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Now what about the 727 ....

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  • Now what about the 727 ....

    Next to the 707 and DC.8, time to remember your rides with the TriHoler.
    Here's my first

    06/70 - model 228 - Air France - ORY-NCE and

    the last

    08/93 - model 256 - Iberia - MAD-LPA

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    First: my first flight ever, TWA 727 CMH-DCA, 1988
    Last (to date): NW MCO-DTW, 8/02
    Next : Pan Am v4, LCK-SFB-LCK 6/05



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      My first and last flight was in December '98 on a UA 727 from IAD-JFK.
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        My first and only flight:

        NW LAX-MKE 1992
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          I remember I used to get tired of flying it because I used to fly on it so much. I sure do miss it now though. I remember my last flight on it coming from miami to atlanta on American Airlines.
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            My one time

            My first and only flight on a 727 was July 30th 2001 AA IAD-DFW.


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              I guess I'm lucky. Most of my flights have been on 722/732/DC10s.

              On UA 727s I have gone:

              I flew the 727 somewhere between 10-15 times. It was the first aircraft in Uniteds new(now old) gray colors I had flown on.


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                Originally posted by uy707
                Next to the 707 and DC.8, time to remember your rides with the TriHoler.
                Only 4 sectors, I think the reg was EC-HAH, Bahrain - Kandahar - Bagram - Karachi - Bahrain

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                  Originally posted by RJP
                  Only 4 sectors, I think the reg was EC-HAH, Bahrain - Kandahar - Bagram - Karachi - Bahrain

                  Interesting ride, indeed ...

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                    Even though I am only 15, I have had the great luck of flying on the -80 and a 727, and it was pure luck and circumstance for both. I flew the 727 SEA-ATL on DL back in 99 (I think). We even had an aborted landing in the dark because of a windshier warning. It was a great thrill to get a flight on such a classic.
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                      When I was a wee lad I flew Halifax Tampa then to antigua on a AC727. Comming back was a AA 727 from Antigua to Orlando, then Tampa YHZ on a AC727. Many many years ago.


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                        CO ORD-DEN Apr 75 727-200
                        CP YYZ-YUL May 77 727-217
                        CO DEN-ORD Jun 79 722
                        During the 1980s numerous AC flights YYZ-YEG, YOW-YVR, YEG-YOW, etc
                        EA PHL-YYZ Jul 86
                        EA YYZ-PIT-ATL Apr 88
                        NW VPS-MEM-ORD Apr 88
                        Greyhound Airlines YYZ-YLW and rtn Mar 97
                        DL CVG-COS Jun 00
                        Ariana Afghan 727-228Adv KBL-Sharjah Apr 04
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                          I never ever flew on this triholer and probably never will !
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                            The only 727 flight I ever remember was when WN had a few back in the '80s. I think we went HOU-LBB. How many people here can say they've been in a 727 with Southwest?
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                              Copied from the wrong topic I posted in:
                              Only flown on the 722 once, on a flight which turned into my worst landing experience ever, sometime during the 90's, MGM-ATL, landing on 27L in a major crosswind, allowing me (on the left side) to see the end of 27R, and then the left wingtip almost hitting the concrete. In end everything turned out fine, but the pilot chose not to open the cockpit door while the pax were still deplaning.