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    During March Break my parents decided we should head off to the Big Apple for the weekend. I had never been before, so naturally we would hit all the tourist locations regardless of how much I wanted to spot at JFK.

    CYYZ/0815 - KLGA/0943
    A319 C-FYJI
    Seat 28F

    I had to wake up very early for an 0815 departure out of Toronto, the weather wasn't too bad with just a light spray of de-icing at the gate required. We pre-cleared US Customs in the terminal and waited at gate 246, and ended up boarding not too far behind the pilots. Our flight was 5 or 10 minutes late pushing back, but there were no problems at all for us standby passengers getting assigned seats, just 99 total passengers onboard.

    The scene at T2 from earlier on last week. The queues were much longer for checking in, but with the Express Check-In and no checked baggage, it took just a matter of seconds!


    Rampies loading up checked baggage, we had nothing for them to lose today

    A very smokey startup, the cabin smelled like oil for 10 minutes afterwards

    A view of the 24L numbers after departure from runway 06L

    View from my seat at the back of the aircraft. Good for photos!


    On departure we went direct BULGE, then to Geneseo, then to Rockdale for the arrival into La Guardia. Cruising altitude was FL290, true airspeed 418 knots and Cost Index of 30

    The Flight Attendants promptly started the snack/beverage service, my parents got some cookies for $2. The flight was quite short, and we had descended to around 18,000 ft before I had even received my drink!


    We took the Expressway Visual for runway 31, which pales in comparison to the awesome River Visual at DCA!


    And touched down infront of the big sign


    Taxiing back infront of the Central Terminal Building (CTB), some nice airlines I had never seen before in the great white North!

    I personally found the CTB at LGA a bit of a dump, however at 41 years old, I guess it could be in worse shape!

    I might do a review of the flight back, and/or post photos of my touring around NYC. It really is a great city with a wonderful public transit system (*cough* Toronto really does suck).

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    Great report! I actually read the whole thing. I would love to go to the Big Apple.


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      Finally a report from YYZ. Good work!

      some questions:
      1) What is cost index and how did you find out?
      2) You have to pay for cookies on AC now?
      3) Just curious: why is "triangle" not bilingual?


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        1) What is cost index and how did you find out?
        Instead of Dispatch issuing a speed to maintain for the flight, a Cost Index is assigned, which is calculated by the FMC for the best speed based on efficiency/fuel use/speed. Flights which are very time-sensitive (such as many passengers with connection) use a higher Cost Index. I found it out by obtaining a copy of the flight plan *taps nose*

        2) You have to pay for cookies on AC now?
        It know it was printed in the en-route magazine, but I believe for flights under 3.5 or 3 hours (I don't recall) snacks are served but they will cost you a bit of $$$. Drinks are free however, and the longer flights still have food service.

        3) Just curious: why is "triangle" not bilingual?
        The language police haven't found out yet?

        Thanks for the comments