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  • Ever flown Pan Am

    I would love to hear about a flight with them
    Meridian 777

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    Someone must have flown them. Even if they can barely remember it.
    Meridian 777


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      I flew Pan Am on a B727-200 from LAX-MSY-TPA. I was flying First Class but got bumped to Economy after Delta cancelled their Tampa flt. I was given a seat in the first row of Economy and served dinner from First Class. After I got home I received a letter of apology from a V.P. of Sales. This was an old National Airlines route (and acft). Service was great. I was a AC con and they treated me so well.


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        I flew PA several times in the late eighties and early nineties on either the LHR-SEA or LHR-LAX sectors. The 741's and 742's were old but comfortable, and I got to ride upstairs on two occasions, which made for a really nice pair of crossings. The only downer was the food - in our family, PA was known as "Rubber Chicken Airways".

        I flew with them LHR-SEA four days after Lockerbie - oh boy was that an experience, searched twice before I even reached the ticket counters! They even checked everybody's carry-ons (for the fourth time) at the boarding door.



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          I've flown on Pan Am from 1969-1991. Service was topnotch if you flew First Class but anything else was pretty poor. I got the feeling that most PA FAs felt that they were doing you a favor when you boarded. A very pretentious bunch. I flew PA mostly from JFK-LHR and vv too many times to count. Other trips were
          JFK-FCO 1983
          CLE-JFK 1983,84,85
          LHR-MIA 1981,1983,
          MIA-GTW 1991
          LHR-BEG many times
          FRA-BEG 1974,1977
          All in all I've been on their 727-100s, 707s and 747s. Unfortunately never had a chance to go on their L1011-500s.
          The JFK Clipper Club was like my little sanctuary whenever I flew Pan Am.


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            I wish I could go to the eighties or seventies and fly on Eastern Airlines, Pan Am, Braniff, Wardair etc.. Just to see what it was like! Flying on those new 707 L1011's DC-10's and 727's!

            Bienvenue bord les ailes d'Air Transat!


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              In 1983 I fly on a Pan Am 727 from New orleans to LAX. I don't remember much except that it was full, food was ok, but at least we were on time.


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                My Father fly before on PanAm From LHR early 80's he said: It's like a BUS!!!! Even BA was like a bus from LHR.
                15 Nov is my Birth day! I want A340? pls dad pls mom LOL


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                  I flew EWR-TPA, TPA-EWR on Pan Am back in '82 or '83.

                  The EWR-TPA flight was a DC-10, the return flight was a L1011-500. Both flights were nonstop, an interesting tid bit was that I was 8 or 9 at the time and flying by myself (went to see Grandparents for Christmans in Tampa).

                  On the return trip I got to sit in First Class, next to Yogi Beara, George Steinbrenner and a couple of other Yankee Managers.

                  I had a bunch of pictures taken but I left the camera on the plane and the Pan Am folks never found the camera


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                    Ever flown Pan Am

                    Yes, I did. Quite a memory since I owe the big blue meatball my first transatlantic ride
                    - 1974/07/08. Boeing 707-321B. N887PA. NCE-BCN-LIS-JFK.
                    other flights on board PA
                    -1975. Boeing 707-321B N880PA, ABJ-COO-DLA.
                    -1978. Boeing 747-121. N740PA. SFO-LAX.
                    -1979. Boeing 707-321B N886PA, JFK-IAD. return same day with N414PA
                    -1990. final PA experience was a hop from NAS to MIA with 727-225 N8739
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