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Photos From Tokyo - March 2005

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  • Photos From Tokyo - March 2005

    Finally, I've managed to finish the pictures Here the are in the order they were taken....

    The afternoon before the outbound flight, Kevin on the laptop and James setting up the camera equipment.

    Taken just after we boarded G-VSHY (nicknamed, G-VShite according to Kevin ). Caught on camera is James while sitting comfortably in Premium Economy along with Chris, Kevin and myself.

    The view from my seat (21K) while watching, yup.... none other than Little Britain

    Taken just before we went out and explored the scenery of Japan. Here's Kev and Chris on the morning after their night out... looking pretty F00Ked if you ask me


    Some random tall and reflecting building.

    As usual... messing about in the train station

    The next day, we went out once again and first of all visited the Canon store which was fairly near to our hotel. Here's where the money is ...

    "I want that one!" ... Canon EF 600mm F/4.0L IS USM.

    Some random street in Shinjuku.

    Hello ladies....

    Taken just outside the train station of Shinjuku.

    In the busy streets on Ginza.

    By this time the jet lag started to kick in, especially with Kev anyway

    The final and full day of our Trip in Japan. Shortly after this was taken we went up 43 floors in of these buildings for some sight seeing.

    There were spectacular views to be seen from here...

    Mount Fuji

    This one shows just how high we were.

    Those buildings are huge.

    The city reminded me of pictures from what I've seen of New York. Both have got huge ass buildings all over the place and there's thousands of people walking around at all hours of the night and day.

    Last of the bunch, looking down one of the aisles of (what seemed like) a never ending train.

    ...And that's it. I hope you enjoyed and most will be on my PBase account pretty soon.

    Thanks once again to Chris, Kevin and James for a trip I won't forget

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    Great photos It looks like a fun time. It looks very westernized, but still alot of Japanese stuff.
    You've got to try to find what's right before your eyes-Finger Eleven


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      Nice pics mate, summed it up all very nicely!!!


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        Very Nice Dale!!! Got any more picturs of the hot japanese women ?


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          Thanks guys

          Adam, I'll give you a shout on MSN



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            Cool stuff Dale...I wish I could hit Tokyo soon

            And good choice on Stella


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              Excellent photos. Looks like you guys definitely had an absolute ball. I've only ever been to Tokyo on business so really have not had any chance to visit the sights.


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                You sure bet I enjoyed this photographic trip
                Thanks for visiting
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                  Thanks again



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                    Great photos, particularly impressed with the aerial shots - could you see the whole 360deg panorama from up there?


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                      Originally posted by DeltaASA16
                      ... any more picturs of the hot japanese women ?
                      Here are some you might like.



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                        Yup, thanks for sharing


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                          Great trip combined with cool pictures .. very awesome Dale

                          well done ! glad you guys came home safe and sound !

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