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    i think it was a DL L-1011 ATL-MCO but i could be wrong


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      April 13, 1992 (Friday the 13th with an ETOPS plane ) I had always wanted to go to London so I scripmed and saved. American Airlines: I went IND-BNA-MIA (on two different 727's) and then MIA-LHR on a 767. I departed the UK 13 days later via Glasgow (open jawed trip, at same low cost as a same city RT) and flew GLA-ORD on a DC-10 and ORD-IND on a 727. Not really impressed with either widebody but going I had been in two 727's. That 767 (Coach) had so much more room . . . . I was very surprised. The DC10 was so-so, just another a/c . . . it had an extra aisle / more seats.

      Knowing what I now - the L1011 is such a great plane - I should have tried to see if I could have found a 1011 flight (or a 742). ATA was flying them @ that time on Public charters but fares were actually higher than I paid.

      If I went back to London, I'd fly IND-EWR-LHR and fly on CO and VS so I could do the 744 out and the A340 on the return.


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        YYZ-MIA on an AC L1011 back in 1990.


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          Originally posted by kaddyuk
          I think you should take that r/t IND-EWR-LHR on VS, you wouldn't regret it
          Yup, I think so, too! Only one hitch, by the time that we save up enough cash and have enough time off from work, the 744 and the A340 will be history (and probably the A380).


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            Never flown a widebody but hope to next summer on DL between ATL-MCO (764), MCO-ATL (772), and ATL-SFO (762). I just hope equipment will remain the same if I choose a flight for a specific a/c.

            Hey TriStar-MiStar a sugguestion, if you were to come up with the free time and money and want to fly a 742 you could try Northwest's LAX-NRT route. Just one of the first options that came to mind. Hope you can fly the aircraft you mentioned before they are retired!
            "When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return."

            -Leonardo da Vinci

            My first taste: SFO-SNA, United 757-200 May 10, 1993


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              My First Widebody Flight

              I got quite a treat for a 4 year old!
              I flew my first widebody flight (might have been 2nd though as i flew to Florida the year before, but too small to remember). Even at 4 years of age, I was surprised by my own self that I knew I was on a Tristar!!!! I flew from Calgary to Heathrow. I never liked it at all. But my most exciting one was the LHR-AUH-HKG flight on British Airways. Now they have the model available! Gotta get my hands on one! In 1:400 scale tooo! Yikes! Gotta have one!!!!!!!!!! It will be a good reminder of my first trip on a Jumbo!

              I was thoroughly impressed for a 4 year old! I loved flying and it has been my passion since then! I fly to work a lot since I am a missionary.
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                My first wide-body flight was August 1980, a Swissair DC-10 from Dhahran to Zurich.

                My last wide-body flight was in May 2005, Aeroflot IL-96 from Beijing to Moscow.

                The wide-body I have flown most often is the B767, about 20 times.



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                  April 1994 FRA-BOS (I was just 7 years old) with LH. Aircraft was an Airbus A340-200 D-AIBC. I can tell you the reg because I remebered the aircraft's name for all the years .
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