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My trip to Kauai part 1

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  • My trip to Kauai part 1

    Well we were off to Kauai, my first time ever to Hawaii.

    The trip begins at 9pm as we board the M/V Matanuska for the 4.5 hour trip to Juneau. Also onboard the boat is half the school because they are off to Regionals. Once on board I hang out with a friends for a while. After a couple rounds of gin rummy, I head off to the stateroom to catch some Z's before our 3am arrival. After catching some Z's it is time to wake up and drive off the boat to the hotel. Checkin, go to room and sleep some more. We wake up about 10:30am and pack up. We check out and take my dads truck out to the ferry terminal so he will have a ride while at work. Then we go to the airport.

    The airport is quite empty when we arrive. Checkin was fast and efficient. The agent checked the bags all the way to Lihue at first, but we had to change it because we had stuff we would need for the night in LA. We then went up the stairs and went through security, and there was our plane. N649AS.

    Airline:Alaska Airlines
    Aircraft: 737-790
    I was super happy because it is one of Alaskas wingletted aircraft. After standing around for a while, we began boarding. They boarded by rows, which now they dont. They got everybody on in 20 minutes, which seems fast. Then we pushed back and started up the engines.

    The captain came on and told us the weather and said we would be cruising at flight level 390 which is my new altitude record for me. The engines were started and we taxied out to runway 26 and we roared down the runway. We lifted off and did a straight shot down to seattle. I had a cold and was expecting the high altitude to hurt more than it did. I guess it has good pressurization system. Our service for our 1hr and 45min flight was snacks. It was chips and a soda. I dont recall if I got the can. After what seemed like a pretty short flight, the -700 is a real hot rod, we began our descent. Our descent basically consisted of a nose dive, level out, nose dive, level out, you get the idea. Then we landed in a cool, but pleasant Seattle. We parked and gate C14 I think and we deplaned and walked around and went to find food, and wait for our next plane. We ended up eating at American Bagel factory or something like that, it was good. Then we went down to the C concourse and waited for our plane, which was late.

    Airline: Alaska
    Registration: Unknown
    Finally it got to the gate, and everybody rushed off. Then boarding began and they called all rows. Turns out boarding by rows was not efficient. We got a nice warm reception from the FAs, which were the same FAs from our JNU to SEA flight. Once everybody was on board, somebody found a credit card, so they had to find the owner. Then we pushed back, and during the safety briefing some kid puked. So they had to clean up, and we fired up the engines. When they fire up the engines the lights go out for a second. Also, the speakers were well aged it sounded like. We taxied out and took off of runway 16L I believe. During the flight we got a warm triple chocolate chunk cookie. It was awesome, the kind that melt in your mouth. After what seemed like a short flight we descended and during the descent my head felt like it was going to explode because of the cold. The MD-80 is not good for flying on if you have a cold. We landed and taxied to gate 30. We claimed our bags at baggage claim then went to the hotel for good night sleep before our flight the next morning.

    Thats part one, hope you enjoyed. More to come.
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    Flying on anything with a head cold is a b!tch....especially, for what ever reason, a Maddog.
    Looking forward to the rest of the trip.
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      After a couple rounds of gin rummy
      That reminds me of Kevin(kaddyuk) and his Tokyo-drunk-almost-hit-by-two-trucks video

      There seems to be lots of interesting things happening on your flights. All my flights were boring. Maybe that's a good thing?

      Anyway, I look forward to your next part(s) also.


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        nice report i realy loved the second pic