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AirTran 288 HOU-ATL 5/ flight sunrise

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  • AirTran 288 HOU-ATL 5/ flight sunrise

    Enjoy! this is my first trip an AirTran and on the 717

    My mom had learned Saturday night that her mom had passed away a few hours before, so me and her decided to fly out to Georgia/North Carolina to see everybody. So Sunday after our spring concert, we had to pack up and head to Houston, about a 4 hour drive, because my mom's friend booked us on AirTran, but i didn't complain. We set out about 6pm and got to a Best Western right by HOU about 11. We got about 4 hours of sleep because our flight left at 5:35am out of gate C58. it was a breeze getting through security, partially because it was at 5am. We left the hotel and parked near the terminal entrance and hurried on in. Boarding started a little after 5 and I had 24D. What luck I had on this flight. I was sitting there just waiting on 2 more people to come and take the seats beside me, but noone else did. So i had 3 seats to myself.
    We rotated off of 12R after a quick taxi on D and climbed to fl350. We headed out and followed the coastline for a ways. it was pretty cool seeing where the land ended and water began. at 5:47am, according to my camera, the first light of day started to appear. Some things are worth getting up for

    At 6:00, the FAs came around and served us drinks and a couple of Biscoff cookies. I had orange juice, but i didnt really care what i got, knowing that in about an hour or so i would be getting some real breakfast.
    I just sat there and watched the sunrise and along with the rest of the passengers waking up. At about 6:16, the sun rose above the horizon up at cruising while the world below was still in darkness. pretty uneventful flight. At about 6:30 we made a left turn which put the sun on my side and almost directly in my face.

    A few minutes later I saw a plane a few miles to the south of us heading in the same direction. Started to wonder if he was also going to ATL. I think it was about then we crossed time zones. Nothing really much happened except for the rest of the passengers started waking up. Almost everyone was asleep on this flight, which was about 75% full.

    (didn't have the flash on so i wouldn't disturb anybody)
    About 7:50est the captain informed us that we would be landing in about half an hour. A couple minutes later my batteries in my camera went out, but i was glad i brought extras.
    The approach into ATL was a typical 27L approach with the Atlanta skyline and Stone Mountain visible.

    It was a little bumpy on the approach, but that's pretty typical.
    At 8:05am est, we touched down on 27L and taxied onto N2 to T to L to gate C1 on ramp 4 south. I didn't know ATL was building a new tower. That thing is quite a bit taller than the current one.

    Saw plenty of Elton John planes while we were in ATL.
    and a trip to ATL is not complete until you get to see N102DA

    I'll post the time there and the return when I can, but i gotta go.

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    Great Report and Pics I've always wanted to try AirTran.
    - The baby will be back -


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      Great report I really want to try Airtran and the 717. How did you like the 717?
      You've got to try to find what's right before your eyes-Finger Eleven


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        last time i flew aitran all i got was a bag of preztals and a soda

        Midwest Airlines - The Best Care In The Air


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          Originally posted by polishsausage248
          last time i flew aitran all i got was a bag of preztals and a soda

          Uh so what, sorry your $100 fare didnt include a worldclass meal prepared right in front of you


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            Originally posted by Alaska Air Rules
            Great report I really want to try Airtran and the 717. How did you like the 717?
            the 717 is actually pretty smooth imo compared to other aircraft, even in turbulence. although when we were flying back there was a buzzing sound coming from the engine when it was throttled up
            Originally posted by polishsausage248
            last time i flew aitran all i got was a bag of preztals and a soda
            i didnt really care for the food either, but i was just concetrated on looking out the window and looking forward to having a good meal once we were on the ground.

            the photos were scaled down from 2048xwhatever to 500xwhatever. thats the reason for the jaggies


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              Great Report!
              One of my most memorable flights was on FL TPA-ATL In August 2003, saw a thunderstorm from above,mars was at its brightest,beautiful sunrise that gave an weird red glow to the cabin. I love The 717!


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                Great report! I've flown AirTran a few times but so far only on the A320s they leased from Ryan International. I would love to try one of their 717s sometime.