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  • June 24th AA RSW-STL (PICS BEWARE!)

    Airline :American
    Aircraft: MD-82
    Scheduled Departure: 1:20pm
    Scheduled arrival: 2:51pm
    Reg: N221AA

    Check in, Security-Well it was now time to finally go home!! FINALLY!!! The flight was scheduled to leave at 1:20pm, and we decided to leave at 10:00am from the hotel, as it is a 1 hour drive, so we would get there about 11:00a,. That gives us 15 minutes or so to get rid of rental car and get to airport, and then ample time for security and looking around the airport. So with that in mind we left for RSW around 10:00am. I had talked to Tommy last night and we were both worried that it was not enough time so I was hoping we would be fine. We ran into a freak storm, that was so bad we had to pull over. That lasted about 5 minutes, but it was making me nervous. It cleared and we arrived into RSW at about 10 minutes after 11:00am. We drive to the Alamo car rental, drop off the car and headed to a shuttle bus. We got on and it took us to the departure A terminal where AA flies out of at RSW. We got off and headed to the AA check in counters. We checked in at the Self Service Check –In. It was then I freaked a little bit. The airline had moved our departure time from 1:20pm to 12:49pm. I looked at my watch thinking ho gosh do we have enough time now?! When we checked in it was 11:30am, less then an hour before they started boarding already according to our pass. My mother got the SSSS Card haha. Went to security and waited about 10 minutes before we got to the machines. We all went through and my mother got pulled aside to be checked of course. The TSA was cracking jokes about it and making fun, all in good spirits and such. Once we got through we headed to A-4.

    Walk Around-MAJOR PICS HERE!!!
    With 40 minutes or so left to boarding I took the time to walk around quickly and take some pictures of RSW. I will let the pics speak for themselves.

    US Airways leaving and flying RSW-DCA-PVD.

    Backing Out.


    Walked around some more and caught some B6 action too!

    Sun Country at the gate!

    NWA, DL, and the works!!

    Then I saw the AA flight to STL was landing and decided to catch it coming in!

    The DL 757 behind followed it to the gate. Had to wait for a DL MD88 to taxi out fo the gate which I took earlier.

    At the gate with a SONG 757 in the back.

    Nearly parked!

    Soon in no time it became time to board.

    Boarding, Taxi- Our entire family was group 3, so when they called for group 3 , we all boarded. I headed to 24A, my brother in 24B. Finally a window seat!! Wahoo!!. Expect more pics to come . Everyone else boarded, and the Pilot announced a Flight time of 2 hours and 1 minute. I snapped a pic of an Air Tran 717 and, USA3000 A320.

    N899AT is the reg number

    N264AV is the reg for this plane .

    We backed out and taxied to Runway 6, but paused for a spirit MD-82 to take off heading to ACY. As we taxied by I saw the new RSW terminal being built and opening soon. Here are some pics!

    So finally we turned onto Runway 6.

    Take off, In flight- Well, we did an immediate rolling take off. We lumbered down and then took off about quite a ways down the runway. Here are some pics to show it.


    Over Flying RSW Airport.

    We climbed after that some more

    Well we took a huge turn to the left after that.

    We settled down and climbed, and climbed. Engines going in and out. All the works.
    Got a picture of the in cabin.

    We reached cruising flight, and I watched the scenery go by, and the F/A came by and did service. Here are some more pictures.

    F/A came to my row and asked what we would like to drink. She was VERY cheery and pleasant to be around. I got to talk to her a little bit afterwards on a bathroom stop. She gave me a full can of coke, and then I finished that up. I got up to go to the bathroom and I saw her sitting and just minding her own so I struck up a chat. She was quite a pleasant one to chat with. She truly loved her job and enjoyed it. We got to talking and I found out this was her last flight of the day, and she was STL based. I said she was the first F/A iv met that was STL based. She said ahh yes, its been awhile since the TWA times heh? I said yes, I was an avid TWA flyer, and of course when AA bought them I had to switch. She said me too, I wanted to work for TWA so bad, but they did not hire me, so I went for AA and now I got hired. I said bet your glad you are with AA now. She chuckled and said yes, but I wouldn’t have minded TWA. So we talked a bit about TWA and AA and then it became soon to land so I went back to my seat. Such a pleasant woman. Some more pics of the downwind to STL.

    Wings working to get us down to STL!

    Overflying the Arch and downtown STL.

    Pilot announced 10 min to landing and F/A please prepare. So we did that and we landed on R 30R. while all take offs were on R 30L.

    Approaching STL, seconds from Landing.


    We slowed down, and had to wait for 6 RJ’s to take off. 5 American Connection, and a UAL RJ, and an AA MD80, plus an USA Jet, it was a DC-9. Finally, we could cross. I captured an AA 757 taxing by to the gate, and then we stopped at the gate, gate C-10. Pilot announced our baggage would be M-1. So we all got off, and I walked down to baggage Claim. It felt so good to be home!

    The 757 taxing to the gate.

    Bunch of AA MD80’s at the gates, with a lone 757 back there.

    Hope you enjoyed the pics and report!! Let me know if any pic is worth uploading!
    Stop Searching. Start Traveling.

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    Love the pics great report.


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      Great return Report!
      - The baby will be back -


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        Thanks for the comments.

        Bad news- Upon further inspection I found my bags were damaged on the inside. Structure damage, rips, and tear. So i called AA on the phone at reservations, I answered her questions, and she told me to send them to STL Airport. However I am a 2 hour drive, so I said may I send them to MWA, which is 10 minutes from me. She said let me check. And confirmed I could claim bag damage at that airport. So I loaded the car with the damaged bags, and headed to MWA. I told them my flight detail , what happened, and how I found the damaged stuff etc etc. They looked at the bags and deemed it damaged enough for them to pay all stuff and liability. So they took my bags, my boardingpass, my bag claim ticket, and itinerary (a copy of it) and said they will send it to DFW. STL Airport will pay for all expenses and liability cost etc etc. So now I have no bags lol. It will take up to 4 weeks for them to look at it. They said they will try to fix it themselves, and they will call JC Penny (where I got the bag) and ask them for the price range and cost to fix such things, and try to fix it themselves, if it is deemed unfixable, they will ship it back to me, and send me the money of what JC Penny says its worth, and I will have to get a new bag. So thanks AA for the patience, and quickness in trying to get my bags. Where they could have lost a customer, they handled it well.
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          Interesting you left yesterday, as I know St. Louis was facing that "exploding" factory.
          - The baby will be back -


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            sorry folks, pics dissapeared, im working on it!

            babypurin-hey ya I heard about it, but didn't see anything while I was in STL.
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              Wu Tang Clan: best rap group of all time

              Save hip-hop, bring talent and intelligence back into it


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                ITS UP, ENJOY THE PICTURES!

                Stop Searching. Start Traveling.


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                  Nice one Alex- PHX is really heating up- you sure you're still game?
                  Click below.



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                    Alex -

                    Great Report, as always. Love the pictures, they are really good quality and provide great details. Have fun in Phoenix. I just got back from there, great time as always. I feel the need to fly AA again. I can take AA to STL again, that was a fun day!

                    Next Flights:

                    October 14, 2006 - Airtran MDW-MSP
                    October 16, 2006 - Airtran MSP-MDW


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                      Originally posted by NOTAR520AC
                      Nice one Alex- PHX is really heating up- you sure you're still game?
                      OH YA!!! Cannot wait! Ill have tons of fun in Phoenix! I love it, one of my favorite cities to visit. But you already knew that

                      Thanks Patrick. Definetly fly down to STL, nice little trip for ya and you can earn more miles!
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                        Good review w/ good photos. Will I ever get tired of seeing AA's livery? Nope! Shiny metal = fun stuff.



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                          Originally posted by Foxtrot
                          Good review w/ good photos. Will I ever get tired of seeing AA's livery? Nope! Shiny metal = fun stuff.


                          Thanks for the comment, just when I think im sick of AA MD80's I find myself wanting to fly them again, and like my screen name says its basically all MadDogs at STL.
                          Stop Searching. Start Traveling.