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  • South African questions

    Wasn't quite sure where to post this, but I have some questions about South African Airways and South Africa in general.

    First...How is their service? Good? Bad? Average? How is the IFE and food?
    Second...Is there coach seating on the upper deck of their 744's? Is there a special class you have to book to get these seats? We're looking to fly from IAD so we need some comfy seats.
    Third...Any reccomended areas to visit in South Africa? Cape Town looks nice but I want to hear from someone that has been there.


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    You can take A346 and have IFE also PTV. There is flight camera too.


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      Originally posted by pbateson
      You can take A346 and have IFE also PTV. There is flight camera too.
      look's like he going via IAD, and on the 744.
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        Yes, most likely I'll be flying IAD-JNB-CPT with a stop in ACC on a B744 and a B738.
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          From what I've heard, South African is rated highly. Check out these opinons on:

 and go to travel and then Airlines


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            Almost flew them last February. That infamous Iberia trip from hell...
            I heard from people who fewl SAA that it is a very good airline indeed.


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              I flew them about two years ago on the ATL-CPT-JNB, and CPT-JNB-SID-ATL legs. 747-400 service, I found the seats to be fairly comfortable and the IFE was one of the better systems I've used.

              After arriving in CPT, more than half the plane deplaned, and the rest of us had room to stretch out - I moved to the upper deck. Seats on the upper deck have more leg room than the coach seats downstairs, though you do lose some overhead bin space.

              I found the service to be quite good, especially for the length of the flight (ATL-CPT is longer than NY-CPT or IAD-CPT will be) We got a lunch, which was good sized, followed by a snack service about 3 hours later, which was a snickers ice cream bar, followed by another snack service about 2 hours later, which was a small sandwich and chips I think. Then about an hour before landing we were served breakfast, I know one of the options was eggs and bacon - which is what I had.

              All in all, good service and nice flight for the length. Though they're no SQ or the like...



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                I flew on a SAA 738 from JNB to CPT and return. Their service was really great! I even had the right to a cockpit visit while on ground.

                Cape Town is a pretty cool city. You really should go there! Well, we were on a trip organized by Air France so we went to the Kruger Park, I recommand you to go there. We also went to Botswana! A really good experience. but take care, we went in June and the temperature was about below 32F in the morning! (except for CPT)