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Return from Hawaii Part 2

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  • Return from Hawaii Part 2

    After a short night sleep, we were up at 4 am to go to the airport to catch our jet. After a short trip through security, after all, theres not many people at LAX at 4:30am. We boarded on time and pushed back. It was slightly raining. We took off,and did a right hand turn and headed north.

    After this we descended into SEA and landed on 16R I think. We got off went to get our rental car. We ended up with a PT Cruiser. We went to Target and off to the hospital. After 5 hours at the hospital, we went back to the airport. We went to our gate, where we sat and waited. I talked to friends. I got on MSN and talked to Adam, and a few other people. The plane pulled up, people got off and we boarded. I had the middle seat this time. We took off and went north. From the air, the sunset was awesome. You could see the shape of the Earth. Before descended the captain came on and said we would be landing in minimums. This worried my mom, but I got excited. We landed with an inch of slush on the runway. After we got off the runway, the plows went out. In Ketchikan people got off, and we picked up new passengers. After pushing back from the gate we got a deicing. Taking off cleared the runway of slush. We took off and headed straight to Juneau, where the weather was better. We landed, got off the plane, and waited for our luggage. We then walked to the hotel and went to sleep. The next day we caught the ferry north to Haines.
    Thanks for reading. Sorry its so late.
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    nice report