck somewhere without a confirmed ticket. I usually fly on prime travel days (weekends, holiday weeks) where this is way too risky.
        Sounds like it was a great trip though!
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          Really nice pics!!!! Cool planes!


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            Wow, quite a series of flights, too bad you didn't get a 752, but hey, there's always next time. And it was nice of the agent to get you on the earlier flight.
            Good photos too!

            someone said the engine were the size of a 737 cabin? I could not imagine this was true by looking at the engine but who knows.
            The engines on the AA 777's are Rolls Royce Trent 892 engines, which are slightly smaller in width than a 737 cabin.

            The ones as wide as the 73's cabin are the GE 90's. And I've seen these, believe me, they're huge.



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              Wow, almost the size of a 737 cabin, didnt know that. Good job that report was fun to read.


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                Hey guys-

                Many thanks for the replies. I appreciated them, makes the 2 hour worth typing for it hehe.

                Foxtrot- I was very dissapointed I did not get the 752 also, but as I figured i got to fly it STL-DFW and I was so tired that hey it was a good deal, bulkhead and a gurantee on the flight, can't get any better.

                UA755- Yea I did not mind it so much flying stand by, but it really takes alot out of you because your runnning all over the airport trying to find the gate the plane leaves from, and you have to have backups incase nothing works out, and its mind boggling, but it is fun, and seeing the look on the agents faces always makes me laugh.."you wanna do all that just to fly and get miles?!?!" haha

                avro_arrow_25206- haha yes I was very surrpised at how gracious the agents were, and I was seriously taken back by the niceness, if I ever have the time I am going to write a letter to American to compliment them, they really do deserve it.

                babypurin- as you and foxtrot both said thanks for the info. cannot wait to try a 777 one of these days.

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                  nice report and pics
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