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    Originally posted by NOTAR520AC
    I can't believe you flew on a C5! Damn that must have been awesome...
    yea... but didnt quite like it though... the only thing that i liked was when we came down from a steep flight of stairs that connected the flight deck with the main cargo hold... it was awesome... they were like stairs on a ship...
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      BOS-LGB on B6

      This was going to be the first flight that my boyfriend and I have ever taken together, so I hoped that everything would go perfect. JetBlue was awesome, and it was almost a perfect flight...except for HER. I sat in 5A, Jason (my bf) in 5B, and the cranky lady in 5C. She looked kind of nervous, so we tried to make some small talk with her to distract her, but that didn't go very far. So we figured that she might keep to herself.

      Once we were in flight, that's when the issues arose. I have a tendency to be overly cautious about not wanting to disturb others with my conversations, so Jason and I spoke to each other in the quietest voices we could, short of having to shove our faces in each other's ears. Suddenly, Cranky Lady snaps at us, telling us to quiet down. Wuh...what? We could barely hear each other, so how the hell could she hear us?

      Sometime during the approx. 6-hour flight, I had to use the bathroom. So I asked politely if I could get through, and literally apologized with each step. When I came back, Cranky Lady turned to Jason and asked, "Would she like to switch seats with me?" I could tell that I had this horrified look on my face, but Jason didn't look too bothered, so I thought that maybe I was overreacting. I was thisclose to yelling, "Hey, I chose and paid for MY seat (to be honest, I didn't pay for it - I won my ticket in a contest...but I still chose my seat!), and you chose and paid for yours, so deal with it. Next time, think about where you're going to sit. And I rather you ask questions for me TO me, instead of asking him!" But, of course, I clammed up and kept to myself.

      Those were two of the many things that she did, and the two that irked me the most.

      Once we got off the flight, I didn't bother saying anything, since I just wanted to start our vacation on the right foot. But suddenly, everything that Jason was holding in started coming out! "Dammit, if she didn't %(@*ing want to %*($ing get up, then she shouldn't have picked that %$(#ing seat", and a whole bunch of stuff that I won't put up.

      Sure, my issue was pretty miniscule, but when you're sitting in a tube in the air for hours it seems pretty big.


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        UA A320 ORD-DEN

        I was in First class and was about to take a sip of my drink (Sitting in the Aisle) when the flight attendant smashed my elbow with her cart and rammed my drink into my face, spilling fairly hot tea all over me and burning my face/mouth. She was so nice to me though, hot too. She even wanted to see if she could get me a voucher for 25 dollars off my next flight but i told her it was fine because she was so nice. It was horribly turbulent, shaking me from side to side but that isnt anyone's fault. Just a miserable flight kind of..

        ( She also got me anything i needed for the rest of my flight and convinced the pilot to let me sit in the FO's seat after we landed to look at the cockpit. So it was bitter sweet. )

        UA 772 SFO-ORD

        After a 14 hour Asiana flight which was NRT-ICN-SFO in business i was worn out because it was too turbulent for me to sleep. We board the triple seven and we had business on that flight too. So the drink cart comes around, i ask for a club soda with lime. The flight attendant looked at me like i was using my poo as a crayon to write on the wall or something and with the most offensive aditude i have ever heard in the most disgusting old woman voice you can imagine, slightly loud..."We dont HAVE club soda, does this look like a bar?!", and i looked at her and simply said, "I'll take whatever diet soda you have than", i wasnt sneering or upset, i mean be the better person right? she retorts with the same tone "We have more than one...Diet pepsi than?" i nodded, she fills HALF of the small plastic cup and moves down the Aisle...I ask her as she passes my by again if i could have the rest of the can and she says, "No" and kept walking. Once we land in ORD im worn out and alot unhappier than i was staring at the Asian beauty on my Asiana flight to SFO. So i was one of the last business passengers off the plane, i pass her and she says, "learn to be a little less demanding", i couldnt take it and be polite anymore so i told her to fuck off and kept walking. I thought her skull might implode. She looked so pissed and i just went home and went to bed.


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          Originally posted by ACman
          No way!? The A320 is very comfortable.
          when will people understand that the comfort has absolutely nothing to do with what kind of aircaft you are in, but rather what kind of seats and at what spacing the AIRLINE decides to put in the airplane.


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            Flying EGCC to GCLP.

            We had about an 16 hour delay, had to stay over in the Britannia Hotel (not that horrible old brown one), the chicken was nice, didn't get a wink off sleep due to some Chinese men celebrating Chinese new year. We got back to the airport, well the plane got there the day before, but staff hours or something put a spanner in the works. Finally after getting some deodorant we were off. Jid Webb got a picture of the plane (F-GYYY) as it left. The seats were comfy.


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              Originally posted by UnitedFlyer
              Mine was on American...

              I was about 8-10 years old and we were going to Florida with routing through DFW (don't ask) from a starting point of YYZ. In Dallas they asked us (my mother, father and me) if we wanted to be bumped off (due to overbooking), and, of course, with the promise of three free flights any were in the 48 contiguous states, we said yes (especially since the next flight was in circa 2 hours to FLL). About 15 minutes after taking our tickets, an employee came over and said that they did not need our tickets and gave them back, but not with different seats inked on. Rather than being together (which we origonally were) we were scattered all over the plane.
              The notion of having to leave her 8-10 year old son in the hands of strangers (who turned out to be extremely nice in the end) meant that my mother was furious. She tried to get our seating assignments changed: it was futile.
              As a final kick in the nuts (I think this metaphor suits the situation) AA did not give us anything for the fiasco initially. After the completion of our vacation, however, my mother wrote a letter to American and asked for something; anything. All they offered us though was $50.00 off our next flight on AA. It was a big help, since I had already vowed never to fly American again: I still haven't. Maybe I should let it go, but I just hate them so much, oh God I hate them. Anyway, now I fly United and Air Canada. Although not every flight has been hunkydory on AC and UA, it is consistantly good; so i keep going back.

              Everyone has such bad experinces with overbooking. Mine was great. My sister was on a later flight (1:30 hours later) and we wanted to fly with her but when we bought the tickets we did them for 1 person (ie 3 times) well her flight went up in $100 so we said screw that. So we ask if we can get her on standby and the person at the gate said "Well if you want to get her stand buy on next years flight sure!!!" She told us she can switch our seats and get us free tickets cause ours was overbooked. They needed only 4 volunters. Right before they were gona hand us our tickets they look at the F class seats (2 of the volunters had F tickets) and found out that 4 people went on the eairler flight and I got to ride F class for 3 hours!!! (Well 45 minutes on the ground which included 2 drinks and 2 snack services for F class) I have never really had a bad flight IMO. Only good ones. You pay for what you get is what I always say!


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                My worst experience would have to be on Lufthansa quite a number of years back. My mom and I were flying back from Frankfurt to Vancouver and were sitting in the very last row of the plane on the side (I can't remember what type of plane, likely a 744). There was a bit of empty space behind use due to the doors and lavatories in the back. Partway through the flight two German men came and stop around back there. They stood around behind our seats (often bumping the back of the seats) and talked in german (i'm german so I understood them). They were drinking bottles of wine or some other liquer which we assumed they bought from the duty-free. As they drank more they became louder and more obnoxious. At one point we saw them go up to the galley and return with another bottle of drinks (there were no flight attendants around there at the time). As they finished off their bottles, they simply put them under the back of ours seats. By this time they were getting pretty loud and obnoxious, constantly leaning on our seats and commenting (to each other) about the homework I was trying to do and joking about what music I might be listening to. They assumed we were american and that we didnt understand them. At one point my mom decided it was enough and decided to go and find a flight attendant and get them to take care of it. She went and talked to a flight attendant who assured her that they would take care of it. We waited and waited and noone came to the back to get rid of these guys who were still getting more obnoxious. Finally my mom went and found someone again and finally they came to take care of these two guys. We were assured by the Purser that they would be returned to their seats and would not be served any more liquer (not that they were served any at first, they just took it from the galley). Soon after that it ws lunch time. Immediately after lunch both these guys came to the back of the plane each with a glass of wine in his hand (so much for not serving them anymore alcohol). They said something along the lines of "It's too bad you can't understand our Jewish culture" to my mom. To their credit the crew immediately noticed them back there again and immediately took care of it. We didn't see them for the rest of the flight.

                After we arrvied home my mom wrote a complaint letter to Lufthansa. A while later a response from Lufthansa came, complete with to free flights to Europe.


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                  Mine was on Pacific Blue, CHC-MEL. Hard seats, no entertainment, ran out of food and babies crying. And one of the cabin attendants fell asleep.