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    While in the Cincinnati the week of March 11th thru the 20th, my youngest son wanted to go up to Cleveland to see the Cavs play a game. So, we checked and found the flights and cashed in some SkyMiles and we were set.

    18 March 2005
    Delta Flt. 1063/Gate B8
    737-200 (N310DA)
    Seat 13 E & 13F


    We arrived at CVG plenty early to get thru the Thousands Standing Around screening process. No problems there other than the near 30 minute wait while 2 of 6 or 7 screening stations were open. TSA gives new meaning to the phrase "Your Tax Dollars Hard at Work". We took the train over to B Concourse and rode up to the food court area.

    We had to check out the GoldStar chili and Great American Steak Company before proceeding to the gate area. We had plenty of time to kill, so I walked over to the international arrivals area and shot pics of the daily T7 flight from Paris and the 763 from Gatwick. We headed back to B8 to see N310DA, the former Cartoon Network jet, waiting for us.

    Soon it was time to get ready to sit and wait for Delta's lame "Zone Boarding". Keep in mind, the plane was about 1/2 full, but we went through the full 8 zones with the requisite time in between each. Once we got onboard, the flight attendants were very attentive and even though it was a short flight, made a pass thru the cabin with Coke, Diet Coke, OJ or bottled water. They made another quick run a few minute later with additional water if anyone wanted more. A nice touch for a 40 minute flight. We departed rwy 27 and arrived on rwy 6L.

    We departed CVG nearly 15 minutes late but arrived in CLE only 5 minutes behind schedule. We parked at Gate B6 and deplaned into a cold jetbridge. Wx in CLE was cold and grey with traces of snow still remaining everywhere you looked. We did our business (Cavs got their butts kicked by the 76ers) and went to bed as our return flight was at 8:55 am.

    19 March 2005
    Delta Connection (Comair) Flt. 4989/Gate B6
    Seat 11 A & 11B


    We arrived at CLE for the return flight at 7:15 am. While going through the preliminary screening, the TSA agent looked at my boarding pass and, honest to God, asked me,"Are you flying to Cincinnati?". I looked at her and never cracked a smile and said, "No, I am walking". She then said, "If you are not flying, you cannot come past this point". Jeez, what a ditzy woman.

    We got to the gate after getting a bite of breakfast and had some time to look around the airport. There is a nice open air observation area next to and above the WN gates but it was locked up tight. Saw a FEDEX A300 take off and an HP A320 head out the taxiway for the trip to PHX. We saw boatloads of CO 738's and ERJ's since it is a CO hub. The obs area would have been a great place to get some decent pix had it been open.

    The DL agent was a sweetheart; especially that early on a Saturday morning. We finally boarded and were off to CVG. We departed rwy 24R and headed back southwest toward the CVG area. The flight was choppy as there was a storm front coming in and since we were at flight level 230, we were just above it but still had some chop the entire 45 minute trip. The onboard options this flight were bottled water and pretzels. We made it back to the airport landing on 18L. It was cool to see the observation area where I had spent so much time during the past week from the business end. We arrived at the Comair Concourse C, Haircare and Tire Center and took the DL Connection bus back to B where we took the train back to the terminal where my wife and older son were waiting for us.

    Overall, DL had a nice product out of the CVG hub.
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    Entertaining, the TSA agent at CLE reminds me of some episodes. One of them was a short hop between LAX and ONT with a 727. Agents tried to convince us to rent a limo instead of flying
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      Nice report...I've been into/out of CVG a few times & think it's a nice airport. A lot quieter of a DL hub than ATL the last time I was there.



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        Great flight review.

        I really like the CVG hub. Yes, Concourse C could use some things called windows. Then again, having seen worse airport terminals, it's not really that bad. The best is Con B. The view from the east end is great.

        The only time CVG can be bad is during bad weather, like a squall line going over the airport. Then you have to wait and wait while planes land on the runway beside you.

        Never been to CLE, I wanna visit that airport sometime.

        Happy Flying!


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          nice report. TSA stuff is funny.

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            nice report