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    Does anyone have any expirence flying aboard the wonderfull B722's operated by CCP?

    I am flying to Cacnun on 8/6, and return on 8/10 aboard CCP, and I have no expirence aboard them. The only domestic carriers I've ever flowen on were AAL and DAL, and SWA. But once I was in europe it was either Lufthansa, BWA or Aeroflot.

    The scheduled flight departure from DFW is 5:45am, its a 2 hr flight and are there any meals served aboard? The last 722 flight I was on was DFW-MCO aboard an AAL 722, and even though it was only 2 hours we were served a breakfeast. This was 10 years ago when you got a meal on every flight =]


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    Whichever the duration and in-flight service, enjoy your rides. Keep in mind AAL was a true legacy full service airline, which is not mandatory for charter. In flight service on charters is usually dictated by the tour operating company's specifications. So whether you will get something probably depends on what the tour operator which contracts Champion is up to.
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