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June 18th AA STL-ORD-RSW (Pics Beware!)

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  • June 18th AA STL-ORD-RSW (Pics Beware!)

    Airline: American Airlines
    Aircraft: MD-82
    Dept Time: 8:08am
    Boarding Time: 7:38am
    Arrival time: 9:16am
    Reg: UNKNOWN

    Getting Ready- Well the night before the flight I decided to stay up all night and watch movies, and chat to people online. I finished packing up, and waited for the parents to wake up. Once they did, we all got ready, loaded the van, and we headed off to STL. We got there 2 hours later, at about 6:30am. Perfect timing.

    Check-in, and security- We got off the van and walked to the inside of the main terminal. It was quite the bustling crowd which was a good sign of course.

    Dad Checking us in

    Upstairs Main Terminal

    We headed our way to security, but my mom stopped panicked. She left her pocket knife in her purse. She was freaking out because she knew if they TSA people saw it, they would confiscate it, and it was her father’s knife, before he died. He had given it to her literally hours before he died, and it was all she had physically of him. She would be heartbroken if she had to give it up. So we talked to the TSA people and they told us to go back up to the checkpoint counter and give it to them and they would check it. So we did that and they put the knife in its own little box, just the way my grandpa would have wanted it . So with that taken care of, we went back to security, and we all went through. I set it off with my belt. I went back through with it off, and then ran up to catch up with them to gate C-12. I looked around, as we got to the gate at 7:00am, and we would be boarding in about 40 minutes or so. Not giving me to much time to look around, but I managed two pics.

    My AA plane at the gate.

    Construction going on around, and near gate C-8,10 and 12.

    At 7:40am they called for boarding.

    Boarding, Taxi, take-off- My brother and I boarded along with group 3. We went to seat 25F, and E. I saw an AA Pilot non-revving to ORD was sitting in 25D. I got excited lol, and wanted to ask him so many questions, but I kept my mouth shut. So I looked outside while the rest were boarding. To my surprise a UAL 757 landed.

    UAL 757 taxing by to the gate.

    The F/A (1 Male, 2 Female) all did the safety procedures. We backed out, and headed to R12L. Flight time was announced at 40 minutes with a cruising flight level of 22,000 Feet. We got on the runway and waited 30 seconds. An American Connection RJ landed on R12 R. Then we took off.

    Turning onto R 12L.

    Rolling Take off

    TAKE OFF!!!!!

    In Flight- We turned left, and climbed to 22,000 feet. The sun stayed on the right side of the plane the whole time. It stayed quite bright the entire time. Serviced commenced 15 minutes later. They got to our row, and asked us what we wanted to drink. I asked for orange Juice. No food or anything, pity. I saw highway 57 pass underneath us. Here we are in flight.

    We turned left, as if to follow the highway straight to ORD. At 8:45am, the pilot announced us to get ready for landing at ORD. It got quite turbulent after that. We passed thru a lot of clouds. We passed over the railroad area.

    Railroad passing under us…

    Finally in no time, the runway passed under and we landed.

    We landed opposite of R22, so..whatever that is let me know! We got off the runway, turned left, and taxied some ways. We then stopped, and the engines died down. Ohh no….Pilot came on and said we have to wait for a gate to open, he predicted 7-10 minutes wait. Not to bad I suppose…Well 15 MINUTES LATER…..!!!The engines powered up, and we turned right towards K Gates. I turned and saw a JAL 747 behind us!

    JAL 744 passing by behind us.
    We turned left, then right and left into the Gate. Quite a maneuver!! Haha. We got off 15 min later and headed straight to H-10, our flight to RSW.


    Due to seat arrangements I was stuck with an aisle seat for reasons I will explain, so there will be no pics here.

    Reg :N258AA
    Sched Departure:10:14am
    Sched Arrival:2:04pm
    Boarding Time: 9:44am.

    We walked our way to H-10. Even though I had flown to ORD before, it was back in 1995, and it was a charter flight, so We only went through the cargo ramp to the bus. Anyway, we had 15 minutes to get to H-10. It was a very nice airport on the inside, much better then STL I have to admit. I went to the bathroom but none of the stalls were closing I noticed. Weird. Anyway I went and walked back to H-10. This is where American Airlines almost looses me as a customer. When I booked the seats online, I had made it so my brother and myself were 26A, and B. My father, mother and 3 year old sister would be 28 D,E, F. Everyone had someone! But at the gate I heard them call my father up and said “we noticed your family is split up, (duh!! I set it that way!!, we were all ok with it….) so we moved you guys around we now have you all sitting together!” WHAT?!?!?!?! Uh uh, no way you just did that! Without our permission?! She gave us the new boarding passes and to my horro I saw I was sitting in the middle seat. WHAT THE HELL?!?! Who gave AA the right to change seats without asking us? My dad he wasn’t told of anything. I was furious. I made sure to book early so I could I have the window seat and everyone had the seats they wanted. Now no one was happy. I know she was trying to help but please, ASK us before changing it on us. So now I had to dread…sitting in the aisle with no window view for nearly 3 hours! This was NOT going to be a pleasant flight.

    boarding- We were now group two for boarding. They called our group, and we got on and headed to our row. There was a lady sitting in the window seat. Oh well. The engine was behind us, so it was going to be loud for the family. A long, loud flight coming up, yuck. We pushed back after everyone boarded.

    Taxi, Take off, and In-Flight- We had 2 male F/A and a female F/A. The female was really cute, coulda came out of a playboy book hehe . The other male F/A working coach seemed quite young, I would say about 25 or so. He was funny, and very professional as well. The other, older male worked F/C. They all did the safety procedure and we taxied to R 9L. We taxied by 2 UAL planes, a 744, and a 777. We did a rolling take off and shot down and then we lifted off. No shots here sorry . We passed through some clouds, and then straightened up. Engine died down, and we stayed that way for a minute. Then the engine roared back and we shot nose up again to continue climb. I was loving all of this of course haha. We reached crusing speed rather quickly, and the F/A got up to do service. Then the woman at the window SHUT the window shade down! WELL! There goes my IFE for the flight. I was still pretty steamed, and was mumbling how this wouldn’t happen on Southwest lol. So I listened to music until the F/A came by our row. They gave us these tortilla chips I think and I had coke in a cup, no can . It didn’t take me to long to finish that of course. They came back around to collect the trash and such. We still had another hour and a half to go, oh lord….. Then 45 minutes later, I saw water around us. The pilot came on and said we were overflying Tampa Bay and that we should be landing soon in about 20 minutes. The approach to RSW was quite neat. Soon in no time we landed on runway 24. We taxied past a DL MD88, US Airways 733, B6 A320, a NWA DC-9….etc etc. We taxied to A-4. I waited till most got off the plane then I got up to get my bag. I overheard the female f/a say to the young ,ale F/A “one more flight back to Chicago and we are done!!” they hi fived each other then. We got off the plane and headed down to baggage claim. All our bags came out, even the knife hehe. We headed our way to the rental cars and got our car and started our vacation!!!!
    Stop Searching. Start Traveling.

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    Great review Alex. Too bad the gate agent re-seated you guys w/o asking you, that would make me angry as well, especially if I lost a window seat in the process.



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      Great Report. I really like it when people add pictures, as it really enhances the report. It also helps us visualize things, we normally couldn't picture in our head.
      - The baby will be back -


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        Nice report. Whenever I fly and my dad or sister or whoever gets a window seat and I don't I just switch with them, but that was dumb of her to do that, you guys seemed pretty much togeather already from how you described it.


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          Originally posted by Crunk415balla
          Nice report. Whenever I fly and my dad or sister or whoever gets a window seat and I don't I just switch with them, but that was dumb of her to do that, you guys seemed pretty much togeather already from how you described it.
          ya I know they really made me mad, but oh well. lol

          ps-sorry folks, pics dissapeared, im working on it!

          Stop Searching. Start Traveling.


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            Great report Looking forward to seeing the pics.
            You've got to try to find what's right before your eyes-Finger Eleven


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              Originally posted by Alaska Air Rules
              Great report Looking forward to seeing the pics.

              Stop Searching. Start Traveling.