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  • Jbrewster1012
    My first widebody flight was SLC-SAN on a DL 767. (I believe it was a 762)

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  • janni-chan
    Thai 744 in Royal Barge livery from CPH to BKK! It was so wonderful! Officially made the 744 my favorite aircraft

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  • Crunk415balla
    My first widebody flight was also my first flight.

    NWA 744 SFO-MSP

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  • herpa2003
    Delta L1011 LAX-HNL back in 1992 (?). Since then I have flwon on another L1011, C-141s, MD-11s, DC-10s, as well as 767-200s and 300s and A340s.

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  • v1images
    For me it was probably sometime in the late 80's/early 90's with Britannia on a 762/3. Cant quite remember. My most recent memorable widebody flights though have been on 772's, 762's, 744's and im soon to add an A343 to my list of widebody aircraft ive flown.

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  • pilotgolfer
    1998 DL L-1011 DFW-ATL. back when DL had a hub at DFW.
    2000 or 2001 DL 763 DFW-ATL

    that's it.

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  • FlyingHigh26
    6 weeks old BA DUB-LHR-SIN-SYD B737 & 747

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  • Kadena_Troop
    For me it was:

    UA 767 LAX-ORD. 1989 I think.

    Others in this order:

    UA DC-10 ORD-LAX (right after the crash of flt. 232)
    TWA L-1011 STL-LAX
    US 767 LAX-CLT
    World MD-11 LAX-SEA-OSN-DNA

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  • DeltaRules
    First: 10/92 NW DC-10 MSP-LAX

    From there...
    10/95 DL L-1011 SFO-ATL
    2/97 DL L-1011 ATL-SJU
    3/97 DL L-1011 SJU-ATL
    12/97 DL 767-300 MIA-ATL
    2/98 DL L-1011 ATL-SJU
    3/98 DL L-1011 SJU-ATL
    10/98 DL L-1011 TPA-ATL
    11/98 DL 767-300 CVG-BOS
    2/99 DL L-1011-500 ATL-SJU
    3/99 DL L-1011-250 SJU-ATL
    7/99 NW 747-400 DTW-AMS
    8/99 NW DC-10 LGW-DTW
    4/00 DL 767-300 ATL-SJU
    4/00 DL 767-300 SJU-ATL
    7/00 NW DC-10 DTW-FCO
    7/00 NW DC-10 FCO-DTW
    11/00 US A330 PHL-CDG
    11/00 US A330 CDG-PHL
    12/01 JM A310 ATL-MBJ
    4/02 US 767-200 CLT-SJU
    4/02 US A330 SJU-PHL
    11/03 US A330 PHL-LGW
    12/03 US A330 LGW-PHL
    7/04 DL 777-200 CVG-CDG
    8/04 DL 767-300ER AMS-CVG


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  • Fly_Southwest
    March 2002, Air Plus Comet Airbus A310 from Chicago to Malaga, Spain

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  • KBOSv2
    I can remeber flying an NWA dc10 BOS-MSP when I was a kid, don't know the date, and I'm sure I flew widebodys before that, its just the first one I remeber. I also remeber looking out the gate window at BOS and wondering how the plane was balancing with only one wheel in the center on the back (I couldn't see the other wheels and I was about 7 soooo......).

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  • ASpilot2be
    Never been on a widebody

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  • babypurin
    Most likely in '94-'95 on a Delta L-1101, from JFK to MCO.

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  • pbateson
    CX L1011 in mid-1990

    UAL 767-300 in 1991

    TG 777-200 in 1999

    UAL 777-200ER in 2000

    CX A340-600 in 2004

    CX A340-300 in 2000

    TG A330-300 in 1999

    EK A300-600R in 1994

    EK A310-300 in 1994

    UA DC-10 in 1993

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    I'm not quite sure on the date...somewhere in 94-95.

    I flew a NWA DC-10 DTW-MSP. We were flying RIC-DTW-CWA but our DTW-CWA leg got cancelled so we were rerouted DTW-MSP-CWA. I don't remember much about the flight as I was only about 5, but I do remember a huge dinner(in coach) and a huge storm!

    The first I truely remember was an AF A340 IAD-CDG in 2000.

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