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  • Your SUMMER flights

    I know we have the "next flights" thread, which is a million pages, but that could also be for flights a year from now. So what are everyones summer flights, well say Departing between today and September 7.

    June 14
    Alaska 523 DEN-SEA 7:50a- 9:32a 737-700
    June 16
    Alaska 582 SEA-DEN 2:20p-5:55p 737-900

    July 13
    United 595 DEN-SFO 5:35p- 6:58p 747-400
    United 785 SFO-SAN 8:20p- 9:45p 737-300

    July 17
    United 1166 SAN-DEN 7:02p- 10:14p A319

    July 28
    United 939 DEN-SFO 11:15a- 12:43p 767-300

    July 30
    Southwest 357 OAK-LAX 9:00a- 10:15a 737-700
    Southwest 250 LAX-OAK 9:00p- 10:10p 737-700

    July 31
    United 658 SFO-DEN 3:55p- 7:19p 777-200

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    My next one's up to now are fairly straight forward for once....

    1st June - Jet2 LS945 Manchester-Amsterdam B737-300
    2nd June - Jet2 LS950 Amsterdam-Manchester B737-300

    17th August - Jet2 LS833 Manchester-Nice B737-300
    25th August - Jet2 LS834 Nice-Manchester B737-300

    There is also another possible trip to the South of France in October...



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      Mon, Aug 1:
      WESTJET, WS 558 London-Calgary. 0750-0950 (4 hr flight). 737Ng

      Sun, Aug 14:
      WESTJET, WS 798 Calgary-Toronto 10:05-15:50 (4 hr flight). 737NG

      Sun, Aug 14:
      WESTJET, WS 820 Toronto-Ottawa 16:30-17:30 (1hr flight) 737NG

      Sun, Sept 4:
      AIR CANADA, AC8613 Ottawa-Toronto 12:00-13:02 (1hr flight) Crj 705

      Sun, Sept 4:
      AIR CANADA, AC7725 Toronto-London 20:00-20:43 (45 minute flight) Dash8-100.

      For the Fall, it looks like I will be going to Amsterdam with Martinair .


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        don't know the exact dates yet but


        Labor Day Weekend LGA-ORD-LGA
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          As Currently Booked Now:
          Jun. 24: ACY-FLL, Spirit
          Jun. 28: FLL-ACY, Spirit

          Aug. 1: EWR-SEA, Continental
          Aug. 4: SEA-OAK, Alaska
          Aug. 14: LAX-EWR, Continental
          I'm also planning a trip from ACY-LAX in mid-September for a wedding, but haven't booked it yet. It will be on either DL or Spirit.


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            Not that much traveling for me this summer. I like to spend my days out on the boat, but this is what I have booked.

            June 25- Southwest
            ISP-LAS 73G
            June 29- Southwest
            LAS-ISP 73G

            Aug 14- American
            LGA-DFW-PANC 738/752
            Aug 22- Alaska Air/American
            YVR-SEA-JFK 73G/752


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              30 June 2005:

              25 July 2005:

              All legs on Northwest Airlines except BOM-MAA, which is on Jet Airways.


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                Late August - Early September

                HPN-ORD (CRJ)

                ORD-OGG (777)

                OGG-HNL (732)

                HNL-ORD (777)

                ORD-HPN (CRJ)

                on United and Aloha

                Maybe Brazil this Winter
                - The baby will be back -


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                  June 14
                  USAirways 887 PVD-CLT 7:45am-9:46am B757

                  USAirways Express 2701 CLT-TRI 11:05am-12:00pm ERJ-145

                  June 16
                  USAirways Express 4304 TRI-CLT 8:40am-9:40am Dash 8-100

                  USAirways 176 CLT-PVD 12:25pm-2:18pm A319


                  June 31
                  Delta 566 PVD-ATL 1:57pm-4:36pm MD-88

                  Delta 161 ATL-MCO 5:50pm-7:24pm 777-200

                  July 1
                  American 861 MCO-SJU 8:00am-10:44am A300-600R

                  American 1937 SJU-SXM 12:15pm-1:09pm B757-200

                  July 4
                  American Eagle 5161 SXM-SJU 10:14am-11:24am ATR-72

                  American 706 SJU-TPA 2:25pm-5:18pm B757-200

                  Delta (SONG) 2024 TPA-BOS 6:55pm-9:54pm 757-200


                  July 26
                  USAirways 300 PVD-CLT 2:55pm-4:56pm A319

                  USAirways 129 CLT-DEN 5:30pm-6:56pm A320

                  July 28
                  United 939 DEN-SFO 11:15am- 12:43pm B767-300

                  July 30
                  Southwest 357 OAK-LAX 9:00am-10:15am B737-700

                  Southwest 250 LAX-OAK 9:00pm-10:10pm B737-700

                  July 31
                  United 658 SFO-DEN 3:55pm-7:19pm B777-200

                  August 4
                  USAirways 140 DEN-PHL 7:00am-12:30pm A319

                  USAirways MidAtlantic 1622 PHL-PVD 2:35pm-3:47pm EMB-170
                  Ryan Davis
                  Admin, FlyerGuide.Net


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                    HYA->ACK x3-5 times, 15mins each way on a C402... thats it (got a big one planned for this winter though )
                    ^----raveing lunatic

                    please excuse my horendus mangeling of the english language, its only my first :P


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                      All flights on A320 or A319

                      America West




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                        My singature says my flights.

                        June 18th
                        AA STL-ORD-RSW (MD80)

                        June 24th
                        AA RSW-STL(MD80)

                        Then in July..
                        July 8th
                        Southwest Airlines STL-PHX (not booked)

                        July 10th
                        Southwest Airlines PHX-STL (not booked)

                        August, who knows.
                        Stop Searching. Start Traveling.


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                          Well I will have to be going down to SEA for another two rounds of surgery So it will be on AS from JNU-SEA.

                          For Fall, its off to Las Vegas
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                            only one i know of is up to GFK to see family late June/early July
                            prob AUS-MSP-GFK-MSP-AUS.
                            not 100%sure on it though. might as well check out UND while I'm up there


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                              EWR-YYZ-EWR (Air Canada)

                              EWR-AMS-BOM (NW/KLM)

                              BOM-BLR-BOM (airline not decided yet)

                              BOM-DEL (airline not decided yet)

                              DEL-AMS-EWR? (not too sure; I know we're flying back to Newark from Delhi with a stopover in AMS I think, but if NW/KLM doesn't fly DEL-AMS-EWR, then I don't know which airline we're coming back on )
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