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10th April 2005 MAN-LHR-MAN Business Class. Very Long + Pics

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  • 10th April 2005 MAN-LHR-MAN Business Class. Very Long + Pics

    A few weeks before the flight myself and James Matthews noticed that there was going to be a large meet of people from A.Net, and there would also be a large number of Jetphotos photographers there too. James definitely wanted to go but I wasn’t sure until about 8 days until departure. At this point I commited to the meet and we decided to travel in style….business class! J. I would go down with James but I would return on an earlier flight than him as I had to get back home on the last train on the day from Manchester.

    As usual with morning departure from MAN I cannot get to the airport early enough on the day so I had to stay the night in Manchester, James kindly put me up at his house, thanks m8.

    The morning started early as we wanted to check in with plenty of time to spare so we could try out the BD business lounge at MAN T3. We opted to use the self service checkin machines which are always very easy and great to use, no queueing up at all! I had already placed seating requests into our bookings so I was happy to see our boarding passes had these seats on them J.

    We proceded streight through security, the BD enterance was closed so we went through BA’s and then proceded to the Gate 18 area in T3, bmi’s normal gate for their 320/321 services to LHR. With plenty of time to spare we went into the bmi Business lounge and settled in munching on pretzels, and drinking as much tea/coffee as we like. Alittle too early to begin drinking alcohol for me, but a few other guys in the lounge never stopped, one person had 6 bloody marys in the space of 45 minutes!

    Just before we left the lounge to begin boarding we decided to sneak out a few cans of beer for our day at LHR. Gotta make the most of freebies!

    Flight Number: BD585
    Aircraft Type: Airbus A321-231
    Registration: G-MIDM
    Departure Time: 0850
    Actual Departure Time: 0900
    Arrival Time: 1000
    Actual Arrival Time: 1007


    Boarding commenced and as usual Business Class and Diamond Club Silver/Gold members were invited to board when they please. We settled into our seats 3 A/C I had the window, James had the aisle. The flight seemed pretty full this morning but there was a few seats left in Business, I looked around the pax in C and there was 50% paying pax and 50% positioning staff and staff travel, 2 in particular just getting back from Antigua, lucky for some!

    We were soon pushedback and began our taxy to the active, 24L. There was a small wait for a few aircraft to depart then we lined up for departure. There was a few spotters on the threshold mound braving the rain. The takeoff roll was short and we were soon airbourne. We banked to the left to begin our cruise to LHR.

    Soon after departure the cabin crew began the inflight service, which consisted of a warm Bacon and Tomato Panini sandwich, tea or coffee, there was a choice in what sandwich you wanted but I cant remember what the other option was. I would highly recommend these pannini sandwiches to anybody as they are absolutely gorgeous! There was also the usual ‘Snack Box’ which had a few bits and bobs in it like fruit salad, yohurt drink and chocolate.

    Decent began and the cabin crew cleared the cabin ready for arrival. Looking out of my window there was a few bits of traffic near us, A BA 744 and a VS 744. We soon entered the hold and was in it for 10-15 minutes. In this time James went and kindly asked the cabin crew if they had any panini sandwiches left, they did, so they gave him 2 more Bacon and Tomato sandwiches!!! So now we had all our drinks and food for the day on the house courtsey of bmi! Warm towels were handed out in business class prior to joining the apr.

    We had soon joined the apr for 27R but we was on the wrong side to see all of the london sights L. The landing was alittle rough and the flight deck crew wasn’t shy of using their brakes, they must have been very determined to exit the runway on the next possible exit, then again oince we had cleared the runway there was a BA 744 right behind us next on apr.

    Finally we reached our gate and I couldn’t wait to get off, I was also getting itchy fingers, I hadnt been to LHR for aviation photography for almost 2 years, so I was like a child in a sweet shop. With no baggage to collect we proceded streight through to arrivals where we met up with a few of the guys attending the meet. We couldn’t hang around as we had Daz waiting outside T1 in his car to drive us round to where everybody else was, including Dale Coleman and James Rowson as they drove down that evening and stayed at Kevin Cadds.

    The meet:

    We met up with James, Dale and Kevin at the LHR visitors centre, just missing Air New Zealand and Air Maritius L. After alittle messing around with metal detectors and our camerabags we decided to start shooting some 27R arrivals from the perimiter fence, not the best of spots but it was great to see some different aircraft to what im used to at MAN, BA 744’s, AA 772’s, UA 772’s and VS 744’s J.


    It wasn’t long before we got bored with this spot as the light was in a bad position and the fence was getting in the way of shots so we soon moved onto the 27R approach where the light was just right!

    Not long after getting there more and more people turned up and the sun came out. Below is a group photo:

    It wasn’t long once the group had got together before the beers came out, then Kev went to a Tescos and got some more beers so it soon turned into a dream, something our american counterparts will never expirience if their authoritys don’t relax their stance on aviation enthusiasts.

    Below are a few shots of the interesting traffic that came in on 27R:


    The runways would soon change to 27L arrivals so we moved on to the Green Man pub Myself, James R, Dale, Daz and Matt W-S didn’t hang around here for too long as it is not the best place for photography but we did get a few interesting shots:


    We moved onto Myrtle Avenue leaving the rest of the group, as soon I would be heading back to T1 for my flight home. Personally Myrtle Avenue is my proffered spot at LHR and there are certain angles I have been longing to shoot from here and now I have my 10D I fulfilled them. Below are a few of the highlights that came in on 27L


    It was now time for me to head back to Terminal 1 for my departure back to MAN. Daz dropped me off at T1 and I headed straight through to security as I had already checked in on my return flight that morning.

    Flight Number: BD592
    Aircraft Type: Airbus A321-232
    Registration: G-MIDM
    Departure Time: 1835
    Actual Departure Time: 1835
    Arrival Time: 1940
    Actual Arrival Time: 1920


    There was a little queue to get through security but as usual al LHR it was steady flowing. As soon as I passed security I headed for the BD business lounge. At LHR the lounge is huge and there is plenty of food and drink on offer for anybody using the lounge. I helped myself to a Carlsberg and relaxed for a good 20-30 minutes. I left the lounge and went straight to the end of the pier to shoot departures as they were departing 27R, things I missed arriving, I got departing shame I missed Wunala and the Air India Express 738 departing:


    Boarding for this flight would not be via an airbridge, we would be bussed to our aircraft that was on the international pier in T1 having arrived from ALC. As I was on the bus I looked out towards the APR, there were about 4 stacked up. The very first in line looked slightly…red, now considering Wunala had gone out an hour or two ago, and the fact Matt W-S said it could possibly be on the late afternoon flight it could only be one aircraft… 9M-MPD Hibiscus! I called James M to let him know as the rest of the people who came to the meet were inside a pub. As soon as I let them know they all went outside to get shots of it, and there I was on the airstairs with no chance of a photo or a closer look.

    I settled into my seat 4A and was currently the only person onboard so thought it would be a good chance to get a business class cabin shot of bmi’s shorthaul/European business class configuration. That is until a member of cabin crew said it was not allowed due to security concerns…yeah right.

    The flight filled nicely and suprisingly business class would be relatively full due to a few businessmen connecting onwards to MAN after their arrival on ANA from NRT. Pushback commenced and we began our taxi to 27R for departure. In queue were an AA 772, BA 744 and a CX 744. We waited 5 minutes until we positioned onto 27R. The take off roll was pretty short and we began our climb out of LHR, to my pleasure I got a glimpse of the MH 744, sadly too blurry to have on the database.

    As soon as we started our Right Bank to head for MAN the cabin crew came round handing out the snack boxes that for the flight home was Chicken Tikka Salad. I don’t usually like this sort of food but this was really nice and it will be my choice for future flights.

    We began our decent halfway through the meal service so it was a rush to eat up and be ready for landing. Somehow I ate everything there was and the cabin crew, as they were clearing up, handed out hot towels. We joined the approach for 24R just as the crew had finished clearing up. The landing was smooth and from what I could see there was not much of interest at MAN only a HLX F100. We reached gate 18. There was a little delay as we arrived early and there was nobody to dock the airbridge onto us. When I did finally get off it was a bit of a rush to get my train home, but I made it with seconds to spare!

    Hope you enjoyed this trip report and I hope it didn’t bore you all! I would like to thank all people at the meet for a great time!
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    Nice report Jase - there are far too many James' - all get's very confusing.


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      Nice report Jason and great photos.

      I see that you caught the first TAP aircraft with the new livery, the A313 CS-TEX.

      Just 2 questions: how much did this flight cost? And who's the cute girl in the group photo?

      TAP - Transportes Aéreos Portugueses

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        Thanks for your comments! I was over the moon getting the 310! Missed its landing but got it taxying to its gate. Flights cost me £51.50 return per person through work and the girl is Kaz, she is on this foums and at called pilotkaz. There is also another 2 females there.
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          Originally posted by TAP-A343
          And who's the cute girl in the group photo?
          I was wonderin the same thing


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            Originally posted by bapilot2b
            There is also another 2 females there.
            ...Are you sure about that one?

            Nice report Jase, summed the day up very well



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              Originally posted by G-DALE
              ...Are you sure about that one?
              we shall see if anybody notices...
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                Originally posted by bapilot2b
                Thanks for your comments! I was over the moon getting the 310! Missed its landing but got it taxying to its gate. Flights cost me £51.50 return per person through work and the girl is Kaz, she is on this foums and at called pilotkaz. There is also another 2 females there.
                You're welcome Jason.

                I must say that for that price I would fly C class any time even on a short hop like that one.

                And I should have known it was Kaz. I've seen some photos of her on She's a cutie. It's a shame she never posts here.

                As for the other 2 females I feel sorry for them because I only see ugly dudes there. Just joking guys.

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                  Thanks for providing with entertaining reading ..
                  Thanks for visiting
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                    Originally Posted by TAP-A343

                    And who's the cute girl in the group photo?

                    Originally posted by screaming_emu
                    I was wonderin the same thing

                    I thought you were gay.
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                      Great report I wish I lived in Europe, where I could travel easily everywhere
                      You've got to try to find what's right before your eyes-Finger Eleven


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                        Again thanks for the comments guys!

                        Originally posted by Alaska Air Rules
                        Great report I wish I lived in Europe, where I could travel easily everywhere
                        Yeah you then just have to get around the joke they call airport taxes and surcharges, thats basically all my fare was! The same journey in the US JFK-LAX would have only cost £2.60 in airport taxes and surcharges for the return journey.
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                          Excelent jaosn

                          Was a good day... nice weather.. nice planes... nice drinks hehe make sure you come down again soon!

                          Kaz x


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                            Many thanks for all your kind comments guys! Shame BD's business will be scrapped on most routes soon .

                            Watch out for my trip report MAN-FRA-JFk-FRA-MAN very soon!!!
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