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How about your first solo???

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  • How about your first solo???

    My first solo was last thursday June 30, 2005; I came here to KF45 where SunQuest Aviation is locate and met with my instructor for what I thought was going to be another lesson of touch-and-go's, I went towards the ramp and did the preflight check on 734TD (172N) and got ready for my lesson. Went through the check list, before engine start, engine start, and checked the instruments, everything was looking very good and then I called the North County Unicom. Radio check was loud and clear and winds were 240 @ 5 and traffic was using 26L; taxied to the runup area of 26L and once again check the instruments on the runup, everything was looking great hot as usual here in Florida. After 3 or 4 full stop landings we taxied back to 26L for what I thought was going to be a shorth field or soft field take off, entered the runup area so we could let 53101 from Aeronautix take the runway first, he replys with a "Thankx TD", "You're Welcome" I said......then my instructor turned and looked at me and said "OK today is the day!" pussled I looked back and he said "I am going to step out of the airplane and you are going to do your thing, I am going to be here at the bigining of the runway with my radio and if you have any problems or don't know what to do call me and I will walk you through", Oh S***! HE then briefed me on what to do if the airplane would start bouncing or if I couldn't keep the center line and the usual words from him of support and then he said " Any questions?"...."....I...guess I will see you in a little bit" I said, he closed the door and steped away. "North County Traffic 734TD holding short of 26L North County" said my last prayers, prayed to my dear uncle who died but inspire me to become a pilot and then " North County TRaffic 734TD position hold 26L North County" and then Full Throtle, Airspeed Alive, right rudder 55 and I was off....Oh Hell I have to land now, so I went on left pattern for 26L 1000ft and then prepared for my first solo landing, I didn't have time to be afraid because I knew that being afraid could cost me my life plus I knew what I was doing and training kicked in, so I landed with no insident and did a full stop taxied back to 26L and saw my instructor looking at me before the 2nd and he signal very good, then I landed and did a third one, on the third one I was coming in a little bit faster and the airplane bounced I pulled the throtle full idle then added a bit of power and landed. I taxied back met with my Instructor " Congratulations you did it" "WOW you are sweating" no kidding.........

    and there it was my first solo flight one of the best days in my entire life, plus the 30th anniversary of my instructor being hired as a firefighter.

    Thankx to my great teacher, Wayne


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