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  • Syd-TSV trip

    April 11- My wife and I arrived at Sydney domestic terminal 3 at 7:50 am for our 8:25 departure for Townsville. After checking in at the Quantas Club desk, we heading to gate 53. Our aircraft, a Boeing 717-200, began boarding at about 8:10.
    After taking seats 4A and 4C (for some reason there are no B seats on 717-200's!) we waited as the aircraft filled. We pushed back at around 8:25 and began our taxi to the end of 16R for takeoff. We reached the end of 16R and held for the next 25 minutes while 4 or 5 other aircraft landed and 4 or 5 others took off.
    At approximately 8:55 we took off on 16R. Once airborne we made a sharp right hand turn over western Sydney before turning north to Townsville. Our track was over central New South Wales and some of inland Queensland before reaching the coast just south of Townsville. Once we reached our cruising altitude, the captain turned off the seat belt sign and shortly thereafter we were served a light breakfast. The breakfast consisted of a muesli bar, a container of cereal and milk, and orange juice. 20 minutes later tea and coffee were served.
    For the first 45 minutes or so there was pretty heavy cloud cover at about 20, 000 feet. For the rest of the journey the sky was clear.
    After 1 hour and 50 minutes we began our descent into Townsville. We touched down at about 11:05, with our flight time at just over 2 hours. Throughout the flight we encountered little or no turbulence.
    Of course we were greeted by a beautiful, sunny North Queensland day.
    A big thanks to the QuantasLink staff who made the flight great and helped bolster my opinion of Quantas as the best airline in the world.