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How is the quality of United's First class?

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  • How is the quality of United's First class?

    Is United's first class on 757s, 767s, and 777s worth the extra money? Are the meals served on real chinaware with stemware? Obviously the have different meals. It seems that the only first class quality you get when you fly on United is when you fly a 777 internation in its first suite. But some 777s go to and from Chicago. Is the domestic first suite significantly better than ones on 767s? Or is the first class just a nicer seat, a nicer meal, and first to board?
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    I've flown International and Domestic First Class on UA. Out of ORD, DEN, and SFO. I have to say it's very nice and pretty much it is about having a more comfortable seat, a better meal, and boarding first. Plus your own lavs, flight attendants serve less people so you get quicker service than you would in coach on those jumbos (typically) and sometimes an amenities kit...


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      It depends, really if your going anything over 3 hours, theres really no point in getting it. Then it just becomes a waste of money. Save your money for an International flight, because thats where your gonna need it.


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        I've never flown first, but to me it's doesn't really matter as the only advantage would be more room on extremely long flights. Other than that I couldn't really give a sh!t if they use 'real' china or whatever blah blah.


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          UA's domestic F is still among the best in the industry, especially when compared to the likes of Delta and US, which have really, really gone downhill in the past couple of years (think cold turkey sandwich, a bag of chips, and a soda for a dinner transcon on US). UA, on flights over three hours, still provides generally a decent hot meal during meal hours, or a deli/fruit plate as a snack during non-meal time flights.

          UA's international F product features their first suite on the 772s and 744s, and non-suite, large seats. I can only speak for the F suites, as I've never been in F on the 767. The suite lays into a full bed which, while a bit on the 'firm' side, is much better for sleeping than UA's C seats, which themselves aren't bad. The only real sleep I've ever gotten on a plane was flying SFO-KIX in UA's first suite, when I slept for about 6 hours straight. I never seem to get anything more than 'airplane sleep' in the C seats.
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            I once flew FirstClass DEN-SFO on a 752 and it wasn't much. You got your drinks and snack faster, but thats all you got. Drinks and a snack. Same as coach just faster service. As far as the cabin itself, there was some more legroom, enough that i noticed, and the seats were more comfortable. That was 3 years ago though and on a 2 hour flight, so I really can't speak for transcons or what it is now.


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              I like uniteds first, wether its worth the money or not really depends on how much money you have...
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                Only in biz trip.

                I rather to fly eco. classes for dom. flight.