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  • Air Canada : YYZ - SEA

    Background : I posted a flight review of the outbound flight here. It is always a challenge checking in at Toronto Pearson given the customs check prior to departing. I also had a nasty run-in with a Toronto Airport Express driver prior to arriving so that already had set me off. Anyone wishing for the dirty details of that situation, feel free to let me know but I'll spare them for now. I queued for check-in, customs, etc. and was given just about an hour of time prior to boarding flight 541.

    The Flight : The aircraft type heading back to Seattle was the same of the outbound except this jet did not sport the new livery. The interior looked exactly the same, however, except for such minute technical equipment details that I will not highlight them here. Pushing back from the gate took a bit of time as we were awaiting passengers who were still trying to get through customs. I later found out that one of them was a co-worker of mine who had arrived from Rome just moments before, had to go through customs, claim baggage, go through customs, and then re-check the baggage . . . horrifying !! ... but to be expected.

    The flight duration was announced at being just under five hours. I'm not sure why but I was just not in the mood to sit through a long flight this particular day and the flight seemed painfully long. Given that, I chose to watch the movie on this flight «In Good Company». The meal quality on this flight was equally as good as the outbound and the options for this flight were either pasta or chicken. I opted for the chicken and it was just a tad spicy .. surprising for having to accommodate the tastes of many on board.

    I passed the rest of the time reading a book and was not able to get up the entire flight as my neighbors never did use the washroom on this flight. I normally prefer aisle seats but not over the opportunity to watch the approach into Sea-Tac from my window. The flight crew was, again, very friendly. Two female flight attendants serviced "hospitality" class while a male french-speaking purser handled business class.

    Again, overall, it was a good flight despite it feeling like such a long journey to just trek across North America.
    Steve J. Garrod

    Seattle, WA

    The Ship Café

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