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  • Saudi Arabin:RUH-AQI-M90


    ORG: Riyadh – King Khalid International (RUH).
    DEST: Qaisumah

    FLIGHT NO: SV 1276
    AIRCRAFT : MD90-30
    REG: HZ-AP4

    SCHED DEP: 13:15
    ACTUAL DEP:14:10

    SCHED ARR: 15:30
    ACTUAL ARR:16:00

    I arrived at RUH airport at 11:10, the counters of SV of local
    flights were open, No crows on the counters just a few
    people.After passing the checking points I sat near the
    assigned gate.
    I saw SV B747-300 –
    A300(rare sight indeed!!!) – MD90 – B777.

    I ALSO saw 3 MD90s takeoff , one SVB747-300, and takeoff of a Sudan
    Airway airbus. Our a/c was parked at the ramp which is like 5 mins
    by bus from the terminal
    At 12:45 they announced boarding at gate 37.took the escalators
    downstairs,made a 90 then another 90 and taxied...i mean walked to the
    then boarded the bus and slowly moved towards the ramp.
    Exactly at 13:15 we pushed back and flight announcement
    started. Our aircraft was under the command of Capt. Ali Qais.
    two min our pilots reached the holding point of runway
    15L and stopped there for more than 15 min????? I was so angry
    while we are waiting for takeoff. After 10 min an Md90 landed on
    the runway then we entered the runway and from the first taxi way
    turned back and taxied towards the ramp. During taxi the captin
    announced that there was a very small technical problem and
    would not
    be more than 5 to 10 min for maintenance to fix it.
    We parked again on the same
    parking which we left before some time. The time was 13:45. Fixing
    the problem took nearly 25 min.
    Then we pushed back again at 14:10 and taxied to runway
    15L then did a spectacular takeoff with full power of engines.

    The flight was smooth with few clouds here and there.
    After 10 min the seat belt sign turned off and flight service started.
    I took some orange juice.
    We were proceeding Qaisumah airport from the south but at the
    very last moment the runways were switched,so we had to land from the
    north.We flew over the airport did a 180 and made
    a smooth landing at Qaisuma.
    Finally we made a slow taxi to terminal building.The heat was a real
    killer there.
    thats it,hope you enjoyed.
    Administrator Virtual PIA
    Administrator Saudia Virtual

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    Great report. I hate it too when you just stop by the runway for over 10 minutes and the pilots leave you wondering.