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GRU-MIA my 1st trip to the USA

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  • GRU-MIA my 1st trip to the USA

    Flight numbers: AA 906 (GRU-MIA) and AA 995 (MIA-GRU)
    Aircraft: Boeing 777
    Class: Economic
    Dates: February 4th and February 11th
    Time of Departure: 11:20 PM in both flights
    Time of Arrival: About 5:00 AM in the 1st flight and about 9:00 AM in the 2nd flight
    Flight Time: 7 hours and 45 minutes

    My dad decided to travel to Orlando a few months ago with my mother, my brother and me because he always wanted us to see those amazing parks and all that stuff. After planning the trip for a few months we decided to go in a holiday that would happen between February 4th and 11th.
    In the departure day we left our home about 4:30 PM and arrived in the airport about 6:30 PM. We had a little trouble to find AA check-in, because we entered in the airport in the Wing A and the check-in was in the Wing D, in the other side of the airport. When we arrived there, we saw a pretty big line, so while my dad waited in the line, the rest of the family gone to the McDonalds located in the airport to eat something. From there you have one of the best possible sights of the planes in the airport.
    After this we backed to the check-in line, where my dad stayed. The line was much smaller that moment and a few moments later we finally were able to check-in. They made us a few questions and after we finally left the check-in area. We filled in the imigration papers and after entered in the boarding area. The security at GRU was not as good as it was at MIA (they only checked our passaports and the bags that we would carry in the plane and we just had to pass for the metal detector). After this we took a look at the other flights departing from that Terminal (to EWR, ORD, CDG, ATL, IAH and NRT via JFK).
    A few times later the plane, coming from Assuncion, arrived at the Terminal and the crew started to call people to enter in the plane.
    We entered and fastly found our seats (21C/D/E/F). After this the plane took off in the sheduled time and just after the plane got to the right altitude they gave us some "pretzels". They were to hard and salted, so I didnīt eat too much of them. After they served the dinner, that was something that was supposed to be meat or something that was supposed to be chicken (my brother ate the meat and said that it was to hard, and I ate the chicken, that wasnīt really bad, but had too much salt and pepper. I donīt know what the dessert was, but it was pretty good.
    I was so tired that I decided to donīt watch the movie while my brother was happily following the planeīs route with that video screen. Soon I started to sleep in my confortable seat with my comfortable pillow provided by AA.
    I woke up a few minutes before they served the breakfast (juice or coffee, a croassaint and a small bread). Just after the coffee we started to land, and in a few minutes we arrived at MIA. We left the plane fastly and after went to the passaport control area. After this we picked up our baggage and finally passed for the Aduana. Then we went to Hertz and picked up the car and finally gone to Orlando, where we had a great time visiting those parks.
    7 days after we departed we backed to Brazil. We left Orlando about 11:00 AM and arrived at MIA only 6:00 PM. After devolving the car we went to the airport where we didnīt have problems to find the check-in. The problem there was that we needed to use the bathroom and couldnīt find one. After the check-in we took our baggage to be inspected and after this entered in the boarding area. There we saw the differences in the security process in both airports. They inspected not just our bags, but also our shoes and jackets. Then we had to wait a few time and while we were waiting we saw AA flights to other South American cities (GIG, EZE, SCL and MVD).
    After this we entered in the plane. Then it took off and a few minutes ago, like in the other flight, they served those pretzles and the dinner (meat or pasta) I decided to eat the pasta, that had tons of pepper and garlic, that made me feel really sick and go to the bathroom 3 times. For the 1st time I used those sacks for air sickness. And they work pretty well! After this the only thing that I could do was sleep. Luckly when I woke up we were already preparing for the landing. I didnīt eat the breakfast this time becaause I wasnīt really well yet. So we finally landed at GRU, passed for the passaport control, took our baggages and passed for the Aduana, and 2 hours later we arrived at our home.
    The trip was really good. The plane was excellent, no complains against it. The only problem was that one backing to GRU, but nothing really bad.
    I hope you liked the review.

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    Great Report!
    - The baby will be back -


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      nice report