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IBERIA; Flight review JFK-MAD-LOS

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  • IBERIA; Flight review JFK-MAD-LOS

    FEB 23 IB 6250 JFK-MAD

    Started with a 3 1/2 Hr delay from JFK, I had called the airline though and they told me the aircraft will arrive on time. We were given meal vouchers, the actual flight to MAD , IB 6250 was pleasant, on the new A340-600. Good food and attentive crew. The camera on the A346 makes the take offs and landings more interesting as you see them from a different angle, as if you were outside the plane.
    Next day, in Madrid, the 17.00 flight MAD-LOS IB 3746 was cancelled and nobody from the airline cared to announce it to us, they had the flight as departing and we were all waiting at the gate. They actualy started to board a Barcelona flight there while they stil had the LOS flight as departing! They refused to reroute us, book us at a hotel and wanted us to fly to JNB and then to LOS...
    As a European i know the new rules enacted that require the airline to pay 600 Euros in cases like that. The ground staff were extremely rude and didnt want to help, not even give a meal, after 6 hrs of tribulations i was booked on AZ via Milan and had to beg to get a hotel room. Arrived there at 01.00 and had to leave at 5 am for the airport.

    On the return trip, on Mar 1st, both flights were delayed. LOS-MAD IB3747 was operated by an A319, good plane, nice FAs and good food. Back in MAD, again for the NYC flight they didnt announce the delay till it was time to depart. By that time, the DL flight to NYC was about to leave and any attempt to reroute us via CDG or LHR would have resoulted in a very late arrival in JFK. I am sure they knew about the delay, since they claimed that the plane inbound from Buenos Aires was delayed and would operate the NYC flight. We were offered a lunch at the airport cafe and arrived in NYC 4 hrs late and i missed my appointments.

    I wrote to IB in madrid and Miami as well as to the Spanish Civil Aviation Authority. To this date i have received NO answer from them. I have no complain about the inflight service, food was good,FAs attentive, but the attitude of the ground staff at the airport is very rude. The airline seems to play games with the passengers by And i am sorry to report this, but even being white and European, i got this I DONT CARE attitude from the airline. You can imagine the poor black Nigeria nationals who were travelling, how they were treated. I heard some weeks later that some of them stayed at the airport till saturday (to wait for the next flight to LOS or had to sleep at the airport or had to be rerouted via JNB , NO MEALS or COMPENSATION provided, after all, they were forced to arrive at their final destination 24 hrs after scheduled arrival.

    I tried to post this review on several times (as well as other reports in the past, some positive and some negative) but THERE WERE NEVER POSTED and i NEVER GOT an answer to my emails to them, as i see other postings that make it to the discussion board. Anybody knows whats the real deal with that website?

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    Great Report! I really want to fly the A340-600.
    - The baby will be back -


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      Originally posted by babypurin
      Great Report! I really want to fly the A340-600.

      so do i babypurin a friend of mine is flying on an IB 346 this summer from MAD to LIM




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        The A346 was the only positive experience with IBERIA. I had a chance to fly AF but IBERIA was screwing up and saying they didnt have any seats left. Meanwhile, other people got rerouted on AF and i suggested AZ to avoid flying via JNB. Customer service told me a few days ago they will contact me in a few weeks regarding my clain. We shall see. By the way, has anybody posted on ? i wrote to them several times, but they NEVER post any of my postings, some positive ones too!


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          Originally posted by GreekNYC747
          ... The ground staff were extremely rude and didnt want to help, not even give a meal, after 6 hrs of tribulations i was booked on AZ via Milan and had to beg to get a hotel room. Arrived there at 01.00 and had to leave at 5 am for the airport.... [/LEFT]
          Good report. It sounds as if that kind of treatment is standard practice.

          Quite different on Malaysia Airlines. On a Tokyo-LAX-BOS flight, changing to AA in LAX, we were so late I missed the LAX-BOS morning flight, but there was an afternoon flight. What a surprise when they gave me a hotel voucher for those few hours.



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            MAS is on a totally different league compared to IBERIA. Their planes look beautiful but thats all. Ground staff are grumpy - ok, most of them. I had the same experience in 1999 when we were stranded in La Coruna flying domestic. Flight cancellations etc. They show no care or respect to their passengers.
            I am planning a trip to Bali probably in winter and i am considering MAS just to check out their renowned service.