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FLL-PHL-ITH (lots of Pics, long)

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  • FLL-PHL-ITH (lots of Pics, long)

    Well this trip happened last week but I hadn;t had the time to write it. I had a bit of a family emergancy in Florida (My friends like that excuse, even though there was an emergancy) so I was left looking for fares to FLL from ITH. One morning I wake up and check my e-mail and find out that US is having a sale from FL for as low as $98. I was lucky to find a r/t ticket for only $250 with tax. Only problem was that the return was at 7:00am in the morning.

    Saturday morning:
    I wake up real early so I can check in on-line for two reasons, one - Don't have to wait in a two hour check-in line at FLL, two - row 9!!! I was lucky and checked myself and my dad in row 9 seats A and C.

    Sunday Morning:
    Wake up at about 4:00am and hop in the shower, after that I grab a quick breakfast and put my lugage in our car. At about 5:00am we leave our condo. We take a quick 20 minute drive on the empty I-95. Well this is where the fun begins. My dad was driving and he hardly goes to FLL so he went to the arrival (Pick-Up) instead of the departure (Drop Off) No biggy, we just enter from the bagage claim area which is empty and head up to security. The line is a little long but moves fast with 5 security points open. We get through security in a quick 20-30 minutes. While I wait for my depature I take a few shots. (Note My camera doesn't have a working flash)

    757 going to PHL at 8:00am instead of my flight at 7:00am

    Terminal 3 was the only terminal that had jets (Not RJs or props) AA side of the terminal with a 737-800 going to PAP. AA also had two MD-80s (One going to DFW/SNA the other to LGA) AA also had a 757 just come in from a red eye from LAX.

    Here is what the flights look like for this sunday morning:

    US Flt# 1241
    SDT: 7:00am
    ADT: 7:03am
    SAT: 9:35am
    AAT: 9:46am

    Well boarding began on time at 6:30am called by zones. My dad tried to get both him and myself upgraded to F class (He is Gold Prefered) but well no luck since about 8 Chairmans were on board and plenty of gold. Atleast I was in row 9, what legroom. I took a blurey bic of row 8 (Bulkhead/ Emergancy exit) Imagine that not being there and sitting in the row behind you, oh the best part, no one was sitting in the middle seat as well.

    While everyone is boarding, we are sitting at the gate and I take a few pics of a 757 next to us

    Here is a pic of the engine next to me (This is gona be the one that stalls if you have read my post in the forum)

    We pushed back from the gate on-time and past by terminal 1+2 and our taxi to the runway

    A Delta 762 coming in from ATL

    The atlas 744 and the FLL ATC tower in the backround

    Bunch of planes that were in the Ft Lauderdale Air and Sea show the previous day, I hear it was a bust (Any one go to it?)

    Take off, straight out to the ocean:

    Crossing the I-595

    The coast and coast line

    Here is where things get great (No not the stall )
    We had a FA in training person who was supposed to help out in F but the FA there was really grumpy and didn't want any help so she basically served the front part of the cabin (Less then 10 rows) and gave us plenty of drinks and food through out the flight. Here is a bad pic of a cup of beer (Naw just apple juice and some tea)

    Now I look out my window and it is getting cloudy, a few spaces here and there but it looks like it is gona get bad.

    CLOUDS!!! (Never hurt anyone until after this flight)

    Well now I will tell you what happened after I did a little reasearch. The pilot at a little before 5 minutes to 8am calls the ATC and tells them an "Unexpected" Storm is right in our pathway and strecth for over 10 miles each way. ATC tells our pilot to lower the plane because in the pilots opinion the clouds look extremly high up (They were, right at our crusing altitude) So our plane starts lowering a couple thousand feet and we become part of the storm.

    Well after about 20 secs off mild/moderat turbulance the pilot the radios ATC telling them that he is going to try to pull up from the storm and fly above it. He comes over the intercom and tells us that we are going to go up to an altitdue of about 39k feet. Right when he says this I decided to grab a couple shots of us in this storm. Here is where trouble starts. Well winds were around 100-125mph up where we were flying according to ATC and our pilot had to make a quick altitude jump to aviod the most bumbs but in an instance our plane gets smaked from underneth with wind causing our plane to go to about a 30 degree angle. Me trying to take a photo right before/during the stall. The pilot told me that if we were taking a B757-200 this would have not happened since the great angle a B757-200 can fly with a lot less engine thrust.

    And we fall. The captain was showing me his face when he was looking at autopilot right before the stall, after we arrived at the gate. It was not a good look. He was saying that the altitude thing (Forgot the name) started to decend instead of increase and then the plane just droped. He was lucky that his co-pilot was there to add over 80%N1 to thrust right out of this mess. The pilot told me that we lost almost 4k feet from the stall and drop. It was scary. I didn't take anymore photos until right before landing cause I was scared shit!!!

    Our pilot decided to start our decent over 10 minutes early to leave the storm. Here is a photo of a lucky FL 717 flying right in to it

    Starting to clear up, pretty foggy. First time I see buildings and i am happy!!!

    Touchdown and reversed thrust

    We were lucky that we got to go to the A concourse since our plane was going to MGB. We parked right next to a 757 heading to Aruba. I wished I was on that flight instead of mine. It was the first time EVER I did NOT want to fly!

    Took a quick walk to the B terminal but not before seeing this A330-300 heading to FRA!!

    Headed to the F terminal with the shutle and took a few more pics:

    A WN 733 and a NW DC 9-50

    UA 320 headed to LAX and an AC CRJ headed to YYZ

    Delta MD-88 going to ATL

    Varrious USX planes

    Well I am not gona say much for my ITH flight. Our plane came in at our boarding time but they turned the plane around so fast we were only 10 minutes late leaving. My flt # was 4072 on CRJ N295PS. We were supposed to depart at 11:05 and we left at 11:18. We were supposed to land at 12:02pm and we landed at 12:05. Nothing happened. A new FA as well (Mid 20s) gave us drinks, on a flight time of less then 45 minutes, which is a first for me. Overall if US can get their airline in order like their express and turn planes that fast they will start making money. Until then there is only hope. Here are some pics of our CRJ:

    Well thats it, Overall a great trip with a big scare that almost changed my life and hobby. I will fly US again like I always do and I would recomend them for everyone.

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    wow awesome report. good description, id also be scared too. weird to see a WN plane at an airport no one would think of lol

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      Originally posted by AA_MD-80@STL
      wow awesome report. good description, id also be scared too. weird to see a WN plane at an airport no one would think of lol




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        Great Report! That stall must of been really freaky! I like your picture of the CRJ, I flew on one and loved it!


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          Originally posted by expoITHscohen
          Yes I am reffering to PHL
          Stop Searching. Start Traveling.


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            Great report It sounds like quite an adventure, glad you survived. I wonder if Pampers sponsored the first flight
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              wow...great report! enjoyed reading it! i would have been scared too if my plane had stalled too...this is my first post!


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                Originally posted by expoITHscohen
                Overall if US can get their airline in order like their express and turn planes that fast they will start making money. Until then there is only hope.
                Wow, is that all? You should email them that info.

                Too bad about that window glare.


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                  Great Report and Pics!
                  - The baby will be back -