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    I agree! The TU154 is so much faster compared to the boring As and Bs. I experienced it during many flights. I don't know if they still do it nowadays because of the rising fuel costs (I havent flown one for years).They are good solid planes, i enjoyed flying them a lot.


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      1998: SVO-KJA, Kras Air IL86 (Best flight of my life, flight very late but passed time in the bar chatting to Russian goddess. We sat together on the flight when it eventually took off and partied most of the night along with everyone else. Plane very large and comfortable)
      1998: KJA-DME, Kras TU-154. Got preferential foreign hospitality on this flight, personal lift out to the plane and seating at the rear of the aircraft. (Other passengers were mostly at the front for balancing purposes). Never forget the large dog who boarded the a/c at the same time as me. He just patiently climbed up the stairs and took his place (under someone's seat). Obviously a frequent flyer. Unbelievably smooth landing in very bad visibility.
      1998: DME-TJM-DME and return, Tyumen Airlines TU-134. Great little aircraft.
      2002: VKO-PEE Unknown airline YAK-40. Another great flight. There was some Chinese guy in the jumpseat, not sure what he was doing but he may have been the owner or something. Anyway just before landing the captain went back to the toilet for a smoke and the guy jumped in the captain's seat. I thought he was going to land the plane as were already descending. But the captain returned in time for the landing & did it well.
      2002: PEE-SVO, SU TU-134. Uneventful but pleasant flight with yet another landing in poor visibility. Made me realise how difficult flying is in the far north.


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        1982-1995: Yearly flights on Tu-134A-3 sometimes in cockpit with the crew (father was flight engineer). Mostly TLL-KBP-TLL, but also TLL-LED-TLL, TLL-SVO-TLL, TLL- SIP-TLL, TLL-AAQ, LED-KVX.
        Tu-154B on route AAQ-DME and An-24 on route KVX-BKA during night thunderstorm - unforgettable experience .

        Really miss those days and planes...


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          IL-18 Romavia (Dübendorf Airbase to Dübendorf Airbase)
          Tu-154M BH-Air (Zurich to Varna)
          Tu-154M BH-Air (Varna to Zurich)
          Tu-134 Belavia (Prague to Prague)
          Tu-154M Hemus Air (Cologne to Cologne)
          An-2 Hanseflug (Friedrichshafen to Friedrichshafen)
          Il-96-300 Aeroflot (Moscow to Shanghai)
          Il-62 Air Koryo (Beijing to Pyongyang)
          Il-62 Air Koryo (Pyongyang to Beijing)
          Il-96-300 Aeroflot (Beijing to Moscow)
          Yak-42D Saravia (Moscow to Saratov)
          Tu-134 Samara Airlines (Moscow to Samara)
          Yak-42D Saravia (Saratov to Moscow)
          Tu-134 Samara Airlines (Samara to Moscow)
          Mi-8P Aerogaviota (Guardalavaca to Santiago de Cuba)
          Mi-8T Aerograd (Korobcheevo to Korobcheevo)
          Mi-8P Aerogaviota (Santiago de Cuba to Guardalavaca)
          Tu-154M Aria Air (Kolavia) (Tehran to Kish)
          Tu-154M Aria Air (Kolavia) (Kish to Tehran)
          Tu-154M Caspian Airlines (Tehran to Kish)


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            Il-86 Aeroflot
            Tu-154 B-2 Aeroflot Don

            Flights from Moscow to Sochi and back. Absolute great experience and perfect service.

            до свидания



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              Sadly only Tu-154, Warszawa-Moscow in 2004.
              "The real CEO of the 787 project is named Potemkin"


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                Numerous domestic flights (WAW-KRK-WAW, WAW-GDN-WAW, WAW-WRO-WAW) back in 80's on LOT's AN4, IL8, TU3 and TU5.