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    Well I Decided To Take A Quick Trip Down To Florida In April to visit some relatives. The Cheapest Flights I Could Find Last Minute from BUF were on US Airways for about $215 RT. Since Im A Frequent flyer member I Decided I Would Go For The Miles and get to ride on my 2 favorite aircraft (757/321).

    Here We Go:
    Well I woke up at about 3:30 that morning, finished packing checked in online and was on my way to the Buffalo airport by 4:30. Dropped of the car in the long term lot and entering the bustling BUF Terminal. There were literally tons of people as it was the peak of the Spring Break Season. Since I didn't have any bags to check I quickly made my way to the security checkpoint and was through in about 20 mins.(Security at BUF is by far the most efficent and enjoyable to go through).Took a walk around the terminal and the 26 gates were overflowing with A/C here is the list I Compiled
    AA: 3x CR7 1ERJ
    DL: 2x CR7 1 M80
    CO: 2x ERJ
    UA: 1 735 2xERJ
    B6: 1 A320
    WN: 2x 737NG 1 733
    FL: 1 717
    NW: 1 DC95 1 A319
    FlyI: 2x CRJ
    US: 3x ERJ 1 DH8 1 SF340 1 733 1 734 2x A319 1 A321

    Way To Go BUF!!

    US Airways Flight 381
    Buffalo Niagara International (BUF)-Washington Ronald Raegan National (DCA)
    A/C B737-4B7 N436US
    Sched/Act Dep[6:20] [6:19]
    Sched/Act Arr [7:36] [7:20]
    Gate 4 to Gate 36

    Anyways I Took A Walk down the terminal (long walk) rode the people mover (yes we have one in BUF) and finally got a frozen latte from the new Coffee Beanery Place. At 6am they were ready to board our flight since i was in zone 6 i had to wait a little but I Didn't mind. Sat down in my seat, quickly read the safety card and pulled out my IPOD and waited for the rest of the flight to board. Outside it was about 45 Degrees F with clear skies and a great sunrise backdropping departing aircraft (Rwy 5 was in use today). Pushback was at 6:19 and as we pushed back i saw a WN 737 take off from the crosswind runway, that was kinda cool. It was a very smokey engine start, flaps were lowered and we began the 5 min taxi to runway 5. The Colgan air American Flag SF 340 was just closing its door as we taxied by on taxiway Alpha. We were number 4 (yes 4) for takeoff after the B6 320 NW DC95 and a Fed Ex 727 landed. Takeoff was quick and smooth and we were off into the sunrise at about 6:31. The Pilot came on and explained our flight time would be 47 minutes and that the weather in DC was just as nice as in Buffalo, he also explained the 30 min rule which is where during the first/last 30 min of a flight you must remain seated. Our drink service was one of 3 choices water,orange juice and something else. Approach was very scenic as we flew over downtown Baltimore, Andrews AFB, and the eastern suburbs of DC. We touched down Runway 1 at 7:15 am and taxied in to gate 36.

    US Airways Flight 117
    Washington Raegan Nation(DCA) to Tampa International(TPA)
    Boeing 737-4B7 N444US
    Sched/Act Dep[8:40] [8:42]
    Sched/Act Arr [10:53] [10:33]
    Gate 25 to Gate (F85?)

    Deboarded the plane and since I had to switch piers to catch my next flight I decided to check the main hall of Raegan Airport. I must say it had the most open space feeling to it and since it was a clear day you could see the national mall and everything right out the window. I checked out the national geographic store and then went to starbucks on the upper level. At About 8am I re-entered the security line and by 8:30 i was at the gate where they were already boarding. Boarded the plane and took my wing seat. We pushed back at the same time as the plane i came in one but we had to wait to start our engines unitl a mid-atlantic E70 taxied in behind us. Started our engines and taxied out to runway 1. We Were #7 behind a US E70 734 Dh8 CRJ ERJ and a CO 737NG. Takeoff was quick and we made an immediate left turn flew over Arlington National Cemetary where i could make out the tomb of the unknown soldier and the battleship Maine Memorial.I Slept until well into the approach and woke up as we were flying of the City of St.Pete. Touchdown was very smooth and we taxied to a fairly empty Pier F. The only other plane there was a US Airways 321 N170US which oddly enough I had seen in BUF earlier that morning. Deboarded and took the train to the main concourse where i went to hertz and got my rental car for the week.

    Look For Part II TPA-CLT-BUF on 757/321 Soon!

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    Great report I love those 734s
    You've got to try to find what's right before your eyes-Finger Eleven