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  • 8W2-FRR

    This flight was done in July 2000 so understandably some details are shaky.

    I was at an aviation camp for the summer and we were at FRR to go flying. The plane we were to use was at 8W2 however (New Market, Va). The owners of the plane were suppose to have flown it up but they hadn't however. Luckily the airport manager let us use his plane for the other guys but I volunteered to go with the instructor down to New Market to pick up the plane. The owners of the plane drove up to get us and after an uneventful hour journey in the back of a stripped Astro van we reached New Market. I got left seat the instructor got the right. Mind you this was the first time I had flown outside of FS2000. I started up the 172 (N2229E) and taxied out to the runway. THe instructor worked the radios as I got the plane ready for the flight. We announced our intentions and lifted off for FRR (Front Royal/Warren County Regional) We followed the main highway up the valley as the highway passed right by the airport. After the uneventful flight I entered the pattern at FRR and the instructor announced our intentions. I brought it in and got a greaser on my first landing. I taxied in and shut down, the instructor logged my time and we walked back into the terminal where the instructor started flying the other guys. At FRR the only thing of note was the engineless F-86 on one corner of the ramp and the CAP glider, brand new.