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GA/NC trip part 2....I hate dirty windows!!!!!!!!

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  • GA/NC trip part 2....I hate dirty windows!!!!!!!!

    okay, this is the continuation of the AirTran flight 288 thread.
    After we arrived at the airport and got our rent car (a Kia Amanti), we drove on up towards North Carolina. We actually got kinda lost in Atlanta for a while.

    Thought that looked pretty cool. We eventually made it out of Atlanta and towards Clayton, Georgia. Pretty uneventful drive until we came near to Tulullah Gorge (sp?) They were burning off trees that they had cut down for some reason. The fires were placed almost right beside the road, and you had to roll your windows up.

    We made it to Clayton and started driving up into the Smokies. We found a couple of waterfalls. First was the bridal veil falls.

    and then dry falls. They weren't really that dry.

    We then went to the funeral home where my mom saw her mom for the last time.
    I think we spent that night somewhere in NC, but i've forgotten already.
    Day 2 (5/3)
    We decided to start heading back down to the Atlanta area so we could try to catch the game that night. we stopped somewhere, forgot where again, in north Georgia that gave a beautiful view.

    As we were driving back down on 985, I managed to capture this image through the open sunroof.

    We made it to Atlanta (finally), with a couple of hours to spare before the game started, so we went ahead and bought our tickets and waited. They were just behind 1st base on the first level, but a little back from the action.

    That is truly a jumbotron. The Braves ended up losing 11-6 to the Marlins, and then it so happens that they win the next 3 games.
    After the game we drove to Marietta and stayed at the Holiday Inn off of I-75.
    Day 3 (5/4)
    We drove to Kennesaw Mountain and killed a bit of time there. Turns out my dad's old history teacher still works there, even after 30+ years.

    I'm on the right. We then went up the mountain on the trail and saw a few of the cannons. Turns out 3 of them point toward Dobbins ARB.

    We then went to my dad's dad's house to see my cousins and one of my aunts and one of my uncles. One of my cousins is graduating high school on the 20th, the other one is a sophomore and the 3rd one is about 6. They're really fun to be around.

    After we had seen them, we went back to the hotel. As we got on 75, though, there was a bunch of traffic in the other lanes due to a wreck.

    That shot was kind of accidental.
    Day 4 (5/5)
    We checked out of the hotel and started heading down toward ATL. We stopped at FTY on the way and when I got out to see what was out there, there was a Learjet waiting for a 3-star general in the Air Force to board. He eventually boarded and it left.
    As we made our way toward ATL, I noticed a few news choppers flying around, thinking it was for traffic reports, but apparently on a bridge there were a few cops and a yellow tarp. Something bad happened.
    Well, we made it to the airport okay, returned the car and took the short bus ride over to the check-in area. My mom managed to get the $500 back she paid for my brother, who didn't go, and we managed to get on the 3:30pm flight instead of our original. We then proceded through security, and one of the TSA guys was reading my shirt. It's a pretty funny shirt. We then went down to gat C18 and waited for oour plane. I told my mom that I was going to run down to E to check out what was going on, and she told me to be back by 2:45. I ran down there and saw the AF 772 F-GSPG at a gate as it had just come in from Paris.

    a DL 777

    and a couple of DL 763s along with a KLM 763.

    I came back to the gate in time to see that our plane was running late, as there was nasty weather along the east coast. When it did finally arrive , though, it was N953aT and about 30 minutes late.
    We did finally manage to take off about 4pm est. Things didn't totally go my way this time. The window was the dirtiest there could ever be.

    The LX343 came in as we were taxiing out. The flight was pretty uneventful. We sat next to a science teacher that taught in the Bahamas.
    We circled Houston a couple times before landing , enabling beautiful shot of the stadiums, but not for me.

    Well the lading was a little rough, but that's just the way it goes. We taxiied right behind the Dallas Mavericks' plane, then afterwards I realized the Mavs were in town playing the Rockets.

    I love how that other plane is parked in its shadow.
    I managed to nab a safety card from N953AT.
    We started to drive home, but about 10 we stopped in Giddings because we were so tired. We drove the rest of the way Friday morning and got back home abour noon.

    well, i tried to keep it kinda short, but oh well. enjoy!

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    Great report Looks like a fun time was had. I love that flower shot
    You've got to try to find what's right before your eyes-Finger Eleven


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      nice report. i like the waterfalls and the horisontal view over the tress ..
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        Great Report! Now I want go to Georgia and see those waterfalls.
        - The baby will be back -


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          Interesting report well supported by a wealth of pics.
          Thanks for visiting
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            Great pics! That Bridal Veil falls isn't quite the same as the one at Yosemite.

            About dirty windows I flew AE from FLL to NAS last summer on an ATR-72 and has the worst, dirty and scratched windows ever!
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              On TG A330-300 from HKG-BKK had the window all scrath next to the engine.


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                If the window is dirty on the inside I just wipe it off with a moist tissue/napkin.

                Good report.